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Title says it all. Stats have been updated through this past weekend. Radke’s only made three starts, but the rest haven’t missed a turn yet. It’s still early enough in the year that I’m happy to add another name or two to the list if anybody has a request. Most recently added player is LSU RHP Aaron Nola. I know stuff like this doesn’t matter, but pretty crazy that in Nola’s first four starts of the year his team won by a combined score of 50-0. After beating a decent Vanderbilt team this past Friday — apparently there was some hype around this game, who knew — his combined score when starting is down to a paltry 54-2. Pretty good.

NC State LHP Carlos Rodon | 67.9%
East Carolina RHP Jeff Hoffman | 57.7%
Vanderbilt RHP Tyler Beede | 49.1%
Florida State RHP Luke Weaver | 51.2%
Mississippi RHP Chris Ellis | 43.1%
UNLV RHP Erik Fedde | 64.4%
LSU RHP Aaron Nola | 44.0%

And by request…

Portland LHP Travis Radke | 46.2%


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