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2018 MLB Draft – HS Middle Infield Follow List

We’re still about eight months away from the 2018 MLB Draft, but it’s never too early to start doing some homework on the best and the brightest prospects at each position. That’s exactly what I set out to do with what you see below. If there’s a prospect of note among prep middle infielders that isn’t on this list, let me know.

  • 2B Leandro Alvarez (Sickles HS, Florida)
  • 2B Will Faust (Caldwell HS, Texas)
  • 2B Zack Heidenry (Lislie HS, Illinois)
  • 2B/C Jarred Greene (Servite HS, California)
  • 2B/OF Jeremy Gunter (West Nassau County HS, Florida)
  • 2B/RHP Gavin Dugas (Houma Christian HS, Louisiana)
  • 2B/SS Antonio Lorenzo Gauthier (Barbe HS, Louisiana)
  • 2B/SS Bryce Register (Port St. Joe HS, Florida)
  • 2B/SS Kevin Vanvalkenburg (Scott County HS, Kentucky)
  • 2B/SS Nick Mueckay (Nease HS, Florida)
  • 2B/SS Orlando Arevalo (Gaither HS, Florida)
  • SS Addison Barger (King HS, Florida)
  • SS AJ Orrico (Santaluces HS, Florida)
  • SS Alex Bello (City of Hialeah Education Academy, Florida)
  • SS Alfredo Soto (American Heritage HS, Florida)
  • SS Andrew Benefield (Siegel HS, Tennessee)
  • SS Blake Evans (Allatoona HS, Georgia)
  • SS Branden Comia (Sandburg HS, Illinois)
  • SS Brandon Auerbach (Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS, Florida)
  • SS Brandon Davis-Micheu (John Curtis Christian HS, Louisiana)
  • SS Brayden Frazier (Jefferson HS, Iowa)
  • SS Brendan Ryan (St. Thomas Aquinas HS, Kansas)
  • SS Cam McMillan (St. Thomas Aquinas HS, Kansas)
  • SS Colten Schild (Fox Valley Lutheran HS, Wisconsin)
  • SS Conner Banta (Kamiakin HS, Washington)
  • SS Daniel Southern (Georgia)
  • SS Danny Serretti (Governor Livingston HS, New Jersey)
  • SS Darius Gilliam (Riverdale Baptist HS, Maryland)
  • SS Derek Rascher (Palmetto Ridge HS, Florida)
  • SS Devin Warner (Cartersville HS, Georgia)
  • SS Donovan Whibbs (Pensacola Catholic HS, Florida)
  • SS Dylan Rodriguez (Eloisa Pascual HS, Puerto Rico)
  • SS Elijah Eusebe (Miami Southridge HS, Florida)
  • SS Elliot Rodriguez (Cypress Bay HS, Florida)
  • SS Emilio Rosas (Mater Dei HS, California)
  • SS Frankie Cistaro (Muskego HS, Wisconsin)
  • SS Grant Grodi (Forest HS, Florida)
  • SS Greg Ryan (Benedictine College Prep, Virginia)
  • SS Henry Anthony Vilar (Westminster Christian HS, Florida)
  • SS Hilton Brown (Reagan HS, Texas)
  • SS Hunter Fornari (Spruce Creek HS, Florida)
  • SS Isaiah Byars (Parkview HS, Georgia)
  • SS Jake Woodard (Lipscomb HS, Tennessee)
  • SS Jamal Boykin (Newton HS, Georgia)
  • SS Jayce Easley (Sandra Day O’Connor HS, Arizona)
  • SS Jeremiah Jackson (St. Luke’s Episcopal HS, Alabama)
  • SS Jerry Hammons (Knoxville Christian HS, Tennessee)
  • SS John Rodriguez (Stoneman Douglas HS, Florida)
  • SS Josh Strickland (Countryside HS, Florida)
  • SS Justice Panton (Desert Vista HS, Arizona)
  • SS Kaeber Rog (Trinity Christian Academy, Florida)
  • SS Kelvin Maldonado (PR Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico)
  • SS Kelvin Smith (Redan HS, Georgia)
  • SS Kendall Simmons (Tattnall Square Academy, Georgia)
  • SS Kenen Irizarry (PR Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico)
  • SS Kenneth Hirose (Eastside Catholic HS, Washington)
