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America East MLB Draft Follow List

Occasionally I’ll get asked some variation of “Hey, I’m seeing Blank vs Blank this weekend – who should I watch for?” These lists are the long versions of those answers. Basically, any player listed below has either a) done something worthwhile on the field to warrant some further investigation (i.e., he’s hit certain statistical benchmarks I like), or b) shown enough to somebody (BA, D1, PG, Twitter, my contacts, me…anybody, really) to get a few words written on the Internet that could then be turned into a meaningful “scouting note” in my database. Not every guy is a definite draft prospect — since missing on a player drives me nuts, these lists aim to be as inclusive as possible — but each individual player has done enough to deserve some degree of draft consideration from me.

So if you ever find yourself spending a spring afternoon watching Binghamton and Maine square off, you’ll be all set. If this site serves no other purpose than even that, I can rest easy.


SR LHP Marcus Failing (2017)
SR RHP JT Genovese (2017)
rSR C/1B Evan Harasta (2017)
SR OF Eric Mueller (2017)
rSR 3B Matt Hinchy (2017)
rSR OF Kyle Sacks (2017)
rJR OF Connor Powers (2017)
SO LHP Hunter Torres (2018)
SO RHP Domnic Savino (2018)
SO RHP Angelo Spedafino (2018)
SO LHP Kenny McLean (2018)
SO 2B Pat Lagravinese (2018)
SO SS Kevin Donati (2018)
SO C Matt Codispoti (2018)


rSR RHP Jake Cryts (2017)
rJR RHP Jacob Wloczewski (2017)
JR RHP Joe Orlando (2017)
JR RHP Jake Erhard (2017)
JR RHP Dylan Stock (2017)
JR LHP/1B Nick Wegmann (2017)
rSO 1B/3B Justin Yurchak (2017)
SR 1B/OF Brendan Skidmore (2017)
SR OF Darian Herncane (2017)
SR C/OF Edward Posavec (2017)
JR C/1B Jason Agresti (2017)
JR OF Chris McGee (2017)
JR OF/2B CJ Krowiak (2017)
JR 3B/1B Luke Tevlin (2017)
JR SS Paul Rufo (2017)
JR OF Pat Britt (2017)
SO RHP Nick Gallagher (2018)
SO OF Daniel Franchi (2018)
FR RHP Ben Anderson (2019)


SR RHP John LaRossa (2017)
rJR RHP David Drouin (2017)
SR RHP Brian Stepniak (2017)
JR RHP Collin Ferguson (2017)
JR RHP Kevin Tise (2017)
RHP/OF Sebastian DiMauro (2017)
SR 1B/3B David MacKinnon (2017)
SR 2B/3B Dalton Ruch (2017)
JR C Erik Ostberg (2017)
JR 3B/SS TJ Ward (2017)
JR SS/3B Ben Bengtson (2017)
JR OF Nick Campana (2017)
rSO 2B Cam Belliveau (2017)
SO RHP Justin Cashman (2018)
SO RHP Billy Devito (2018)
SO RHP Seth Pinkerton (2018)
SO RHP John Mormile (2018)
SO OF Ashton Bardzell (2018)
SO 3B Chris Sullivan (2018)
FR RHP Nathan Florence (2019)
FR LHP Thomas Feehan (2019)
FR C Bryce Ramsay (2019):
FR C Robert Carmody (2019):


SR RHP Jeff Gelinas (2017):
JR RHP Chris Murphy (2017)
JR RHP Justin Courtney (2017)
JR RHP John Arel (2017)
JR LHP Connor Johnson (2017)
rJR RHP Zach Winn (2017)
rJR RHP Jonah Normandeau (2017)
SR OF/RHP Tyler Schwanz (2017)
SR OF Lou Della Fera (2017)
JR OF Brandon Vicens (2017)
SO LHP Eddie Emerson (2018)
SO RHP Nick Silva (2018)
SO SS Jeremy Pena (2018)
SO 3B/2B Danny Casals (2018)
SO OF Colin Ridley (2018)
FR 1B Hernen Sardinas (2019)

Stony Brook

JR LHP Teddy Rodliff (2017)
rJR RHP Cameron Stone (2017)
JR RHP Aaron Pinto (2017)
JR LHP Kevin Kernan (2017)
JR LHP/OF Cole Creighton (2017)
SR OF Toby Handley (2017)
SR 1B/OF Casey Baker (2017)
rSR C David Real (2017)
JR 1B/3B Andruw Gazzola (2017)
JR 2B/SS Bobby Honeyman (2017)
SR SS Jeremy Giles (2017)
SO RHP Bret Clarke (2018)
SO LHP/OF Joe Baran (2018)
SO C Sean Buckhout (2018)
SO OF Dylan Resk (2018)
FR RHP Brian Herrmann (2019)
FR RHP Sam Turcotte (2019)
FR 2B/OF Michael Wilson (2019)
FR OF Chris Hamilton (2019)

