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2017 MLB Draft – HS Shortstops

  1. SS Brady McConnell (Merritt Island HS, Florida): above-average to plus raw power; plus bat speed; above-average to plus arm; good athlete; above-average to plus speed; mature yet inconsistent approach; compares favorably with recent Florida prep shortstops, reminds me of Rodgers-lite; those who saw him at his best and are willing to ride this out could be rewarded; older for class; Florida commit; 6-2, 175 pounds
  2. SS/2B Jeter Downs (Pace HS, Florida): great athlete; above-average hit tool; average to above-average raw power; plus bat speed; above-average to plus speed; above-average to plus arm strength; really good approach; Miami commit; FAVORITE; RHH; 5-11, 180 pounds
  3. SS Nick Allen (Francis Parker HS, California): plus glove; plus range; great approach; average power upside far outstrips what you’d think when you first see him; average to above-average speed, has turned in some plus times; great athlete; average to above-average arm, plus for some (I buy); some shades of Kevin Newman if you believe in bat; older for class; divisive prospect (arm, power); PG comp: Dustin Pedroia; RHH; FAVORITE; 5-8, 150 pounds
  4. SS/3B Andrew Papantonis (Delbarton HS, New Jersey): above-average raw power; average to above-average speed; above-average to plus arm; good approach; impressive defensive tools; good athlete; coming back from torn ACL; RHH; Virginia commit; FAVORITE; 6-1, 190 pounds
  5. SS Noah Campbell (Cardinal Gibbons HS, North Carolina): good hit tool; above-average raw power; plus to plus-plus speed; average arm; great athlete; South Carolina commit; BHH; FAVORITE; 6-1, 185 pounds
  6. SS Matthew Golda (Inspiration Academy, Florida): plus defensive tools; average arm, plays up (above-average); good athlete; average speed; good approach; RHH; Florida Atlantic commit; FAVORITE; 6-0, 180 pounds
  7. SS Ricardo De La Torre (Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico): above-average to plus raw power; plus arm; average speed; serious defensive upside, but still makes some mental errors; Auburn commit; FAVORITE; 6-2, 175 pounds
  8. SS/OF Adam Hall (AB Lucas SS, Ontario): plus raw power; above-average to plus speed; really quick bat; intriguing defensive tools; good approach; RHH; Sam Monroy comp: Mark Ellis; 6-0, 175 pounds
  9. SS Jacob Amaya (South Hills HS, California): above-average hit tool; average power; good defensive tools; above-average arm; Cal State Fullerton commit; RHH; 6-0, 200 pounds
  10. SS Greg Jones (Cary HS, North Carolina): average power upside; good athlete; plus speed; plus arm; old for class; seemingly every year I comp a guy to Roman Quinn and that’s Jones this year; UNC Wilmington commit; BHH; 5-11, 170 pounds
  11. SS Chris Seise (West Orange HS, Florida): average raw power; plus speed; plus arm; good defensive tools; BHH; Central Florida commit; 6-3, 185 pounds
  12. SS Hayden Cantrelle (Teurlings Catholic HS, Louisiana): good hit tool; plus speed; above-average arm; BHH; Louisiana commit; 5-10, 175 pounds
  13. SS Alika Williams (Rancho Bernardo HS, California): plus defensive tools; good athlete; average speed; sneaky pop; BA comp: Nick Ahmed; Arizona State commit; RHH; 6-2, 175 pounds
  14. SS Andrew Swift (Hamilton HS, Arizona): above-average to plus speed; good defensive tools; strong arm; Arizona State commit; 6-1, 150 pounds
  15. SS Jake Holmes (Pinnacle HS, Arizona): above-average arm; plus speed; good athlete; Arizona State commit; RHH; 6-2, 200 pounds
  16. SS/RHP Cooper Swanson (Canterbury HS, Florida): above-average to plus arm; average speed; 84-87 FB; 71-73 CB; Florida State commit; BA comp: Logan Warmoth;
  17. SS Dondrae Bremmer (Crothers SS, Ontario): quick bat; good approach; great athlete; good speed; strong arm; Cincinnati commit; LHH; 6-1, 175 pounds
  18. SS/2B Kyler McMahan (Lynwood HS, Washington): really good defensive tools; great athlete; average arm; Oregon State commit; 5-11, 170 pounds
  19. SS Francis Villaman (Olympia HS, Florida): power upside; plus athlete; good glove; St. John’s River JC commit; 6-1, 185 pounds
  20. SS Hal Hughes (Norman North HS, Oklahoma): good defensive tools; good speed; good approach; FAVORITE; LSU commit; 5-11, 165 pounds

Forgive the incomplete notes below on the remaining prospects listed in alphabetical order…

SS Alejandro Amador (Texas): good speed

SS Andre Colon (Puerto Rico): strong arm; good speed; 6-1, 175 pounds

SS Andres Gonzalez (De La Salle SS, Ontario): good speed; RHH; 6-1, 165 pounds

SS Anthony Desantis (California): good defensive tools; strong arm

SS Anthony Servideo (Jupiter HS, Florida): good defensive tools; strong arm

SS Braiden Ward (El Capitan HS, California): good athlete; good speed; LHH; 5-10, 150 pounds