  • SS Kevin Vargas (International Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico)
  • SS Kody Darcy (Kentridge HS, Washington)
  • SS Luke Drumheller (Olympic HS, North Carolina)
  • SS Mark Evans (York HS, Virginia)
  • SS Matthew Mamatas (Ola HS, Georgia)
  • SS Michael Montes De Oca (Monsignor Edward Pace HS, Florida)
  • SS Michael Perez (Gahr HS, California)
  • SS Nic Kent (St. Anne’s Belfield HS, Virginia)
  • SS Preston Hagan (Buford HS, Georgia)
  • SS Ryan De Leon (Somerset Academy, Florida)
  • SS Ryan Rivera (Jensen Beach HS, Florida)
  • SS Stacey Bailey (Kerens HS, Texas)
  • SS Stephen Quigley (Silver Lake HS, Massachusetts)
  • SS Tate Kolwyck (Arlington HS, Tennessee)
  • SS Tevin Tucker (Prince George HS, Virginia)
  • SS TJ Berry (Whitewater HS, Georgia)
  • SS Travis Sankovich (Laurel Highlands HS, Pennsylvania)
  • SS Trayden Tamiya (Waiakea HS, Hawaii)
  • SS Trevon Flowers (Tucker HS, Kentucky)
  • SS Tyler Miller (Spanish Fort HS, Alabama)
  • SS Tyler Zayas (West Broward HS, Florida)
  • SS Will Schroeder (Loudoun County HS, Virginia)
  • SS Zachary Ellsworth (Pittsburg HS, California)
  • SS Zachary Lew (Orange Lutheran HS, California)
  • SS Zane Tarrance (Sickles HS, Florida)
  • SS/2B Aaron Sabato (Brunswick HS, New York)
  • SS/2B Brennan Rozell (Lincoln HS, California)
  • SS/2B Brice Turang (Santiago HS, California)
  • SS/2B Jackson Roberts (University HS, Florida)
  • SS/2B Jackson Westberry (Episcopal HS, Florida)
  • SS/2B Jarrett Ford (Decatur HS, Georgia)
  • SS/2B Jonathan Ornelas (Kellis HS, Arizona)
  • SS/2B Justin Fields (Harrison HS, Georgia)
  • SS/2B Lance Ford (Tivy HS, Texas)
  • SS/2B Luis Tuero (Archbishop McCarthy HS, Florida)
  • SS/2B Matt McLain (Beckman HS, California)
  • SS/2B Max Ferguson (The Bolles HS, Florida)
  • SS/2B Osiris Johnson (Encinal HS, California)
  • SS/2B Peyton Ringer (The Lovett School, Georgia)
  • SS/2B Raynel Delgado (Mater Academy, Florida)
  • SS/2B Ryan Bliss (Troup County HS, Georgia)
  • SS/2B Trevor Burkhart (Davenport HS, Iowa)
  • SS/2B Xavier Edwards (North Broward Prep, Florida)
  • SS/2B Xavier Wilson (Martin Luther King HS, Georgia)
  • SS/3B Alec Sanchez (Providence HS, Florida)
  • SS/3B Charles Mack (Williamsville East HS, New York)
  • SS/3B Drew Bianco (Oxford HS, Mississippi)
  • SS/3B Dru Baker (Memorial HS, Texas)
  • SS/3B Javier Landrau (International Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico)
  • SS/3B Lency Delgado (Doral Academy, Florida)
  • SS/3B Nander De Sedas (Montverde HS, Florida)
  • SS/3B Sean Guilbe (Berks Catholic HS, Pennsylvania)
  • SS/3B Tanner Carlson (Elk Grove HS, California)
  • SS/C Tyler McDonough (Moeller HS, Ohio)
  • SS/OF Will Huber (St. Benedict at Auburndale, Tennessee)
  • SS/RHP Blaze Alexander (Bishop Verot HS, Florida)
  • SS/RHP Brandon Dieter (South Hills HS, California)
  • SS/RHP Chase Stafford (Somerset HS, Massachusetts)
  • SS/RHP Drew Black (Blue Valley Northwest HS, Kansas)
  • SS/RHP Jacob Phelps (Newsome HS, Florida)
  • SS/RHP Jake Rucker (Pope John Paul II HS, Tennessee)
  • SS/RHP Jordan Compton (Albert HS, Oklahoma)
  • SS/RHP Noah Gomez (St. John Bosco HS, California)
  • SS/RHP Trevor Kniskern (Pompano Beach HS, Florida)
  • SS/RHP Zach Gelof (Cape Henlopen HS, Delaware)

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