Massachusetts – Lowell

SR RHP Steve Xirinachs (2017)
JR RHP Andrew Ryan (2017)
JR RHP Nick Kuzia (2017)
JR RHP Tim Fallon (2017)
JR RHP Dan Cunico (2017)
JR RHP Luke Tomczyk (2017)
SO 1B/OF Steve Passatempo (2017)
SO LHP Ricky Constant (2018)
SO RHP Kendall Pomeroy (2018)
SO RHP Nick Rand (2018)
SO RHP Collin Duffley (2018)
SO OF Michael Young (2018)
SO OF Chris Sharpe (2018)
rFR C Austin Young (2018)
FR 1B John Polichetti (2019)


rSR LHP Kevin Little (2017)
SR RHP Cory Callahan (2017)
rJR RHP Patrick Phillips (2017)
JR RHP Matt Chanin (2017)
rSR RHP Michael Austin (2017)
rSR OF/RHP Tim Kelly (2017)
SR 1B/LHP Connor Hax (2017)
rJR SS Matt Campbell (2017)
SR C Hunter Dolshun (2017)
SR OF Andrew Casali (2017)
rJR 3B Mitchell Carroll (2017)
JR C Zack Bright (2017)
JR 1B Jamie Switalski (2017)
SO RHP Jacob Christian (2018)
SO 3B AJ Wright (2018)
FR RHP Mitchell Wilson (2019)


2016 MLB Draft Follow Lists – America East

Five America East players were drafted in last year’s MLB Draft. Thirty players from the America East have been selected over the past five years. Draft trends aren’t typically my preferred entry point when discussing a conference’s present talent levels, but, lacking a hook otherwise, let’s focus in on the five or six top names that could wind up repping the conference this June.

Right off the top, I’m fairly comfortable declaring that Stephen Woods is the most talented 2016 MLB Draft prospect in the America East. That may or may not be enough to make him the best prospect, but it certainly puts him in the mix. Woods has a big-time arm (95-96 peak) with an intriguing curve and an unusually firm yet effective changeup. All of that was enough to make him a sixth round pick out of high school. His biggest issue has always been control: he walked 9.9 batters per nine his freshman year, 7.0 batters per nine last year, and sits at 6.1 in the early going this season. Any team drafting Woods with a single-digit round pick will have to weigh his raw stuff against his wild ways. Look at his early 2016 line: 13.1 IP 16 H 11 ER 9 BB 25 K. What in the world do we make of that? Really good stuff + elite ability to miss bats + well below-average control + inconsistent (at best) track record of run prevention = I have no idea and I’m glad I’m not paid to make a definitive statement about his draft future. A selection anywhere from as high as round five to as low as the twenties wouldn’t surprise me at this point. When it doubt it never hurts to gamble on arm strength guys with pedigree like Woods, but know that his eventual pro future will be dictated far more on development than an accurate scouting report.

In addition to Woods, I count no less than a dozen 2016 draft prospects that throw 90 MPH or better. That benchmark alone isn’t enough to get a player drafted these days, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Cameron Stone (plus CU), Mike Bunal (athleticism), David Drouin (above-average CB), Tyler Honahan (lefty pitchability), and Kyle Gauthier (plus command) are just some of the young arms that throw hard and bring something else impressive to the table. An argument could be made that Jeff Gelinas, the projectable righty out of Maine, has the most upside out of any draft-eligible arm in the conference. I bring it up because, as luck would have it, a baseball friend of mine based out of the Boston area actually made that argument to me when I was asking around about this list. Gelinas has a big arm (up to 94) and plenty of untapped upside, but many of the same issues as Woods (control, obviously) without the same offspeed refinement.

Still lacking an obvious angle to discuss the America East hitting prospects, let’s go with a quick breakdown of the three outfielders at the top. Here’s where I have Toby Handley, Ian Strom, and Jack Parenty…

Hit: Handley, Parenty, Strom
Power: Parenty, Strom, Handley
Speed: Strom, Handley, Parenty
Glove: Strom, Handley, Parenty
Arm: Strom, Handley, Parenty

If you’ve come to this site knowing nothing about these three players, which guy do you like best? Handley is the hitter, Parenty has the most pop, and Strom brings the most appealing all-around athletic profile. A case could be made for any of the three as the conference’s top hitting prospect in 2016. I went with the hitter for now, but reserve the right to make the swap for the athlete with the funky swing who glides around in center with the best that college ball has to offer.


