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2018 MLB Draft – HS Third Basemen Follow List

We’re still about eight months away from the 2018 MLB Draft, but it’s never too early to start doing some homework on the best and the brightest prospects at each position. That’s exactly what I set out to do with what you see below. If there’s a prospect of note among prep third basemen that isn’t on this list, let me know.

  • 3B Alex Binelas (Oak Creek HS, Wisconsin)
  • 3B Alex Bruce (Hughes Spring HS, Texas)
  • 3B Andre James (Sarasota HS, Florida)
  • 3B Blake Buckley (TNXL Academy, Florida)
  • 3B Caleb Flores (Frostproof HS, Texas)
  • 3B Cole Rasbury (Bellville HS, Texas)
  • 3B Cory Acton (American Heritage HS, Florida)
  • 3B Garett Wallace (Lake Mary HS, Florida)
  • 3B Hunter Watson (Pottsboro HS, Texas)
  • 3B Jack Filby (McClatchy HS, California)
  • 3B Jack Szachacz (Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, Florida)
  • 3B Jared McClain (McKinney North HS, Texas)
  • 3B Joe Muzio (St. John’s Prep, Massachusetts)
  • 3B Jonathan Clark (Mission Hills HS, California)
  • 3B Jose Rivera (Riverdale Baptist HS, Maryland)
  • 3B Justyn-Henry Malloy (St. Joseph’s Regional HS, New Jersey)
  • 3B Nicholas Toney (Royal Palm Beach HS, Florida)
  • 3B Nolan Gorman (Sandra Day O’Connor HS, Arizona)
  • 3B Ryan Archibald (Carroll HS, Maryland)
  • 3B Sawyer Chesley (Orange Lutheran HS, California)
  • 3B Shelby Becker (Giddings HS, Texas)
  • 3B/1B Bryce Bush (De La Salle Collegiate HS, Michigan)
  • 3B/1B Duncan Pastore (Wharton HS, Florida)
  • 3B/1B Jamarcus Lyons (King HS, Florida)
  • 3B/1B Michael Shcharber (Villa Park HS, California)
  • 3B/1B Thomas Miller (Nolan Catholic HS, Texas)
  • 3B/2B Bryce Reagan (Souhegan Coop HS, New Hampshire)
  • 3B/2B Jared Poland (Cathedral HS, Indiana)
  • 3B/OF Cole Phillips (Trion HS, Georgia)
  • 3B/OF Michael Wein (Kings Ridge HS, Georgia)
  • 3B/OF Paul Komistek (Knoxville HS, Tennessee)
  • 3B/OF Zach Goberville (North Broward Prep, Florida)
  • 3B/RHP Cade Hungate (Abingdon HS, Virginia)
  • 3B/RHP Corey King (Arabia Mountain HS, Georgia)
  • 3B/RHP Jack Dragum (Hanover HS, Virginia)
  • 3B/RHP Nick Northcut (Mason HS, Ohio)
  • 3B/SS Brandon Howlett (Jenkins HS, Florida)
  • 3B/SS Jacob Wilk (Salado HS, Texas)
  • 3B/SS Jordan Groshans (Magnolia HS, Texas)
  • 3B/SS Matthew McDade (Cape Coral HS, Florida)
  • 3B/SS Ricky Martinez (St. Francis HS, California)
  • 3B/SS Tim Borden (Our Lady of Providence HS, Indiana)
  • 3B/SS Zach Dezenzo (Marlington HS, Ohio)

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