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2014 MLB Draft (And Beyond) – America East Follow List

One of the few questions I occasionally get asked is often the simple “I’m seeing ______ this weekend. Do they have anybody worth watching?” Here’s your answer for the AAC…

I pretty much did this one already — and in more detail, too! — but in case you missed that one (or are too lazy to click that link) here’s another shot at it…


rSR 2B Brian Bullard
rSR C/INF/OF Josh Nethaway
SR C/INF/OF DJ Hoagboon
JR 3B Joey Tracy
JR SS Jeff VonMoser
JR OF Cory Kingston
rJR RHP Stephen Carey
JR RHP Cameron Sorgie
SR LHP Kevin Archbold
SO RHP Ryan Stinar (2015)
FR RHP Stephen Woods (2016)


JR RHP Mike Urbanski
rJR RHP Jack Rogalla
SR OF Billy Beresznewicz
SR SS John Howell
SR 2B Daniel Nevares
rJR 1B/3B Brian Ruby
JR OF/C Jake Thomas
JR OF Zach Blanden
SR OF Shaun McGraw
SO RHP/OF Mike Bunal (2015)
SO RHP Jake Cryts (2015)


JR LHP Sean Newcomb
JR LHP Austin Barnes
SR RHP Alex Gouin
rJR LHP/DH Ryan Lukach
SR RHP/1B Brian Hunter
SR C James Alfonso
SO 2B/SS Aaron Wilson (2015)
SO OF Chris DelDebbio (2015)
SO C/1B Billy Walker (2015)
SO RHP Sam McKay (2015)
SO RHP Brian Murphy (2015)
SO RHP Kyle Gauthier (2015)
FR RHP David Drouin (2016)
FR David MacKinnon (2016)


SR 1B/3B Alex Calbick
SR 2B/SS Troy Black
SR OF Colin Gay
JR OF Brian Doran
rJR RHP Tommy Lawrence
SR RHP Shaun Coughlin
JR LHP/INF/OF Scott Heath
SO Logan Fullmer (2015)
SO RHP Jake Marks (2015)

Stony Brook

JR SS Cole Peragine
JR C/OF Kevin Krause
SR OF/RHP Josh Mason
SR 1B/LHP Kevin Courtney
SR RHP Brandon McNitt
SO LHP Daniel Zamora
rSO RHP Nick Brass
SO 3B Johnny Caputo (2015)
SO SS Austin Shives (2015)
SO INF Jack Parenty (2015)
SO RHP Tim Knesnik (2015)
SO RHP Chad Lee (2015)
SO LHP Tyler Honahan (2015)
FR RHP Ryley MacEachern (2016)
FR OF Josh Palacios (2016)
FR C/1B Kyle Devin (2016)
FR OF Toby Handley (2016)

Massachusetts – Lowell

JR OF Geoff DeGroot
SR RHP Shane Beauchemin


SR OF/C Rob McCabe
JR OF/RHP Anthony Gatto
rSO 3B Mark Esposito
SO INF Kevin Lachance (2015)
SO RHP Mike Gomez (2015)
SO C Manny Colon (2015)



  1. Lukas says:

    UMass Lowell’s Geoff de Groot and Shane Beauchemin may be good college players more than true draft prospects but both certainly deserve to be followed on lists as deep as yours are. I really like de Groot in particular and think he’ll make a nice org player for some pro team.

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Love hearing new names to follow. And always like having at least one guy per team. Added them both to both the post and the database. Good calls.

  2. Tom Dionne says:

    Beauchemin pitched 6 innings allowing 3 runs on 6 hits with 1 walk and 9 strikeouts in his first start of the season against Temple University in Wilson, NC

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