  1. Stony Brook JR OF Toby Handley
  2. UMass-Lowell JR OF/LHP Ian Strom
  3. Stony Brook SR OF Jack Parenty
  4. Hartford JR 1B/3B David MacKinnon
  5. Stony Brook JR 1B/OF Casey Baker
  6. Maine JR OF Tyler Schwanz
  7. UMBC JR C Hunter Dolshun
  8. Maine SR C Kevin Stypulkowski
  9. Albany rJR C/1B Evan Harasta
  10. Binghamton JR OF/1B Brendan Skidmore
  11. UMBC SR SS Kevin Lachance
  12. UMBC JR OF Andrew Casali
  13. Binghamton rSO INF Justin Yurchak
  14. UMBC rSR 1B Anthony Gatto
  15. Maine SR 3B/SS Brett Chappell
  16. Binghamton SR 2B Reed Gamache
  17. Hartford SR OF Chris DelDebbio
  18. Albany SR OF Will Miller
  19. Hartford SR 2B/SS Aaron Wilson
  20. Albany SR SS Trevor DeMerritt
  21. Albany JR OF Eric Mueller
  22. UMBC rJR OF/RHP Tim Kelly
  23. Stony Brook rJR C David Real
  24. Albany rJR 3B Matt Hinchy
  25. UMass-Lowell SR OF Joe Consolmagno
  26. Stony Brook SR 3B Johnny Caputo
  27. Binghamton JR C Edward Posavec
  28. Maine SR 1B Brenden Geary
  29. UMBC rSR OF Nick Naumann
  30. UMBC rSO 3B Mitchell Carroll
  31. Binghamton JR OF Darian Herncane
  32. UMass-Lowell JR 1B/3B Zack Tower


  1. Albany JR RHP Stephen Woods
  2. Stony Brook JR RHP Cameron Stone
  3. Binghamton SR RHP/OF Mike Bunal
  4. Hartford rSO RHP David Drouin
  5. Stony Brook SR LHP Tyler Honahan
  6. Hartford SR RHP Kyle Gauthier
  7. Maine JR RHP Jeff Gelinas
  8. Hartford JR RHP John LaRossa
  9. Hartford SR RHP Jacob Mellin
  10. Hartford JR RHP Brian Stepniak
  11. UMBC SR RHP Conrad Wozniak
  12. Maine SR RHP Charlie Butler
  13. Albany JR RHP JT Genovese
  14. UMBC rSO RHP Patrick Phillips
  15. UMBC SR RHP Denis Mikush
  16. Albany JR RHP Joe Romero
  17. Binghamton rSO RHP Jacob Wloczewski
  18. Hartford SR RHP Brian Murphy
  19. Binghamton rJR RHP Jake Cryts
  20. Maine SR RHP Logan Fullmer
  21. UMass-Lowell JR RHP Steve Xirinachs
  22. UMBC JR RHP Cory Callahan
  23. Maine SR RHP Jake Marks
  24. Hartford SR RHP Sam McKay


JR RHP Stephen Woods (2016)
rJR RHP Ryan Stinar (2016)
JR LHP Marcus Failing (2016)
JR RHP Joe Romero (2016)
JR RHP JT Genovese (2016)
SR SS Trevor DeMerritt (2016)
SR 2B Karson Canaday (2016)
rJR 3B Matt Hinchy (2016)
SR OF Will Miller (2016)
rJR C/1B Evan Harasta (2016)
JR OF Eric Mueller (2016)
FR 2B Pat Lagravinese (2018)
FR SS Kevin Donati (2018)
FR C Matt Codispoti (2018)

High Priority Follows: Stephen Woods, Joe Romero, JT Genovese, Trevor DeMerritt, Karson Canaday, Matt Hinchy, Will Miller, Evan Harasta, Eric Mueller


rJR RHP Jake Cryts (2016)
rSO RHP Jacob Wloczewski (2016)
SR RHP/OF Mike Bunal (2016)
JR OF/1B Brendan Skidmore (2016)
rSO INF Justin Yurchak (2016)
SR 2B Reed Gamache (2016)
SR 3B David Schanz (2016)
JR C Edward Posavec (2016)
JR OF Darian Herncane (2016)
SO RHP Jake Erhard (2017)
SO LHP/1B Nick Wegmann (2017)
SO C/1B Jason Agresti (2017)
SO OF Chris McGee (2017)
SO OF/2B CJ Krowiak (2017)
SO 3B/1B Luke Tevlin (2017)
FR RHP Nick Gallagher (2018)