SS Brett Borgogno (California): good speed; good defensive tools; good approach

SS Brock Hummel (Edmond Memorial HS, Oklahoma): good speed; RHH; 5-9, 150 pounds

SS Buddy Fultz (Johns Creek HS, Georgia): power upside; BHH; 6-0, 185 pounds

SS Caleb Balgaard (Howell HS, Michigan): good athlete; RHH; 6-3, 185 pounds

SS Cameron Irvine (Spotswood HS, Virginia): good athlete; RHH; 6-3, 175 pounds

SS Chris Alleyne (Chestnut Hill Academy, Pennsylvania): above-average arm

SS Chris Lanzilli (Massachusetts): power upside; Wake Forest commit

SS Devonte Brown (Georgia): good athlete; good defender; strong arm

SS Dondrae Bremner (Crothers SS, Ontario): good speed; good defensive tools; LHH; 6-2, 175 pounds

SS Freddie Zamora (Killlian HS, Florida): plus defensive tools; above-average arm

SS Gabriel Holt (Georgia): good speed

SS Gary McCoy (California): good defensive tools

SS Jack Blomgren (Wisconsin): Michigan commit

SS Jack Winkler (Chatfield HS, Colorado): good defensive tools; RHH; 6-1, 175 pounds

SS Jarficur Parker (Texas): good speed

SS Jason Swan (Florida): power upside; good athlete; Georgia Southern commit

SS Joab Gonzalez (Puerto Rico): good athlete; good defensive tools; strong arm

SS Joe Routhier (Nashua South HS, New Hampshire): RHH; 5-9, 160 pounds

SS John Louis Rodriguez Perez (Puerto Rico): strong arm

SS John Marc Mullins: good athlete; good speed; BHH

SS Jordan Westburg (New Braunfels HS, Texas): plus speed; good athlete; Mississippi State commit; RHH; 6-2, 190 pounds

SS Jose Marcano (Puerto Rico): strong arm; good speed; quick bat

SS Joshua Romero (California): power upside

SS Kevin Flood (Cathedral HS, Indiana): power upside; quick bat; good speed; strong arm; RHH; 6-2, 180 pounds

SS Liam Bendo (Garnet Valley HS, Pennsylvania): LHH; 6-0, 170 pounds

SS Luis DeLeon (Moses Brown HS, Rhode Island): power upside; good speed; RHH; 5-10, 175 pounds

SS Mason De La Cruz (Washington): steady glove

SS Matt Shilling (Wissahickon HS, Pennsylvania): LHH; 5-10, 165 pounds

SS Michael Pedota (The Hun HS, New Jersey): strong arm; RHH; 5-10, 165 pounds

SS Nicholas Israel (Bishop Gorman HS, Nevada): good athlete; BHH; 5-11, 175 pounds

SS Nickelas Atkins (California): good speed; steady glove

SS Obie Ricumstrict (Mt. Pleasant HS, Michigan): good athlete; strong arm; RHH; 6-1, 165 pounds

SS Peter Ahn (Wisconsin): Michigan State commit

SS Reece Easterling (Texas): strong arm

SS Thomas Grilli (Ontario): power upside

SS Trei Cruz (Episcopal HS, Texas): average or better arm; good defender; average at best speed; BHH

SS Trent Brown (Victoria East HS, Texas): plus athlete; good glove

SS Trevor Windisch (Huntington Beach HS, California): good glove; RHH; Oregon commit; 5-10, 170 pounds

SS Tristan Capocci (Georgia): power upside; good speed; average to above-average arm; 6-0, 200 pounds

SS Tristan Hanoian (Orange Lutheran HS, California): good glove; LHH; TCU commit; 5-9, 160 pounds

SS Tyler Bosetti (California): strong arm; Nevada commit

SS Tyler Hillman (Pella HS, Iowa): good athlete; good speed; good arm; RHH; 6-2, 185 pounds

SS Zachary Baptist (Arizona): good speed

SS/2B Daniel Harris (Georgia): good defensive tools; good speed; Eastern Kentucky commit

SS/2B Jonny Homza (South Anchorage HS, Alaska): above-average power upside; Central Arizona JC commit; RHH; 6-1, 180 pounds

SS/2B Santino Rivera (California): good defensive tools; Long Beach State commit

SS/3B Luis Guerrero (The Loomis Chaffee HS, New York): good speed; strong arm; RHH; 5-11, 180 pounds

SS/OF Shane Shifflett (Venice HS, Florida): Florida commit

SS/RHP Alec Flemetakis (Hurricane HS, Utah): good athlete; 86 FB; good CB/SL; RHH; 5-10, 160 pounds

SS/RHP Cole Stetzar (Pennsylvania): strong arm; 86-89 FB; good upper-70s SL; 6-0, 180 pounds

SS/RHP Garrett Blaylock (Roberson HS, North Carolina): power upside; 89 FB; Vanderbilt commit

SS/RHP Raleigh Pigg (Service HS, Alaska): good athlete; 86 FB; RHH; 6-4, 190 pounds

SS/RHP Tate Pennington (Butler HS, North Carolina):


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