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2016 MLB Draft Follow Lists – SEC Pitching

There’s so much talent in the SEC that trying to fit all of their 2016 MLB Draft prospects in one day’s worth of posts doesn’t make sense. The SEC deserves an entire week. To kick things off, a list of the incredibly deep group of pitching — seriously, there are players I legitimately love as prospects ranked down in the 35-40ish range — in the SEC this year…

  1. Florida JR LHP AJ Puk
  2. Mississippi State JR RHP Dakota Hudson
  3. Vanderbilt rSO RHP Jordan Sheffield
  4. Georgia JR RHP Robert Tyler
  5. Arkansas JR RHP Zach Jackson
  6. Florida JR RHP Logan Shore
  7. South Carolina FR RHP Braden Webb
  8. Auburn JR RHP Keegan Thompson
  9. Tennessee JR RHP Kyle Serrano
  10. Kentucky SR RHP Kyle Cody
  11. Florida JR RHP Shaun Anderson
  12. Florida JR RHP Dane Dunning
  13. Vanderbilt JR LHP Ben Bowden
  14. LSU SO RHP Austin Bain
  15. Vanderbilt JR LHP John Kilichowski
  16. Texas A&M SO RHP Brigham Hill
  17. Mississippi State JR LHP Daniel Brown
  18. Kentucky JR RHP Zack Brown
  19. Texas A&M JR RHP Mark Ecker
  20. Mississippi State JR RHP Austin Sexton
  21. Arkansas JR RHP Dominic Taccolini
  22. Texas A&M JR RHP Ryan Hendrix
  23. Georgia JR LHP Connor Jones
  24. Florida rSO LHP Scott Moss
  25. LSU JR LHP Jared Poche’
  26. South Carolina JR RHP Wil Crowe
  27. Texas A&M SR RHP Kyle Simonds
  28. Texas A&M SO RHP Jace Vines
  29. Alabama JR RHP Geoffrey Bramblett
  30. Kentucky SR RHP Dustin Beggs
  31. Texas A&M SR RHP Andrew Vinson
  32. Auburn rJR RHP Cole Lipscomb
  33. Alabama JR LHP Thomas Burrows
  34. LSU rSO RHP Jesse Stallings
  35. Mississippi State JR RHP Zac Houston
  36. Missouri rSR RHP Reggie McClain
  37. South Carolina JR RHP Taylor Widener
  38. Mississippi rJR RHP Brady Bramlett
  39. Vanderbilt JR RHP Hayden Stone
  40. Alabama rSR RHP Jake Hubbard
  41. LSU rJR RHP Hunter Newman
  42. LSU rJR RHP Russell Reynolds
  43. Mississippi JR RHP Chad Smith
  44. South Carolina rSO RHP Canaan Cropper
  45. Auburn JR RHP Gabe Klobosits
  46. Auburn JR LHP Ben Braymer
  47. LSU JR RHP Riley Smith
  48. Mississippi State JR RHP/OF Reid Humphreys
  49. Mississippi State rSO RHP Jacob Billingsley
  50. Alabama JR RHP Matt Foster
  51. LSU JR RHP Alden Cartwright
  52. Mississippi State JR LHP Vance Tatum
  53. Florida JR LHP Kirby Snead
  54. LSU JR RHP Parker Bugg
  55. Alabama rJR LHP/OF Colton Freeman
  56. Mississippi rJR RHP Sean Johnson
  57. Mississippi JR LHP Wyatt Short
  58. South Carolina JR RHP Matt Vogel
  59. Alabama JR RHP Nick Eicholtz
  60. Mississippi State rJR RHP Paul Young
  61. Texas A&M SR LHP Ty Schlottmann
  62. Arkansas JR RHP James Teague
  63. Arkansas JR RHP Cannon Chadwick
  64. Georgia rSR RHP Heath Holder
  65. Auburn JR LHP Octavio Rodriguez
  66. Alabama SR RHP Ray Castillo
  67. Auburn JR RHP Kevin Davis
  68. Georgia JR RHP Drew Moody
  69. Georgia rJR RHP David Gonzalez
  70. LSU SR LHP John Valek
  71. Tennessee SR LHP Andy Cox
  72. Kentucky SR LHP Dylan Dwyer
  73. Auburn rSR RHP Justin Camp
  74. Tennessee SR RHP Steven Kane
  75. South Carolina JR LHP Josh Reagan
  76. Alabama rSO RHP Tyler Adams
  77. Tennessee JR RHP Jon Lipinski
  78. Georgia JR LHP Andrew Gist
  79. Florida JR RHP Frank Rubio
  80. Texas A&M SR LHP/OF Blake Kopetsky
  81. Alabama SR LHP Jon Keller
  82. Mississippi State JR RHP Blake Smith
  83. Kentucky JR LHP Logan Salow
  84. Georgia rJR RHP Austin Wallace
  85. Missouri rSO RHP Cole Bartlett
  86. Missouri SR LHP Austin Tribby
  87. Kentucky rSR RHP Zach Strecker
  88. LSU JR RHP Collin Strall
  89. Tennessee JR RHP Hunter Martin
  90. LSU SR LHP Hunter Devall
  91. South Carolina JR LHP John Parke
  92. Arkansas rJR RHP Josh Alberius
  93. Vanderbilt rSO LHP Ryan Johnson
  94. Arkansas rSR RHP Doug Willey


  1. Joshua B. says:

    You have Zach Brown pretty low on your list. The depth looks good in the SEC. As an Astros fan, I know first hand how a good college pitcher can turn out even when taken in the fifth round (Dallas Keuchel).

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Brown is such a tough evaluation for me. I can definitely see an argument for him ranking much, much higher than this; in fact, before actually putting the list together, I had assumed he’d fall no worse than ten or so with some sneaky first day pick upside. The very quick and perhaps too simplistic reason for being down on him was the lack of SEC dominance despite having damn good stuff across the board. His K/9’s over the years: 5.6, 6.9, and 6.9. His arm is too good to ignore and I’d be thrilled if my team took a shot on him beginning around round five or so, but the lack of a bat-missing track record leaves me with more questions than answers about his all-around profile. Could definitely see him being the type who takes off in pro ball with a minor or tweak or two learned through instruction because the stuff is that good, but I’d be too much of a wimp to use a premium pick to find out…for now.

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  5. RightysNeedLove says:

    Vinson listed here at 31 has been a STOPPER that has helped propel Aggies to top rankings in last two years. He has grown so much in last 6 weeks as a pitcher as well. If anyone is watching, his WAR has to have soared lately. Diamond in the rough Andrew Vinson, nowhere on many radars. Who is the first to come to the rescue in a crisis game? He’s averaging over 2K’s per inning in last few outings and as a shortstop is a 5th infielder.
    Last ball hit hard against him was (soloHR) in his start against Vandy. It was the lone Earned run of the 4 runs scored during his innings and he left that game with a lead at 5-4. Keep an eye on Vinson ….he’ll be the next Colby Lewis on the mound with more velocity.

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