High Priority Follows: Jake Cryts, Jacob Wloczewski, Mike Bunal, Brendan Skidmore, Justin Yurchak, Reed Gamache, Edward Posavec, Darian Herncane


SR RHP Sam McKay (2016)
SR RHP Brian Murphy (2016)
SR RHP Kyle Gauthier (2016)
SR RHP Jacob Mellin (2016)
JR RHP John LaRossa (2016)
rSO RHP David Drouin (2016)
JR RHP Brian Stepniak (2016)
JR 1B/3B David MacKinnon (2016)
SR 2B/SS Aaron Wilson (2016)
SR OF Chris DelDebbio (2016)
SR C/1B Billy Walker (2016)
JR 2B/3B Dalton Ruch (2016)
SO RHP Kevin Tise (2017)
SO C Erik Ostberg (2017)
SO 3B/SS TJ Ward (2017)
SO SS/3B Ben Bengtson (2017)
SO OF Nick Campana (2017)
FR RHP Justin Cashman (2018)
FR RHP Billy Devito (2018)
FR RHP Seth Pinkerton (2018)
FR OF Ashton Bardzell (2018)
FR 3B Chris Sullivan (2018)

High Priority Follows: Sam McKay, Brian Murphy, Kyle Gauthier, Jacob Mellin, John LaRossa, David Drouin, Brian Stepniak, David MacKinnon, Aaron Wilson, Chris DelDebbio


JR RHP Zach Winn (2016)
SR RHP Logan Fullmer (2016)
SR RHP Jake Marks (2016)
SR RHP Charlie Butler (2016)
JR RHP Jeff Gelinas (2016)
JR OF Tyler Schwanz (2016)
SR C Kevin Stypulkowski (2016)
SR 3B/SS Brett Chappell (2016)
SR 1B Brenden Geary (2016)
SR 2B Shane Bussey (2016)
SO RHP Chris Murphy (2017)
SO RHP Justin Courtney (2017)
SO RHP John Arel (2017)
SO LHP Connor Johnson (2017)
SO RHP Clay Conaway (2017)
SO 2B Alex Cabrera (2017)
FR SS Jeremy Pena (2018)
FR 2B Danny Casals (2018)

High Priority Follows: Logan Fullmer, Jake Marks, Charlie Butler, Jeff Gelinas, Tyler Schwanz, Kevin Stypulkowski, Brett Chappell, Brenden Geary

Stony Brook

SR LHP Tyler Honahan (2016)
SR RHP Tim Knesnik (2016)
SR RHP Chad Lee (2016)
JR RHP Cameron Stone (2016)
JR OF Toby Handley (2016)
SR 3B Johnny Caputo (2016)
SR OF Jack Parenty (2016)
JR 1B/OF Casey Baker (2016)
rJR C David Real (2016)
SO C Drew Bene (2017)
SO 1B Malcolm Nachmanoff (2017)
SO 1B/3B Andruw Gazzola (2017)
SO 2B/SS Bobby Honeyman (2017)
SO SS Jeremy Giles (2017)
FR RHP Bret Clarke (2018)

High Priority Follows: Tyler Honahan, Cameron Stone, Toby Handley, Johnny Caputo, Jack Parenty, Casey Baker, David Real

Massachusetts – Lowell

JR RHP Steve Xirinachs (2016)
JR OF/LHP Ian Strom (2016)
JR 1B/3B Zack Tower (2016)
SR OF Joe Consolmagno (2016)
SO RHP Andrew Ryan (2017)
SO RHP Nick Kuzia (2017)
SO RHP Tim Fallon (2017)
FR OF Michael Young (2018)
FR OF Chris Sharpe (2018)
FR 1B/OF Steve Passatempo (2018)

High Priority Follows: Steve Xirinachs, Ian Strom, Zack Tower, Joe Consolmagno


rSR LHP Joe Vanderplas (2016)
SR LHP Kevin Little (2016)
SR RHP Conrad Wozniak (2016)
JR RHP Cory Callahan (2016)
SR RHP Denis Mikush (2016)
rSO RHP Patrick Phillips (2016)
rJR OF/RHP Tim Kelly (2016)
JR 1B/LHP Connor Hax (2016)
SR SS Kevin Lachance (2016)
rSR 1B Anthony Gatto (2016)
JR C Hunter Dolshun (2016)
JR OF Andrew Casali (2016)
rSR OF Nick Naumann (2016)
rSO 3B Mitchell Carroll (2016)
SO RHP Matt Chanin (2017)
SO C Zack Bright (2017)
SO 1B Jamie Switalski (2017)
FR 3B AJ Wright (2018)

