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2016 MLB Draft Review Index

Or, alternatively and with apologies to David Foster Wallace, my own version of A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again…

Though it put me a little bit behind schedule when it comes to 2017 MLB Draft prep (fresh content there coming soon!), finally accomplishing a goal I’ve had going all the way back to when I first started this site in 2009 (!) was well worth it. Here is the complete list of every team’s 2016 MLB Draft review. Every single player signed to a pro contract out of the 1216 young men drafted this past June is included. I don’t know exactly how many players that wound up being and Google doesn’t seem to have an easy answer, but I can say with a high degree of certainty that it sure felt like a heck of a lot. The final damage by the numbers…

30 teams
95 days
249 pages
200,015 words

That’s twice as many words as both To Kill a Mockingbird and The Hobbit. More than The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter, and Brave New World combined. Longer than The Corrections, Jane Eyre, and Great Expectations. Only one of the Harry Potter books (Order of the Phoenix) beats it. It’s a lot of words.

So here they are if you missed any the first time through. Now I’m off to take a nap, catch up on a few non-baseball real life obligations (if anybody has a crib recommendation, I’m all ears), and finish updating my 2017 MLB Draft database. There are only 146 days until the Twins will be making the first pick, after all…

American League East

New York
Tampa Bay

American League Central 

Kansas City

American League West 

Los Angeles

National League East

New York

National League Central 

St. Louis

National League West

Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco



  1. Chris Strom says:

    Awesome job with all the work involved Ian Strom was drafted out ou college where they changed his swing goin into his junior year. Given a year af minor league ball,I’m sure he kk pick up this year and hopefully he kk get back to center field where I believe he is major league ready

    Look up Ian Strom Strom sport center videos and see if you agree

    Thanks His dad

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. your site is amazing and a must read for me
    thank you for all your hard work and posting such amazing information

  3. mattacc31 says:

    Can’t wait to see some 2017 content coming, I keep checking every day or two now that the college season has begun.

  4. Hinkie says:

    Thanks for all the incredible work you do, Rob. Looking forward to 2017 MLB draft content soon.

  5. rs32991 says:

    Thank you for all of your coverage! Are you still keeping up with this site? If so, is there a way you can be reached via email? I have a question I believe you’d be able to answer.

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