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America East MLB Draft Follow List

Occasionally I’ll get asked some variation of “Hey, I’m seeing Blank vs Blank this weekend – who should I watch for?” These lists are the long versions of those answers. Basically, any player listed below has either a) done something worthwhile on the field to warrant some further investigation (i.e., he’s hit certain statistical benchmarks I like), or b) shown enough to somebody (BA, D1, PG, Twitter, my contacts, me…anybody, really) to get a few words written on the Internet that could then be turned into a meaningful “scouting note” in my database. Not every guy is a definite draft prospect — since missing on a player drives me nuts, these lists aim to be as inclusive as possible — but each individual player has done enough to deserve some degree of draft consideration from me.

So if you ever find yourself spending a spring afternoon watching Binghamton and Maine square off, you’ll be all set. If this site serves no other purpose than even that, I can rest easy.


SR LHP Marcus Failing (2017)
SR RHP JT Genovese (2017)
rSR C/1B Evan Harasta (2017)
SR OF Eric Mueller (2017)
rSR 3B Matt Hinchy (2017)
rSR OF Kyle Sacks (2017)
rJR OF Connor Powers (2017)
SO LHP Hunter Torres (2018)
SO RHP Domnic Savino (2018)
SO RHP Angelo Spedafino (2018)
SO LHP Kenny McLean (2018)
SO 2B Pat Lagravinese (2018)
SO SS Kevin Donati (2018)
SO C Matt Codispoti (2018)


rSR RHP Jake Cryts (2017)
rJR RHP Jacob Wloczewski (2017)
JR RHP Joe Orlando (2017)
JR RHP Jake Erhard (2017)
JR RHP Dylan Stock (2017)
JR LHP/1B Nick Wegmann (2017)
rSO 1B/3B Justin Yurchak (2017)
SR 1B/OF Brendan Skidmore (2017)
SR OF Darian Herncane (2017)
SR C/OF Edward Posavec (2017)
JR C/1B Jason Agresti (2017)
JR OF Chris McGee (2017)
JR OF/2B CJ Krowiak (2017)
JR 3B/1B Luke Tevlin (2017)
JR SS Paul Rufo (2017)
JR OF Pat Britt (2017)
SO RHP Nick Gallagher (2018)
SO OF Daniel Franchi (2018)
FR RHP Ben Anderson (2019)


SR RHP John LaRossa (2017)
rJR RHP David Drouin (2017)
SR RHP Brian Stepniak (2017)
JR RHP Collin Ferguson (2017)
JR RHP Kevin Tise (2017)
RHP/OF Sebastian DiMauro (2017)
SR 1B/3B David MacKinnon (2017)
SR 2B/3B Dalton Ruch (2017)
JR C Erik Ostberg (2017)
JR 3B/SS TJ Ward (2017)
JR SS/3B Ben Bengtson (2017)
JR OF Nick Campana (2017)
rSO 2B Cam Belliveau (2017)
SO RHP Justin Cashman (2018)
SO RHP Billy Devito (2018)
SO RHP Seth Pinkerton (2018)
SO RHP John Mormile (2018)
SO OF Ashton Bardzell (2018)
SO 3B Chris Sullivan (2018)
FR RHP Nathan Florence (2019)
FR LHP Thomas Feehan (2019)
FR C Bryce Ramsay (2019):
FR C Robert Carmody (2019):


SR RHP Jeff Gelinas (2017):
JR RHP Chris Murphy (2017)
JR RHP Justin Courtney (2017)
JR RHP John Arel (2017)
JR LHP Connor Johnson (2017)
rJR RHP Zach Winn (2017)
rJR RHP Jonah Normandeau (2017)
SR OF/RHP Tyler Schwanz (2017)
SR OF Lou Della Fera (2017)
JR OF Brandon Vicens (2017)
SO LHP Eddie Emerson (2018)
SO RHP Nick Silva (2018)
SO SS Jeremy Pena (2018)
SO 3B/2B Danny Casals (2018)
SO OF Colin Ridley (2018)
FR 1B Hernen Sardinas (2019)

Stony Brook

JR LHP Teddy Rodliff (2017)
rJR RHP Cameron Stone (2017)
JR RHP Aaron Pinto (2017)
JR LHP Kevin Kernan (2017)
JR LHP/OF Cole Creighton (2017)
SR OF Toby Handley (2017)
SR 1B/OF Casey Baker (2017)
rSR C David Real (2017)
JR 1B/3B Andruw Gazzola (2017)
JR 2B/SS Bobby Honeyman (2017)
SR SS Jeremy Giles (2017)
SO RHP Bret Clarke (2018)
SO LHP/OF Joe Baran (2018)
SO C Sean Buckhout (2018)
SO OF Dylan Resk (2018)
FR RHP Brian Herrmann (2019)
FR RHP Sam Turcotte (2019)
FR 2B/OF Michael Wilson (2019)
FR OF Chris Hamilton (2019)

Massachusetts – Lowell

SR RHP Steve Xirinachs (2017)
JR RHP Andrew Ryan (2017)
JR RHP Nick Kuzia (2017)
JR RHP Tim Fallon (2017)
JR RHP Dan Cunico (2017)
JR RHP Luke Tomczyk (2017)
SO 1B/OF Steve Passatempo (2017)
SO LHP Ricky Constant (2018)
SO RHP Kendall Pomeroy (2018)
SO RHP Nick Rand (2018)
SO RHP Collin Duffley (2018)
SO OF Michael Young (2018)
SO OF Chris Sharpe (2018)
rFR C Austin Young (2018)
FR 1B John Polichetti (2019)


rSR LHP Kevin Little (2017)
SR RHP Cory Callahan (2017)
rJR RHP Patrick Phillips (2017)
JR RHP Matt Chanin (2017)
rSR RHP Michael Austin (2017)
rSR OF/RHP Tim Kelly (2017)
SR 1B/LHP Connor Hax (2017)
rJR SS Matt Campbell (2017)
SR C Hunter Dolshun (2017)
SR OF Andrew Casali (2017)
rJR 3B Mitchell Carroll (2017)
JR C Zack Bright (2017)
JR 1B Jamie Switalski (2017)
SO RHP Jacob Christian (2018)
SO 3B AJ Wright (2018)
FR RHP Mitchell Wilson (2019)


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