High Priority Follows: Joe Vanderplas, Conrad Wozniak, Cory Callahan, Denis Mikush, Patrick Phillips, Tim Kelly, Kevin Lachance, Anthony Gatto, Hunter Dolshun, Andrew Casali, Nick Naumann, Mitchell Carroll

2015 MLB Draft Prospects – America East Follow List


SR 3B Joey Tracy (2015)
SR OF Cory Kingston (2015)
JR C Evan Harasta (2015)
SR C Craig Lepre (2015)
JR 3B Matt Hinchy (2015)
SR RHP Cameron Sorgie (2015)
JR RHP Ryan Stinar (2015)
SR RHP Matt Gallup (2015)
rSR LHP Daniel Castro (2015)
SR LHP Andrew Jaurique (2015)
SO RHP Stephen Woods (2016)


rJR RHP Jake Cryts (2015)
SR RHP Mike Urbanski (2015)
JR RHP/OF Mike Bunal (2015)
rSR 1B/3B Brian Ruby (2015)
SR OF/C Jake Thomas (2015)
SR OF Zach Blanden (2015)
JR 3B David Schanz (2015)
SO C Edward Posavec (2016)


SR LHP Austin Barnes (2015)
JR RHP Sam McKay (2015)
JR RHP Brian Murphy (2015)
JR RHP Kyle Gauthier (2015)
JR RHP Jacob Mellin (2015)
JR RHP Jeremy Charles (2015)
rSR OF/LHP Ryan Lukach (2015)
JR 2B/SS Aaron Wilson (2015)
JR OF Chris DelDebbio (2015)
SR 1B/OF Brady Sheetz (2015)
JR C/1B Billy Walker (2015)
SO RHP David Drouin (2016)
SO 1B/3B David MacKinnon (2016)
FR C Erik Ostberg (2017)
FR 3B/SS TJ Ward (2017)
FR RHP Ben Brown (2017)


JR C Kevin Stypulkowski (2015)
JR SS Brett Chappell (2015)
SR OF Brian Doran (2015)
SR OF Sam Balzano (2015)
SR 3B Luke Morrill (2015)
SR LHP/1B Scott Heath (2015)
JR RHP Logan Fullmer (2015)
JR RHP Jake Marks (2015)
JR RHP Charlie Butler (2015)
SR RHP Jacob Gosselin-Deschesnes (2015)
SO RHP Jeff Gelinas (2016)
FR RHP Chris Murphy (2017)
FR RHP Justin Courtney (2017)
FR RHP John Arel (2017)

Stony Brook

JR LHP Tyler Honahan (2015)
rSO LHP Daniel Zamora (2015)
rJR RHP Nick Brass (2015)
JR RHP Tim Knesnik (2015)
JR RHP Chad Lee (2015)
SR SS Cole Peragine (2015)
JR 3B Johnny Caputo (2015)
JR OF Jack Parenty (2015)
SR 2B Robert Chavarria (2015)
SO 1B/OF Casey Baker (2016)
SO RHP Ryley MacEachern (2016)
SO RHP Cameron Stone (2016)
SO OF Toby Handley (2016)

Massachusetts – Lowell

SR OF Geoff DeGroot (2015)
SR 3B Matthew Sanchez (2015)
SR SS Danny Mendick (2015)
JR 1B Matt Mottola (2015)
SR OF Luke Reynolds (2015)
JR OF Joe Consolmagno (2015)
SR RHP Christian Lavoie (2015)
SO 1B/3B Zack Tower (2016)
SO OF/LHP Ian Strom (2016)


SR OF/RHP Anthony Gatto (2015)
rJR 3B Mark Esposito (2015)
JR SS Kevin Lachance (2015)
SR 2B Vince Corbi (2015)
SR OF Jake Barnes (2015)
JR LHP Joe Vanderplas (2015)
rSR RHP Shane Vlasic (2015)
rSR RHP Jonny Dierks (2015)
SO C Hunter Dolshun (2016)
SO OF Andrew Casali (2016)

America East 2015 MLB Draft All-Prospect Team

Albany JR C Evan Harasta
Maine SR 1B Scott Heath
Stony Brook SR 2B Robert Chavarria
Stony Brook SR SS Cole Peragine
Stony Brook JR 3B Johnny Caputo
Binghamton SR OF Jake Thomas
Stony Brook JR OF Jack Parenty
Hartford rSR OF Ryan Lukach
Binghamton SR RHP Mike Urbanski
Stony Brook rSO LHP Daniel Zamora
Stony Brook JR LHP Tyler Honahan
Binghamton JR RHP Mike Bunal
Hartford JR RHP Jacob Mellin

