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GO/AO 2014

Long-time readers of the site may remember I’ve done a good bit of box score sleuthing over the years to determine ground ball/fly ball ratios for the draft’s top pitching prospects.

I’ll open it up to the wisdom of our crowd to name any interesting pitchers worth tracking. I’m going off my own personal board for now (spoiler alert!), so that means I’m currently following Jeff Hoffman, Carlos Rodon, Tyler Beede, Chris Ellis, Luke Weaver, and Erik Fedde. It probably comes as no surprise, but Weaver (he of the popular Tim Hudson comp) is the early front runner for highest GB% — I suppose that should be the title of the post rather than GO/AO, but old habits die hard — with Tyler Beede bringing up the rear. Sample sizes are obviously still quite small, but fun to track all the same.

I don’t mind going up to ten guys this season, so there are still up to four free spots on my list. I’d like to avoid relievers if at all possible — Michael Cederoth would be next on my list, but I’m not patient enough to go through every game of his — and I tend to prefer righthanders, but I’m flexible. Really long-time readers of the site remember that I originally tried to track literally hundreds of pitchers…man, what began as a fun way to get a little extra data out there spiraled way out of control in a hurry. I mean, I enjoy looking through the box scores and inputting data, but not when the scope of the task made it feel like a part-time job. Now that I’m older and, depending on your view, either wiser or lazier, I’ll stick with a manageable number that allows me to still get excited when doing the weekly update.



  1. jason says:

    How about travis radke?

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