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Site Update!

It’s not a good idea to put your laptop under a poorly constructed do-it-yourself IKEA dresser that’s been wobbly since day one. All it took was one pair of socks to alter the balance just enough and…boom! As a relentlessly positive thinker, I can at least consider myself lucky that it was only the screen that suffered damage. Silver lining!

Continuing my theme of positivity, this is now officially the first post coming live from my shiny new computer. Said computer is now the biggest single financial commitment I’ve made as a young adult. The incredibly fascinating complete list: 1) Fancy New Laptop, 2) Played Out Smashed Laptop, 3) Already Too Small TV, 4) Gaudy Bright Red Couch, and, easily my least favorite “big” purchase ever, 5) Sucky Vacuum Cleaner. I wonder what that list says about me? Enemy of dirt, completely electronic dependent, and a big fan of sitting? Sounds about right. Anyway, getting back to the point at hand, the new computer is up and fully operational. As far as a return to regular posting, well, that’s not going to be quite as smooth a transition. As mentioned, only the screen on the old laptop suffered damage. That means the important data, three years or so worth of notes on 2011-2013 draft prospects, is all locked away in the hard drive safe and sound. Once I figure out how to get all my old files from the old laptop to the new laptop, things will be up and running once again. Could be a few days, could be a week, could be a little be longer than that. Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later…


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