SR SS Cole Peragine (Stony Brook) has been a favorite for years because of a wise beyond his years approach to the game. The upside (minor league depth/utility infielder) is capped by a low functional power ceiling, but every other tool he has plays up due to his fantastic instinctual actions and high baseball IQ. As I was writing this, I had a strange sense of déjà vu wash over me…and then it hit me that I wrote about Peragine last January. Not a ton has changed since then, so let’s do some recycling…

JR SS Cole Peragine is another player I like more than I probably should. He has a steady glove, great instincts on the bases, and a mature approach to hitting. Unfortunately, his pop, identified as both “sneaky” and “surprising” in my notes, hasn’t revealed itself just yet (.379 and .323 SLG) as a collegiate hitter. There’s also the question of whether or not said steady glove fits best at SS or 2B, though I think the answer to that will ultimately come down more to his arm (stretched on the left side, but passable in my view) than anything else.

Rough freshman year aside, I like SO 3B Johnny Caputo’s upside with the bat a lot. That’s what I wrote about Caputo (Stony Brook) almost exactly one year ago on this site. More recycling! He’s a junior now and his last season went a little better than his first, but banking on Caputo is still doing so on as yet unseen progress being made with the bat.

Binghamton SR OF Jake Thomas has a swing that’s easy to see making consistent hard contact no matter the level of competition. His profile gets a little bit murkier beyond that, but he’s positioned himself to get drafted if he can keep up his level of production at the plate all the same.

Though he finished second at his position to JR C Evan Harasta (Albany), I’m quite intrigued to see what JR C Kevin Stypulkowski (Maine) does in the coming months. The Florida transfer’s brief and largely underwhelming run at Miami-Dade tempers my enthusiasm some, but I’m still curious to see what an SEC transplant can do in the America East.

SR RHP Mike Urbanski hasn’t missed as many bats as his stuff (low-90s heat, good low-80s slider, promising change) and size (6-4, 215) would have you think. He could be in store for a breakout senior season or continue to merely show glimpses of putting it together. If I had a better idea which direction he was going I’d probably wouldn’t be doing this for free, but take his elevated ranking as an indication to which way I lean. I’ve long been in the tank for rSO LHP Daniel Zamora (Stony Brook), a smart lefty with solid current stuff and still some projection left. An argument could be made, however, that he’s not even the best lefthanded prospect on his own pitching staff thanks to the presence of JR LHP Tyler Honahan. The two are basically a coin flip for me with the slight edge to Zamora, though I get why some would prefer Honahan and his changeup.

2015 MLB Draft Talent – Hitting 

  1. Stony Brook SR SS Cole Peragine
  2. Binghamton SR OF/C Jake Thomas
  3. Stony Brook JR 3B Johnny Caputo
  4. Maine SR 1B/LHP Scott Heath
  5. Massachusetts – Lowell SR SS Danny Mendick
  6. Albany JR C Evan Harasta
  7. Maine JR C Kevin Stypulkowski
  8. Stony Brook JR OF Jack Parenty
  9. UMBC JR SS Kevin Lachance
  10. Stony Brook SR 2B Robert Chavarria

2015 MLB Draft Talent – Pitching 

  1. Binghamton SR RHP Mike Urbanski
  2. Stony Brook rSO LHP Daniel Zamora
  3. Stony Brook JR LHP Tyler Honahan
  4. Binghamton JR RHP/OF Mike Bunal
  5. Hartford JR RHP Jacob Mellin
  6. Stony Brook rJR RHP Nick Brass

2014 MLB Draft (And Beyond) – America East Follow List

One of the few questions I occasionally get asked is often the simple “I’m seeing ______ this weekend. Do they have anybody worth watching?” Here’s your answer for the AAC…

I pretty much did this one already — and in more detail, too! — but in case you missed that one (or are too lazy to click that link) here’s another shot at it…


rSR 2B Brian Bullard
rSR C/INF/OF Josh Nethaway
SR C/INF/OF DJ Hoagboon
JR 3B Joey Tracy
JR SS Jeff VonMoser
JR OF Cory Kingston
rJR RHP Stephen Carey
JR RHP Cameron Sorgie
SR LHP Kevin Archbold
SO RHP Ryan Stinar (2015)
FR RHP Stephen Woods (2016)


JR RHP Mike Urbanski
rJR RHP Jack Rogalla
SR OF Billy Beresznewicz
SR SS John Howell
SR 2B Daniel Nevares
rJR 1B/3B Brian Ruby
JR OF/C Jake Thomas
JR OF Zach Blanden
SR OF Shaun McGraw
SO RHP/OF Mike Bunal (2015)
SO RHP Jake Cryts (2015)


