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Updated 2010 MLB Draft Signings: Deadline Day Fallout

Just a quick late summer signing update now that the big day has passed. Things will begin to get more consistent in terms of posting over the next few weeks as I finish sorting through all of  the notes, observations, and 2011 draft rankings that I’ve managed to take in throughout the past two mostly computer/internet deprived months. Many thanks to those who have continued to check in on a daily basis…your patience will be rewarded in the end, I promise.

1.1 Washington – OF Bryce Harper ($9.9M, $6.25M guaranteed)
1.2 Pittsburgh – RHP Jameson Taillon ($6.5M)
1.3 Baltimore – SS Manny Machado ($5.25M)
1.4 Kansas City – SS Christian Colon ($2.75M)
1.5 Cleveland – LHP Drew Pomeranz ($2.65M)
1.6 Arizona – RHP Barret Loux
1.7 New York Mets – RHP Matt Harvey ($2.5M)
1.8 Houston – SS Delino DeShields Jr. ($2.15M)
1.9 San Diego – RHP Karsten Whitson
1.10 Oakland – OF Michael Choice ($2M)
1.11 Toronto – RHP Deck McGuire ($2M)
1.12 Cincinnati – C Yasmani Grandal ($2.99M)
1.13 Chicago White Sox – LHP Chris Sale ($1.656M)
1.14 Milwaukee – RHP Dylan Covey
1.15 Texas – OF Jake Skole ($1.557M)
1.16 Chicago Cubs – RHP Hayden Simpson ($1.06M)
1.17 Tampa Bay – OF Josh Sale ($1.62M)
1.18 Los Angeles Angels – 3B Kaleb Cowart ($2.3M)
1.19 Houston – RHP Michael Foltynewicz ($1.305M)
1.20 Boston – 3B Kolbrin Vitek ($1.359M)
1.21 Minnesota – RHP Alex Wimmers ($1.332M)
1.22 Texas – C Kellin Deglan ($1M)
1.23 Florida – 1B Christian Yelich ($1.7M)
1.24 San Francisco – OF Gary Brown ($1.45M)
1.25 St Louis – 3B Zack Cox ($2M)
1.26 Colorado – OF Kyle Parker ($1.4M)
1.27 Philadelphia – LHP Jesse Biddle ($1.16M)
1.28 Los Angeles Dodgers – RHP Zach Lee ($5.25M)
1.29 Los Angeles Angels – RHP Cam Bedrosian ($1.116M)
1.30 Los Angeles Angels – OF Chevez Clarke ($1.089M)
1.31 Tampa Bay – C Justin O’Conner ($1.025M)
1.32 New York Yankees – SS Cito Culver ($954K)
1s.33 Houston – C Michael Kvasnicka ($936K)
1s.34 Toronto – RHP Aaron Sanchez ($775K)
1s.35 Atlanta – 2B Matthew Lipka ($800K)
1s.36 Boston – OF Bryce Brentz ($889K)
1s.37 Los Angeles Angels – OF Taylor Lindsey ($873K)
1s.38 Toronto – RHP Noah Syndergaard ($600K)
1s.39 Boston – RHP Anthony Ranaudo ($2.65M)
1s.40 Los Angeles Angels – OF Ryan Bolden ($830K)
1s.41 Toronto – RHP Asher Wojciechowski ($815K)
1s.42 Tampa Bay – OF Drew Vettleson ($845K)
1s.43 Seattle – RHP Taijuan Walker ($800K)
1s.44 Detroit – 3B Nick Castellanos ($3.45M)
1s.45 Texas – RHP Luke Jackson ($1.557M)
1s.46 St Louis – RHP Seth Blair ($751,500)
1s.47 Colorado – RHP Peter Tago ($982,500)
1s.48 Detroit – RHP Chance Ruffin ($1.15M)
1s.49 Texas – 3B Mike Olt ($717K)
1s.50 St Louis – RHP Tyrell Jenkins ($1.3M)


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