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2017 MLB Draft – HS Third Basemen

  1. 3B/SS Mark Vientos (American Heritage HS, Florida): plus approach; quick bat; above-average to plus arm; above-average to plus power; young for class; below-average speed; above-average defensive upside; old McDaniel comp: Manny Machado; RHH; Miami commit; FAVORITE; 6-3, 190 pounds
  2. 3B Nick Egnatuk (Immaculata HS, New Jersey): plus power upside; plus bat speed; above-average to plus arm; average or better speed; good athlete; plus defensive tools; RHH; Pittsburgh commit; FAVORITE; 6-2, 190 pounds
  3. 3B/RHP Ryan Vilade (Frisco HS, Texas): above-average to plus raw power; above-average to plus arm; average speed; has also played 2B; RHH; Oklahoma State commit; 6-2, 200 pounds
  4. 3B/OF Jayson Gonzalez (Bishop Amat HS, California): above-average to plus power upside; above-average arm; average speed; strong; good defensive tools; RHH; Vanderbilt commit; 6-2, 200 pounds
  5. 3B/1B Blake Diggle (IMG Academy, Florida): plus bat speed; above-average to plus raw power; plus arm; steady glove; good approach; LHH; FAVORITE; 6-2, 220 pounds
  6. 3B/OF Jason Willow (Lambrick Park SS, British Columbia): power upside; good athlete; above-average to plus arm; good defensive tools; average at best speed; RHH; UC Santa Barbara commit; 6-2, 175 pounds
  7. 3B/SS Tanner Morris (Miller HS, Virginia): good hit tool; average raw power; strong arm; LHH; Virginia commit; 6-2, 190 pounds
  8. 3B/2B Ben Ramirez (Eastlake HS, California): plus raw power; average or better arm; average or better speed; can also play SS; USC commit; LHH; 6-3, 180 pounds
  9. 3B Raymond Gil (Gulliver Prep, Florida): plus bat speed; above-average raw power; above-average arm; average speed; good athlete; RHH; Miami commit; 6-1, 200 pounds
  10. 3B Buddy Kennedy (Millville HS, New Jersey): good hit tool; above-average to plus speed; average arm; steady glove; good athlete; North Carolina commit; 5-11, 215 pounds
  11. 3B/SS Adisyn Coffey (Delta HS, Indiana): intriguing hit tool; average at best power; plus speed; good approach; average defensive tools, could stick at SS; average to above-average arm; good athlete; Arizona State commit; FAVORITE; RHH; 6-2, 180 pounds
  12. 3B Brett Cain (China Spring HS, Texas): good speed; good approach; good athlete; unconventional swing, but he makes it work; FAVORITE; 6-5, 200 pounds
  13. 3B/SS Adam Oviedo (Alvarado HS, Texas): strong arm; above-average power upside; good defensive tools; TCU commit; RHH; 6-0, 185 pounds
  14. 3B/C Casey Schmitt (Eastlake HS, California): above-average power upside; above-average arm; San Diego State commit; 6-0, 190 pounds
  15. 3B/RHP Davis Schneider (Eastern HS, New Jersey): good hit tool; Rutgers commit; RHH; 5-10, 190 pounds
  16. 3B/SS Gage Workman (Basha HS, Arizona): power upside; young for class; Arizona State commit; BHH; 6-3, 180 pounds
  17. 3B/RHP Paxton Wallace (Greenbrier HS, Arkansas): power upside; strong arm; Wichita State commit; RHH; 6-1, 210 pounds
  18. 3B/SS Jamal O’Guinn (Buchanan HS, California): power upside; strong arm; average at best speed; USC commit; RHH; 6-3, 200 pounds
  19. 3B Bryson Bloomer (Paul Laurence Dunbar HS, Kentucky): power upside; good glove; RHH; 6-1, 200 pounds
  20. 3B Izaya Ono-Fullard (Iowa City West HS, Iowa): good hit tool; steady glove; RHH; 5-11, 200 pounds

Forgive the incomplete notes below on the remaining prospects listed in alphabetical order…

3B Alexander Tappen (Wissahickon HS, Pennsylvania): good hit tool; good athlete; Virginia commit

3B Brandon Holdren (Texas): strong arm

3B Brennan Crooms (Metter HS, Georgia): good athlete; strong arm; RHH; 6-0, 190 pounds

3B Brian Williams (Georgia): good defensive tools; strong arm

3B Caleb Farmer (California): good athlete; strong arm; RHH

3B Donivan Williams (Richards HS, Illinois): good glove; strong arm; great athlete; 6-0, 200 pounds

3B Dylan Ramirez (California): strong; strong arm

3B Harrison Spohn (Damien HS, California): good athlete; RHH; 6-1, 185 pounds

3B Jonathan Schiffer (California): quick bat; good defensive tools; Washington commit; 6-1, 185 pounds

3B Jonathan Windham (Texas): good athlete; average speed; average arm

3B Joseph Craig (Blanchard HS, Oklahoma): strong arm; RHH; 6-2, 200 pounds

3B Mason Streater (Boiling Springs HS, South Carolina): strong arm

3B Matt Beserra (Redondo Union HS, California): good defender; RHH; 5-9, 150 pounds

3B Nick Wohlbold (Missouri): good speed; strong arm; 87-90 FB; 72-76 CU; 72-74 CB

3B Pat Pitzer (Northgate HS, Georgia): power upside; RHH; 6-0, 190 pounds

3B Quentin Selma (Buchanan HS, California): above-average arm; good athlete

3B Reid Johnston (Rocky Mount Academy, North Carolina): LHH; NC State commit; 6-2, 185 pounds

3B Ryan Plentzas (Manchester Central HS, New Hampshire): power upside; RHH; 6-1, 200 pounds

3B Shawn Ross (Puerto Rico): power upside; plus arm; good defensive tools; 6-0, 180 pounds

3B Trent Sinkfield (Florida): good defender

3B/RHP Isaac Segura (St. Andrew’s Episcopal HS, Texas): strong arm; 85 FB; RHH; 5-11, 180 pounds

3B/RHP Jesus Aldaz (Arizona): power upside; strong arm

3B/SS Jecorrah Arnold (Clarke Central HS, Georgia): good athlete; RHH; Lipscomb commit; 6-1, 185 pounds

3B/SS Sam Faith (Illinois): strong arm; 6-3, 185 pounds

3B/SS Zach Clayton (Wisconsin): Oregon State commit



  1. James says:

    I’m from the Central Valley and I follow Prep sports very closely. Jamal O’Guinn plays shortstop and Question Selma plays 3rd base. I have seen Jamal play since he was a freshman, playing varsity all the way to his epic battle with Matt Manning. Average runners don’t run a 6.6 sixty folks. This kid is special. USC is gonna have themselves a Gem I this physical specimen. Fight on

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Thanks for this. Very cool anecdote about that battle with Manning. Love stuff like that. I had O’Guinn listed as a third baseman because that’s where all the feedback I received projected him to play in pro ball. Similar thing with speed: every source I saw or talked with, publicly or privately, had him at around an average runner. Not saying they are right and you’re wrong, but explaining where I’m coming from. Different people can see different things on different days, and I’ve long been one to defer to those who see the players most often, as you seem to have in this instance. In any event, I’m very much looking forward to following O’Guinn these next few years as a Trojan.

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