JR LHP Sean Newcomb
JR LHP Austin Barnes
SR RHP Alex Gouin
rJR LHP/DH Ryan Lukach
SR RHP/1B Brian Hunter
SR C James Alfonso
SO 2B/SS Aaron Wilson (2015)
SO OF Chris DelDebbio (2015)
SO C/1B Billy Walker (2015)
SO RHP Sam McKay (2015)
SO RHP Brian Murphy (2015)
SO RHP Kyle Gauthier (2015)
FR RHP David Drouin (2016)
FR David MacKinnon (2016)


SR 1B/3B Alex Calbick
SR 2B/SS Troy Black
SR OF Colin Gay
JR OF Brian Doran
rJR RHP Tommy Lawrence
SR RHP Shaun Coughlin
JR LHP/INF/OF Scott Heath
SO Logan Fullmer (2015)
SO RHP Jake Marks (2015)

Stony Brook

JR SS Cole Peragine
JR C/OF Kevin Krause
SR OF/RHP Josh Mason
SR 1B/LHP Kevin Courtney
SR RHP Brandon McNitt
SO LHP Daniel Zamora
rSO RHP Nick Brass
SO 3B Johnny Caputo (2015)
SO SS Austin Shives (2015)
SO INF Jack Parenty (2015)
SO RHP Tim Knesnik (2015)
SO RHP Chad Lee (2015)
SO LHP Tyler Honahan (2015)
FR RHP Ryley MacEachern (2016)
FR OF Josh Palacios (2016)
FR C/1B Kyle Devin (2016)
FR OF Toby Handley (2016)

Massachusetts – Lowell

JR OF Geoff DeGroot
SR RHP Shane Beauchemin


SR OF/C Rob McCabe
JR OF/RHP Anthony Gatto
rSO 3B Mark Esposito
SO INF Kevin Lachance (2015)
SO RHP Mike Gomez (2015)
SO C Manny Colon (2015)

2014 MLB Draft: America East Follow Lists

Players aren’t listed in any particularly order — other than grouping them as hitters vs pitchers — so don’t read anything into placement, though I tried to highlight the best and the brightest in the comments. If I missed anybody that so obviously should have been there, please yell at me in the comments or via email.


rSR C/OF Josh Nethaway
SR C/OF DJ Hoagboon
rSR 2B Brian Bullard
JR SS Jeff VonMoser
JR 3B Joey Tracy
JR OF Cory Kingston
rJR RHP Stephen Carey
JR RHP Cameron Sorgie
SR LHP Kevin Archbold

There’s not much to write home about the 2014 group of Albany prospects (sorry, guys), but I have heard some interesting things about underclassmen RHPs Ryan Stinar (2015) and Stephen Woods (2016). Woods has the chance to wind up as the best Albany prospect since…well, ever. Quick research shows he will eventually have to crack the top 200 picks or so to wind up as the highest drafted alum in school history. With a legit fastball and the chance for three average or better pitches, Woods certainly has the chance.


JR RHP Mike Urbanski
rJR RHP Jack Rogalla
SR OF Billy Beresznewicz
SR SS John Howell
SR 2B Daniel Nevares
rJR 1B/3B Brian Ruby
JR OF/C Jake Thomas
JR OF Zach Blanden
SR OF Shaun McGraw

There is a lot to like about the Binghamton lineup. SR OF Billy Beresznewicz does a lot right: speed, arm, range in center. Unfortunately the total lack of power (.382, .253, and .286 = last three years’ worth of SLG) and difficult to spell name (I can see area guys getting frustrated and giving up midway through a report…) limit his pro prospects significantly. Despite my love of speed/defense/plate discipline prospects like Beresznewicz, I think it’s time for me to admit that these guys simply don’t fare well in pro ball. That’s more of an anecdotal observation, obviously, though I think sitting down and doing some research on amateur power numbers and pro success could be quite telling. Like most large-scale projects, maybe I’ll get to that next offseason…

Beresznewicz is joined by rJR 1B/3B Brian Ruby and JR OF/C Jake Thomas as potential 2014 draft picks. Ruby’s up and down college career thus far – up in 2012, down in 2013 – will be a distant memory if he comes through with a big 2014. Thomas has received very little scouting buzz from what I’ve seen, but his sophomore numbers (.365/.508/.517 in 178 AB) are good looking swing make him a worthwhile sleeper to store away.

SO RHPs Mike Bunal and Jake Cryts are intriguing 2015 follows. It’ll be particularly interesting to see if Bunal, an outfielder when not on the mound, sees more time as a pitcher as a sophomore than he did as a freshman.


