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2012 MLB Draft Third Base Rankings

Rankings are fluid and highly subject to change. Additions to player notes will be made as necessary. Statistics will be updated periodically.

1. 3B Trey Williams (Valencia HS, California): big hit tool; potential plus to plus-plus raw power; advanced idea of how to hit, e.g. big opposite field power threat; strong arm often categorized as plus; potential star defensively at third base; great reactions and instincts; outstanding athlete; plus bat speed; plus hit tool; slightly above-average speed; very strong; has that special sound; pitch recognition to be monitored; super quick bat, solid approach: very patient, lightning in wrists; swing needs some work, but what is there is a fine building block; strong arm, steady defender; below-average speed, but quick feet and reactions at third; should be an average defender at worst with much more upside than that; big-time raw power, personally I’m a believer; 6-2, 210 pounds; R/R

2. 3B Tanner Rahier (Palm Desert HS, California): plus arm strength; accurate arm; quick bat; good power; good fielder with well above-average range; intriguing raw power, above-average for me; not toolsy, but gets it done; ball jumps off bat, special sound; likely a 3B as a pro; impressive pitch recognition; Evan Longoria comp; only question for me is power upside, hit tool is outstanding; some believe he’ll stick at SS, Gold Glove upside at 3B; 6-2, 205 pounds; R/R

3. Clemson JR 3B Richie Shaffer: really good defender at first, but more average on a good day at third; plus raw power to all fields; plus raw arm strength (has hit 94 off mound), above-average in total after accuracy is factored in; made outstanding recovery from broken hamate bone, minimal power loss; good athlete; average runner; not entirely convinced he’s a third baseman forever, but believe he can play either 3B or a corner OF spot through his first big league (six year) contract; 6-3, 200 pounds

2011: .333/.459/.613 – 47 BB/50 K – 222 AB
2012:  .373/.504/.643 – 50 BB/37 K – 185 AB – 5/6 SB

4. 3B Joey Gallo (Bishop Gorman HS, Nevada): plus raw power from left side; good athlete; plus arm; no problem against quality arms, has hit both high velocity and big league quality breaking balls; similar to Richie Shaffer defensively – both have plus arms and enough athleticism to play third base for a bit before transitioning to right field; some prefer him on mound (88-93 FB; 94-98 peak with some of the easiest velocity of any prep in recent memory; good 74-76 CB; mid-80s CU; 77-81 SL needs work), but his kind of power is hard to pass up; not a perfect comp, but there’s some Kris Bryant to his game; really want to move him up over Richie Shaffer for the top spot, and for some organizations I think he’s worth the risk, but the relative safety of the college bat pushes Shaffer just ahead; 6-5, 220 pounds; L/R

5. 3B Rio Ruiz (Bishop Amat HS, California): very strong hands; plus arm; very quick bat; no problem with velocity; big league hitter; popular Eric Chavez comp that makes sense; 6-2, 200 pounds; L/R; good athlete; really intrigued by bat; patient

6. 3B Addison Russell (Pace HS, Florida): good athlete; consistent hard contact; plus defensive tools; excellent range; great bat speed; too aggressive at times, but has worked hard to improve approach; plus arm; really good athlete; has worked hard to put on muscle, looked like a corner infielder all the way; now they say he is athletic enough to stick up middle again though he still looks like a future 3B to me; very quick bat; 6-1, was up to 215 pounds; down to 185 now; above-average speed; huge raw power; questionable hit tool; R/R

7. 3B Corey Seager (Northwest Cabarrus HS, North Carolina): good athlete; strong arm; great feel on defense, could be star at third; line drive machine; swing holds back power upside for now, but if he grows into some power, watch out; already more pop than his brother; patient approach; 55 speed; 6-3, 200 pounds; L/R; should settle into average speed

8. Arkansas JR 3B Matt Reynolds: line drive machine who lacks present strength and swing plane for big power, but makes up for it with consistent hard contact all over the field; above-average speed that plays up on bases; outstanding defender with a strong arm and enough athletic ability to play up the middle at times; could even be tried at catcher, though I think a more likely conversion would be to 2B – could even be tried as an everyday SS if a team is feeling especially frisky; I think a player in-between Kyle Seager and Chase Headley is a realistic ceiling for Reynolds – some speed, some pop, but lots of value tied up in defense and on-base ability; 6-1, 200 pounds;

2011: .238/.360/.347 – 34 BB/40 K – 202 AB
2012: .332/.449/.510 – 39 BB/25 K – 196 AB – 13/18 SB

9. Stanford JR 3B Stephen Piscotty: gap power, but could be more with added strength; often too aggressive for his own good, but compensates by showing great plate coverage; impressive ability to use the whole field; average speed; good arm; above-average hit tool that I wasn’t sold on to start the year, but can now admit is one of the college class’ best – he’s really fun to watch hit; good enough defender at third to at least get a chance to start there in pro ball, but less likely to stick there long-term than Richie Shaffer – RF makes for a fine backup plan in the event a switch is necessary; like the hit tool, his power is better than I first gave him credit for – the gap power should give way to more over the fence pop as he focuses 100% on hitting professionally; not to keep repeating myself, but Piscotty’s bat has really impressed me more than I expected this year – he has a very quiet swing, mature approach, and is capable of hitting any pitch in any count, including pitchers’ pitches; above-average athlete; have personally compared him to James Darnell in the past, but should have higher ceiling; 6-3, 215 pounds

