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2017 MLB Draft – HS Second Basemen

  1. 2B/SS Cash Case (First Academy, Florida): plus bat speed; above-average hit tool; average to above-average power upside; average arm; average speed; steady glove; good approach; Notre Dame commit; FAVORITE; 6-1, 200 pounds
  2. 2B/SS Austin Martin (Trinity Christian HS, Florida): steady defender; average raw power; average or better arm, could push him back to SS where his defensive skills belong if it proves 100% healthy; plus athlete; above-average to plus speed; Vanderbilt commit; FAVORITE; RHH; 6-0, 175 pounds
  3. 2B/SS Tyler Freeman (Etiwanda HS, California): good hit tool; good approach; power upside; steady glove; average to above-average arm; average speed, plays up; good athlete; good target if you miss on Nick Allen; TCU commit; RHH; FAVORITE; 6-0, 170 pounds
  4. 2B/SS Trevor Hauver (Perry HS, Arizona): good hit tool; power upside; quick bat; Arizona State commit; LHH; 6-0, 185 pounds
  5. 2B/SS Ivan Johnson (Kennesaw Mountain HS, Georgia): good hit tool; good athlete; above-average speed; average arm; good defensive tools; Georgia commit; BHH; 6-0, 190 pounds
  6. 2B Logan Allen (Magnolia HS, Texas): good speed; strong arm; good approach; RHH; 5-11, 160 pounds
  7. 2B/OF Darren Baker (Jesuit HS, California): Sam Monroy comp: Dee Gordon; California commit; LHH; 5-11, 170 pounds
  8. 2B/SS DJ Poteet (Northview HS, Georgia): power upside; Wake Forest commit; 6-4, 185 pounds
  9. 2B/SS Kaden Polcovich (Deer Creek HS, Oklahoma): power upside; above-average arm; Kentucky commit; 5-10, 180 pounds
  10. 2B/SS Kevin Kendall (La Mirada HS, California): good defender; strong arm; sneaky pop; good athlete; UCLA commit; 5-11, 165 pounds

Forgive the incomplete notes below on the remaining prospects listed in alphabetical order…


2B Drew Pepper (Starrs Mill HS, Georgia): good glove; good arm; LHH; 84 FB; good SL; 6-2, 170 pounds

2B Edouard Julien (Cardinal-Roy SS, Quebec): plus to plus-plus speed; LHH

2B Ethan Darrow (Georgia): good athlete

2B Morgan Doss (Georgia): good speed; strong arm; 85 FB; 69 CB

2B Nikolas San Antonio (Cranston West HS, Rhode Island): RHH; 5-7, 150 pounds

2B Patrick Rauseo (Alvirne HS, New Hampshire): plus speed; good athlete; RHH; 5-7, 150 pounds

2B/RHP Bryan Pope (San Juan Hills HS, California): 86 FB; good low-70s CB; RHH; 6-1, 180 pounds

2B/RHP Casey Curow (Canyon Springs HS, California): RHH; 5-11, 185 pounds

2B/SS Austin Kaplan (Clarkstown South HS, New York): strong arm; RHH; 6-1, 190 pounds

2B/SS Billy Cook (Lewis-Palmer HS, Colorado): good speed; good athlete; RHH; 6-1, 175 pounds

2B/SS Daniel Cervantes (California): good approach; steady glove; 5-11, 180 pounds

2B/SS Greg Bennett (Western Dubuque HS, Iowa): good arm; good speed; good glove; RHH; 5-11, 180 pounds

2B/SS Jake Cosgrove (California): steady glove; Seattle commit

2B/SS Jeremy Arocho (Old Mill HS, Maryland): good athlete; good defender; LHH

2B/SS Kody Gratkowski (Fairhope HS, Alabama): good speed; RHH; 6-1, 190 pounds

2B/SS Tyler Doanes (Whitewater HS, Georgia): good hit tool; West Virginia commit; 5-10, 175 pounds


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