JR LHP Sean Newcomb
JR LHP Austin Barnes
SR RHP Alex Gouin
SR RHP/1B Brian Hunter
SR C James Alfonso

JR LHP Sean Newcomb does enough right that an eventual first round home seems well within reach. There’s little to quibble with his size (6-5, 240), fastball (88-94, 95-97 peak), and promising breaking ball (70-76, flashes above-average). As somebody more in the “like, yet not quite love” camp with Newcomb, I feel as though it’s my duty to mention his current shortcomings. Like any college arm (non-Rodon/Hoffman division), he has plenty to work on, beginning with tightening up his control and locking down a consistent effective third pitch (either the circle change or cutter, most likely). Kiley McDaniel’s comparison of Newcomb to Jon Lester is such a good one (especially physically) that, after fifteen minutes of trying to think of a better one, I’ll just go ahead and pass it along without much comment. Hey, sometimes these experts are really quite good at their jobs, you know?

If SR RHP Brian Hunter can get his control under control (sorry), then he could find himself as a mid-round senior sign candidate come June.

Newcomb obviously gets most (let’s be real: all) of the press, but there’s a chance he’s just the first in the line of early round pitching prospects. FR RHP David Drouin can’t match Newcomb in size, handedness, or depth of repertoire (in the amateur ranks these days few can), but he’s still one to watch. SO 2B/SS Aaron Wilson and SO OF Chris DelDebbio both got on the field as freshmen, an encouraging sign for their development.


SR 1B/3B Alex Calbick
SR 2B/SS Troy Black
SR OF Colin Gay
JR OF Brian Doran
rJR RHP Tommy Lawrence
SR RHP Shaun Coughlin
JR LHP/INF/OF Scott Heath

I’ve always had an odd soft spot for SR 2B/SS Troy Black, a player who deservedly gets consistent praise for area guys for his effort and overall style of play. He does just enough of everything well that I think he should get a shot to fill out a low-level roster with another solid year of college play. SR 1B Alex Calbick would be in the same boat if he can convince teams he can make it at third base (where he has been tried before) or at catcher (where many scouts speculate he could hang). SR RHP Shaun Coughlin (decent production, decent 88-90 FB) shows some upside as a senior sign. Staff workhorse rJR RHP Tommy Lawrence profiles a bit better than that.

Stony Brook

JR SS Cole Peragine
JR C/OF Kevin Krause
SR RHP/OF Josh Mason
SR LHP/1B Kevin Courtney
SR RHP Brandon McNitt
SR RHP Frankie Vanderka
SO LHP Daniel Zamora
rSO RHP Nick Brass

JR SS Cole Peragine is another player I like more than I probably should. He has a steady glove, great instincts on the bases, and a mature approach to hitting. Unfortunately, his pop, identified as both “sneaky” and “surprising” in my notes, hasn’t revealed itself just yet (.379 and .323 SLG) as a collegiate hitter. There’s also the question of whether or not said steady glove fits best at SS or 2B, though I think the answer to that will ultimately come down more to his arm (stretched on the left side, but passable in my view) than anything else.

JR C/OF Kevin Krause still has a rough edge surrounding his game, but there’s top ten round upside if he puts it all together this year. Like any guy who gets that C/OF positional designation, his defensive progress will tell us just as much as any offensive step forward will about his long-term outlook.

SR RHP Josh Mason is a good athlete with a live (and relatively fresh) arm. SR RHP Brandon McNitt has the stuff to get consistent groundballs. SR RHP Frankie Vanderka isn’t entirely dissimilar. All three could be late picks or potential undrafted free agents worth a tryout. All three have been eclipsed as prospects by a pair of draft-eligible sophomores, LHP Daniel Zamora and RHP Nick Brass. Brass gives you a little more “now” stuff (including a 94 MPH heater), but Zamora’s upside (could have three average or better pitches in time) is tantalizing.

Rough freshman year aside, I like SO 3B Johnny Caputo’s upside with the bat a lot. He’s just one of many intriguing underclassmen that litter the Stony Brook roster: SO RHP Tim Knesnik, SO LHP Tyler Honahan, FR RHP Ryley MacEachern, FR OF Josh Palacios, and FR OF Toby Handley stand out as particularly fun follows.

UMass Lowell


SR OF/C Rob McCabe
JR OF/RHP Anthony Gatto
rSO 3B Mark Esposito

The three names I had on my personal follow list for 2014’s all struggled mightily in 2013. Huge turnarounds would be needed just to get SR OF Rob McCabe, JR OF Anthony Gatto, and/or rSO 3B Mark Esposito back on the prospect map.

SO RHP Mike Gomez is the best of what looks like an uninspiring group of younger talent.