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2014 MLB Draft College Second Base Follow List (and Ranking)

Brian Anderson checks a ton of boxes: arm, defensive versatility, speed, power, size, approach, and bat speed in excess. All aforementioned tools are at least average, so the only real question is how much he’ll actually hit going forward. My total not a comp comparison for him is JaCoby Jones, both in terms of talent level and draft floor. This may be an oversimplification, but Alex Blandino has almost the opposite scouting profile: not crazy toolsy, but born to hit. If he keeps doing what he’s done so far this spring, he’ll likely find himself atop this list by June.

After A and B, there’s C. Branden Cogswell follows Anderson and Blandino because of his solid all-around skill set and outstanding plate discipline. I’m not quite there in proclaiming him, or anybody following him on the list for that matter, a future regular in the big leagues due to his limited power ceiling, but I do enjoy scooping up quick-moving, valuable bench contributors from college after most of the upside gambles are off the board.

As mentioned above, there really is a significant gap between Anderson/Blandino (easy to see starter upside) and the rest of the 2B class (likely backups, but some good ones). I’m not saying that you could put the next dozen names or so and a hat and pull a perfectly acceptable order, but I’m not saying you can’t, either.

I genuinely like the two seniors (Ross Kivett and Kyle Ruchim) as top ten round targets that can both save you some dough and give you a potentially useful role player going forward. Kivett is the more famous prospect – still shocked he didn’t sign as a tenth rounder last year – and his speed, smarts, and sneaky pop make him fun to watch. Ruchim is less well-known, but, in my view, no less talented. I actually had Ruchim as high as fourth on original iterations of this list because of my appreciation of his approach, defense, versatility (fine in both SS and CF in a pinch), and the always comforting fallback plan on the mound (low-90s FB and SL that flashes plus).

The juniors are an interesting class at the top as I think there are more tools here than in most years. Gunnar Heidt’s flashes of power, Austin Davidson’s pedigree, Caleb Whalen’s offensive upside, Casey Turgeon’s glove and baseball IQ, Trent Gilbert’s swing, Grant Kay’s breakthrough, and Frankie Ratcliff’s redemption (I’m cheating since he’s a senior but go with it) are all worth following this spring. Really like Jace Conrad’s underrated speed/glove/approach/experience vibe; Caden Bailey’s tools aren’t quite at that level, but he’s above-average in those areas all the same. There are many others that I’d love to write about like Dante Flores (another pedigree guy), old favorite Steve Wilkerson, Stephen Ventimilia (love his athleticism and energy), and Ivy League star Thomas Roulis, but I need to cut myself off before I put people to sleep. One last name that I’ll be very curious to see gets drafted is Kevin Kramer, a good prospect who is out in 2014 (shoulder) yet still might be worth a mid-round pick if deemed even remotely signable. I’d guess he’s back at UCLA in 2015, but you never know.

