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Summer’s Over

It may be 93 degrees on the east coast as I type this, but there’s truth in the title. Summer “break” is unofficially officially — or officially unofficially, if you like — over, so it’s time to get this site up and running for another draft season.

First question: full steam ahead with 2019 MLB Draft coverage OR comprehensive 2018 MLB Draft recaps? The former could mean anything while the latter would be in the style of the 2016 MLB Draft recaps, though perhaps not quite as wordy. There are obvious advantages to moving forward with 2019 coverage; the world of prospect viewing attempts to be forward-thinking, if nothing else. There is also a case to be made for looking back at the 2018 Draft since I still have a ton of information on mid- to late-round picks that has never really made it to the light of day.

I’m good with either option, so I’m curious to see if anybody out there has an opinion that could sway me. Also: if you emailed or commented in the past [insert a way too long block of time here], I’m doing my best to use the next few days to catch up. So if you ever wanted an email back from me four years later, it’s time to get excited.



  1. mlbdraftfan5 says:

    Personally i enjoyed the 2016 style reviews, and i go back to them fairly frequently


    When are new reports coming. Good stuff.

  3. Hinkie says:

    I enjoyed the 2016 Phillies draft review, but I wasn’t as excited for the other teams’ reviews. I’m more parochial in that way. For that reason, I’d rather see you move forward to the 2019 draft.
    No matter what you decide, I’ll keep checking in and following your coverage.
    As always, thanks for your hard work.

  4. Dennis says:

    I vote move ahead. The recaps are good stuff, but for prospect junkies we can check stats, dig for player writeups, etc…… on the other hand, in-depth scouting pre draft is not easy to find, and pretty much baseball gold.

  5. Hinkie says:

    I continue to check back here for your coverage. Hope all is well, and you’ll begin posting your opinions of this June’s draft prospects.

  6. mlbdraftfan5 says:

    Hopefully everything is well, I’ve missed the coverage

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