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2014 MLB Draft (And Beyond) – Big East Follow List

One of the few questions I occasionally get asked is often the simple “I’m seeing ______ this weekend. Do they have anybody worth watching?” Here’s your answer for the Big East


SR OF Marcos Calderon
JR LHP Eric Stout
SR RHP Billy Laing


SR OF Mike Gerber
SR OF Brad McKewon
rJR C Kevin Lamb
rSO 1B Reagan Fowler
JR RHP/2B Jake Peter
rSO RHP Tommy Strunc
rJR RHP Max Ising
SR RHP Bryan Sova
SO RHP Taylor Elman (2015)
SO RHP Nick Highberger (2015)
SO RHP Matt Warren (2015)
FR Jeff Albrecht (2016)


JR LHP Matt Hollenbeck
JR RHP Will Brown
rJR RHP Jack Vander Linden
JR 2B Ryan Busch
SR 1B Steve Anderson
SO C Nick Collins (2015)
SO RHP Tim Davis (2015)
FR David Ellingson (2016)

St. John’s

rSR RHP James Lomangino
rSO RHP Joey Christopher
JR RHP Chris Kalica
JR RHP Joe Kuzia
SR 3B/1B Kyle Lombardo
JR SS/2B Bret Dennis
JR SS Jarred Mederos
JR 1B Matt Harris
JR OF Zach Lauricella
SO LHP Alex Katz (2015)
SO RHP Ryan McCormick (2015)
SO LHP Matt Clancy (2015)
SO RHP Anthony Rosati (2015)
SO RHP Michael Sheppard (2015)
SO RHP Joey Graziano (2015)
SO 2B Ty Blankmeyer (2015)
FR OF Michael Donadio (2016)

Seton Hall

SR 3B Chris Selden
JR 1B/OF Sal Annunziata
JR OF John Beaubien
JR 3B Kyle Grimm
JR RHP Conor Krauss
JR RHP Jose Lopez
SR RHP Josh Prevost
JR LHP Anthony Elia
SO OF Zack Weigel (2015)


rJR RHP Maximo Almonte
rJR RHP Matt Lengel
SR LHP Matt Meurer
JR LHP Josh Harris
SR RHP Chris Haggarty
SR OF/1B Connor Jones
SO OF Luke Emling (2015)
SO RHP Max Beermann (2015)
FR OF Donovan May (2016)
FR LHP Hunter Schryver (2016)


JR RHP Jacob Bodner
rSO RHP Adam Hall
rSR RHP Vinny Nittoli
JR LHP Alex Westrick
rSR OF Mitch Elliot
rJR 1B/OF Brian Bruening
SR 2B Selby Chidemo
JR C Derek Hasenbeck
JR 1B/OF Joe Forney
rSR 3B Stephen Schoettmer
rFR 3B Andre Jernigan (2015)



  1. Wagner says:

    Note: you may want to check but I think it is possible that
    R Fowler at Creighton, Big East Player of the Year redshirted and so this is his 3rd year in college.

    If correct, he might be eligible for 2014 draft.

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Nice! Good catch. I’ll update the original post. I’ll also switch him to 1B rather than INF as that seems to be his primary defensive home. Can’t say I know a whole lot about Fowler, but the raw numbers are certainly appealing. Thanks again.

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