  1. Arkansas JR 2B/SS/OF Brian Anderson
  2. Stanford JR 2B/3B Alex Blandino
  3. Virginia JR 2B/SS Branden Cogswell
  4. College of Charleston JR 2B/SS Gunnar Heidt
  5. Pepperdine JR 2B/SS Austin Davidson
  6. Kansas State SR 2B Ross Kivett
  7. Northwestern SR 2B/RHP Kyle Ruchim
  8. Portland JR 2B/OF Caleb Whalen
  9. Florida JR 2B/SS Casey Turgeon
  10. Arizona JR 2B Trent Gilbert
  11. Louisville JR 2B Grant Kay
  12. Houston SR 2B Frankie Ratcliff
  13. Louisiana-Lafayette JR 2B Jace Conrad
  14. Georgia State JR 2B/SS Caden Bailey
  15. Long Island-Brooklyn SR 2B/SS John Ziznewski
  16. USC JR 2B Dante Flores
  17. UC Davis rJR 2B/OF Tino Lipson
  18. North Carolina State JR 2B/3B Logan Ratledge
  19. Clemson SR 2B/SS Steve Wilkerson
  20. Nebraska JR 2B/SS Pat Kelly
  21. Hawaii JR 2B Stephen Ventimilia
  22. Western Carolina JR 2B/3B Brad Strong
  23. Dartmouth JR 2B/SS Thomas Roulis
  24. UCLA JR 2B/3B Kevin Kramer
  25. Mississippi State SR 2B Brett Pirtle
  26. Washington JR 2B/3B Robert Pehl
  27. South Alabama rJR 2B Logan Kirkland
  28. Wisconsin-Milwaukee JR 2B Michael Porcaro
  29. Northeastern JR 2B/SS Jason Vosler
  30. UC Riverside JR 2B/OF Joe Chavez
  31. Charlotte JR 2B/SS Mikal Hill
  32. Bradley rSO 2B Chris Godinez
  33. Georgia Tech JR 2B/SS Thomas Smith
  34. UNC Wilmington SR 2B Luis Renvill
  35. Indiana JR 2B/OF Casey Rodrigue
  36. Miami SR 2B/SS Alex Hernandez
  37. Charlotte JR 2B/OF Brad Elwood
  38. Georgia Tech SR 2B/SS Mott Hyde
  39. Maine SR 2B/SS Troy Black
  40. Richmond SR 2B Adam Forrer
  41. Arizona State JR 2B/SS Drew Stankiewicz
  42. South Florida JR 2B/SS Kyle Teaf
  43. San Diego State SR 2B Tim Zier
  44. Georgia JR 2B/SS Nelson Ward
  45. Texas A&M JR 2B/SS Blake Allemand
  46. The Citadel JR 2B Mason Davis
  47. Cal State Bakersfield SR 2B Oscar Sanay
  48. Elon SR 2B/SS Sebastian Gomez
  49. Arkansas-Pine Bluff SR 2B/SS Isias Alcantar
  50. Loyola Marymount JR 2B/SS David Edwards
  51. Oklahoma JR 2B/SS Josh Ake
  52. Texas JR 2B Brooks Marlow
  53. North Carolina Greensboro rSO 2B/OF Benigno Marrero
  54. Tennessee Tech JR 2B/SS Dylan Bosheers
  55. San Jose State SR 2B Jacob Valdez
  56. Wichita State SR 2B/SS Dayne Parker
  57. Oregon SR 2B Aaron Payne
  58. Maryland JR 2B Andrew Amaro
  59. UC Riverside JR 2B/SS Alex Rubanowitz
  60. Youngstown State SR 2B/SS Phil Lipari
  61. Baylor rSR 2B Lawton Langford
  62. UCLA SR 2B/OF Kevin Williams
  63. Stanford SR 2B/RHP Brett Michael Doran
  64. Stanford SR 2B/SS Danny Diekroeger
  65. Oregon State SR 2B/SS Andy Peterson
  66. Tennessee Tech SR 2B/SS Zach Zarzour
  67. Nicholls State SR 2B Phillip Lyons
  68. Monmouth SR 2B/SS Jake Gronsky
  69. Binghamton SR 2B Daniel Nevares
  70. Radford JR 2B Josh Gardiner
  71. Rice JR 2B/SS Ford Stainback
  72. Nebraska-Omaha JR 2B Caleb Palensky
  73. Mississippi State rJR 2B/OF Demarcus Henderson
  74. Oral Roberts JR 2B Matt Brandy
  75. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi SR 2B Cody Stephens
  76. Wright State SR 2B Joe Ford
  77. North Dakota State SR 2B Wes Satzinger
  78. Siena SR 2B Vince Citro
  79. Kentucky SR 2B Matt Reida
  80. Towson SR 2B Pat Fitzgerald
  81. McNeese State rJR 2B/SS Connor Lloyd
  82. Kansas JR 2B Justin Protacio
  83. Hofstra SR 2B Matt Ford
  84. Georgetown JR 2B Ryan Busch
  85. Central Michigan JR 2B Pat MacKenzie
  86. Xavier SR 2B Selby Chidemo


  1. Fred says:

    Tino Lipson does not play 2nd Base for UC Davis. He was an outfielder last year and was playing ss this year before being injured. Steven Patterson was an All Big West Selection (2nd Team) at 2nd Base last year and is their starter this year. Last year he was the 7th hardest to strike out in D1 (10ks in 204 at bats) He is currently leading the team in RBI’s and hitting .312 with an .898 OPS. UC Davis is 11-9 going into conference play next week. This is the first time since 2008 they have been 2 games over .500 this late in the season.

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Thanks for the update. I have Lipson down as a 2B/OF and I went with 2B because that’s where I’ve been told his best shot at sticking in pro ball will be. Have Patterson (as mentioned by you, great approach to hitting) down as a 3B/2B, though my notes do say he may be better off at 2B in the pros so I should have included him with that group. Making that switch for my next update. I see conference play hasn’t been all that kind to UC Davis so far, but still really like the way that team plays the game. Patterson and Adam Young look like draft-worthy talents for 2014 for the hitters and I could even see Harry Stanwyck getting popped late due to his size and velocity (control could use just a teeny bit of work though…). Nice college team.

  2. Jim Walker says:

    This list is seriously flawed

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