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2016 MLB Draft Follow Lists – SEC Hitting


The above was my placeholder until I could add to this, but I’m leaving it because I forgot about it and find it funny just sitting there all alone. The players ranked two through nine on this list are all outfielders. That’s crazy. I’ll have more on the conference’s potentially historic class soon. I dislike that I have so many players lumped up by school — Rooker and Robson, Robinson and Blackman, three A&M players in a row followed soon after by four A&M players in a row — but it’s honestly how things shook out. Makes the list feel inauthentic, but whatever. I find it interesting looking at some of the top names in the conference how little in the way of breakout performances we’ve had this year. Senzel is the only player who came into the year on the “good with the hope he’d be great” range who actually delivered. Maybe Woodman. Lots of guys have continued to be good, some have taken a half-step back, and others have had really nice years without much in the way of pre-season pressure. I would listen to an argument that Grier has had that good to great breakout, but many of the same red flags in his game that existed before 2016 — namely his plate discipline — remain open questions going forward, increased production otherwise or not. Lots to consider with this group…

  1. Tennessee JR 3B/2B Nick Senzel
  2. Vanderbilt JR OF/1B Bryan Reynolds
  3. Florida JR OF Buddy Reed
  4. LSU JR OF Jake Fraley
  5. South Carolina JR OF Dom Thompson-Williams
  6. Auburn JR OF Anfernee Grier
  7. Mississippi JR OF JB Woodman
  8. Texas A&M JR OF Nick Banks
  9. Auburn JR OF Josh Palacios
  10. Florida JR 1B Pete Alonso
  11. Kentucky JR 2B/OF JaVon Shelby
  12. Georgia JR OF Stephen Wrenn
  13. Missouri JR SS/3B Ryan Howard
  14. Mississippi State JR C Jack Kruger
  15. LSU SO 3B/2B Greg Deichmann
  16. Mississippi State rSO OF Brent Rooker
  17. Mississippi State rJR OF Jacob Robson
  18. Mississippi JR SS/2B Errol Robinson
  19. Mississippi SO SS/2B Tate Blackman
  20. Tennessee SR OF/LHP Vincent Jackson
  21. Texas A&M JR 2B/OF Ryne Birk
  22. South Carolina JR OF Gene Cone
  23. Missouri JR OF Jake Ring
  24. Mississippi JR C Henri Lartigue
  25. LSU JR C Jordan Romero
  26. LSU JR 2B/SS Kramer Robertson
  27. Arkansas SO OF Luke Bonfield
  28. Texas A&M JR 3B/C Ronnie Gideon
  29. Vanderbilt SO 3B/SS Will Toffey
  30. Arkansas rSO 3B/C Carson Shaddy
  31. Mississippi JR 3B/1B Colby Bortles
  32. Texas A&M SR 3B/OF Boomer White
  33. Vanderbilt JR C Jason Delay
  34. Mississippi State JR C/3B Gavin Collins
  35. Auburn SR OF/2B Jordan Ebert
  36. Auburn JR C Blake Logan
  37. Mississippi State JR 1B Nathaniel Lowe
  38. Auburn JR 1B Niko Buentello
  39. Kentucky rSO 1B Joe Dudek
  40. Tennessee SO C Benito Santiago
  41. Tennessee SR 3B/2B Jeff Moberg
  42. Alabama rSO OF Keith Holcombe
  43. Arkansas SR 2B/SS Rick Nomura
  44. Arkansas rSR 2B/SS Mike Bernal
  45. LSU JR 2B/3B Cole Freeman
  46. Texas A&M SR OF JB Moss
  47. Texas A&M SR 1B/RHP Hunter Melton
  48. Texas A&M SR C Michael Barash
  49. South Carolina SR SS Marcus Mooney
  50. Kentucky JR 1B Gunnar McNeill
  51. Georgia rJR 3B Trevor Kieboom
  52. Arkansas SR C Tucker Pennell
  53. Vanderbilt JR OF/2B Ro Coleman
  54. Texas A&M JR OF Walker Pennington
  55. Mississippi State rJR OF Cody Brown
  56. Arkansas JR 3B/1B Clark Eagan
  57. Alabama SR 3B/SS Chance Vincent
  58. Vanderbilt JR C Karl Ellison
  59. Texas A&M JR OF/1B Joel Davis
  60. Texas A&M JR SS Austin Homan
  61. Texas A&M JR OF/ SS Nick Choruby
  62. Texas A&M SR OF/1B Jonathan Moroney
  63. Kentucky SR OF Dorian Hairston
  64. Auburn SR SS/3B Cody Nulph
  65. Auburn JR 2B/OF Damon Haecker
  66. Mississippi State rSR 2B/3B John Holland
  67. Kentucky JR OF Marcus Carson
  68. Mississippi State JR OF Tanner Poole
  69. Mississippi SR OF Cameron Dishon
  70. Tennessee SR OF Chris Hall
  71. Tennessee SR OF Derek Lance
  72. Kentucky JR OF Zach Reks
  73. Mississippi State JR 3B Luke Reynolds
  74. Auburn SR 2B/SS Melvin Gray
  75. Mississippi SR OF Connor Cloyd
  76. Mississippi State SR OF/C Michael Smith
  77. Tennessee JR 3B Jordan Rodgers
  78. Georgia SR 1B Daniel Nichols
  79. Georgia JR C/OF Skyler Webb
  80. Auburn JR OF JJ Shaffer
  81. Alabama SR OF Ryan Blanchard
  82. Arkansas SR 1B Cullen Gassaway
  83. Alabama SR OF Georgie Salem
  84. Alabama JR C Will Haynie
  85. South Carolina SR 2B/SS DC Arendas
  86. Missouri SR 3B/1B Zach Lavy
  87. Kentucky rJR OF Storm Wilson
  88. Kentucky SR C Zach Arnold
  89. Georgia SR SS/2B Nick King
  90. Auburn rJR 2B/C Kyler Deese
  91. Kentucky JR SS Connor Heady
  92. Auburn JR 1B/OF Daniel Robert
  93. Florida JR OF Ryan Larson
  94. LSU JR OF Cody Ducote
  95. Tennessee JR OF Dathan Prewett
  96. Vanderbilt rSO OF/1B Tyler Green
  97. Vanderbilt SR 1B/OF Kyle Smith
  98. Vanderbilt JR OF/INF Nolan Rogers
  99. Georgia JR 3B/2B Mike Bell


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