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Typically, this would be a sad time. A time to go stare out the window, perhaps. Baseball is once again in hiding and it’ll be months before it returns. 2010 was a fun season, but, as the game’s best pitcher once memorably prophesied, “it’s only gonna get funner.” That original “prediction,” if we can really call it that, may not have worked out exactly the way it was intended, but it’s right on the money in this context. Any sadness that such a fun season has come to an end can hopefully be mitigated by the thought that the offseason, specifically all of crazy 2011 Draft coverage you’ll find here, can be even funner.

For what it’s worth, and I’m sure it’s not much, there may have been a grand total of five days between the 2010 Draft and right this very moment that some work didn’t go into the site in some capacity. Obviously, 99% of that work hasn’t manifested itself into any kind of tangible content to read and/or tear apart here on the site, but things have never stopped churning behind the scenes. I hate that it played out that way, but it was necessary for the long-term survival of the site. Back to work starting Monday morning. It’s gonna be funner.


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