2011: .373/.433/.484 – 18 BB/25 K – 225 AB
2012: .344/.435/.502 – 28 BB/16 K – 209 AB – 4/4 SB

10. 3B Carson Kelly (Westview HS, Oregon): 88-92 FB; plus 78-82 CU with fade; 73-80 CB; low-80s SL with plus upside; can really swing the bat; plus bat speed; no problem with high velocity arms; plus arm; strong; agile; good approach; above-average defensive tools; can’t decide on his pro position, lean towards 3B; slow, but not glacial; 6-2, 210 pounds; R/R

11. 3B Daniel Robertson (Upland HS, California): potential plus defender, but more in the steady style and not so spectacular; plus arm; big hit tool; has raw power, but doesn’t know how to use it just yet; does show as much opposite field power as any high school hitter in recent memory; 6-1, 185 pounds; R/R

12. 3B Mitch Nay (Hamilton HS, Arizona): impressive bat; questionable defender, could wind up in RF; super strong arm; easy to love his bat speed; above-average power upside; slow; 6-3, 200 pounds

13. 3B David Thompson (Westminster Christian HS, Florida): huge power; good approach; really quick bat; quick enough for LF, but has chance to stick at third; strong arm befitting a QB; long swing

14. Washington JR 3B Jake Lamb: plus raw lefty power; average defender; plenty of arm strength; previous two points could be added together and lead to a potential switch to catcher professionally, though his progress with the bat has slowed this talk; has flashed big league tools for years and now production is finally catching up – should be a better pro than college player once adjustments are made to his swing; above-average big league starter upside; 6-3, 210 pounds

2011: .340/.399/.472 – 14 BB/30 K – 212 AB
2012: .352/.457/.480 – 29 BB/25 K – 179 AB – 4/8 SB

15. Purdue JR 3B Cameron Perkins: above-average power upside; interesting profile as a hitter: he’s a well-known hacker, but with low strikeout totals and a well above-average ability to hit for contact; average speed; average defender; could be very good in RF; lets ball get very deep on hands; strong arm; good athlete; 6-5, 200 pounds; bad-ball hitter; hard to strikeout; 6-5, 200 pounds

2011: .349/.419/.552 – 12 BB/29 K – 232 AB
2012: .406/.448/.613 – 12 BB/16 K – 217 AB – 8/11 SB

16. 3B Jackson Campana (Providence HS, North Carolina): plus arm; huge raw power; 87-89 FB; above-average defensive tools at third; 6-6, 200 pounds

17. 3B Corey Oswalt (James Madison HS, California): power is his best tool; nice swing setup; quick bat; great athlete; plus arm; tools to be at least average defensively; 88-90 FB, 91-92 peak; good 77-80 CB; 6-4, 215 pounds; R/R

18. 3B Dylan LaVelle (Lake Stevens HS, Washington): quick bat; good power; slow; tools to play a good third base; strong hit tool; power upside; 6-2, 200 pounds

19. 3B Xavier Turner (Sandusky HS, Ohio): great base stealer; good arm; above-average speed; gap power; good defensive tools; quick bat; like him a lot; swings like a hitter, not a slugger but can still hit it out; 6-1, 205 pounds

20. 3B JT Phillips (Columbus HS, Georgia): no problems with velocity; quick bat; plus arm that would play at either third or catcher; good athlete; like him as a defender at third, good reactions; interesting power; TJ survivor; 91-93 FB, 94 peak; 73-74 CB; 6-3, 200 pounds

21. 3B Cody Gunter (Flower Mound HS, Texas): plus arm strength; interesting upside with bat; good defensive tools; 6-3, 200 pounds

22. Central Arizona JC FR 3B Fernando Perez: above-average arm strength; good athlete; quick bat; nice swing; average or slightly better defensive tools; average at best speed; could also play 2B, but may grow too much to make this a realistic possibility; 6-2, 200 pounds

2012: .342/.403/.566 – 20 BB – 219 AB – 7/8 SB

23. Southeast Missouri State rSR 3B Trenton Moses: stronger hit tool than given credit for – he’s more than just an over-aged college slugger, though his experience and physical maturation advantages over current college competition should not be dismissed; patient approach, understands pitchers; well above-average raw power; much debate about defensive future, but think he is just athletic enough with just enough arm and just steady enough hands and actions to stick for a few years; if I thought he could hold his own as a corner outfielder, I’d feel a lot better about his future as a potential four-corners (1B/3B/LF/RF) utility guy; as it is, you could do a lot worse with a mid-round pick than to take an advanced college bat like this; 6-3, 230 pounds

2011: .384/.493/.661 – 28 BB/22 K – 177 AB
2012: .410/.531/.761 – 37 BB/31 K – 188 AB – 3/3 SB

24. St. Mary’s JR 3B Patrick Wisdom: solid speed; good defender; plus arm; very strong; plus power upside, big scouting community divide on hit tool; some speculation he could be tried behind plate, but I think his upside as a league average offensive and defensive third baseman shouldn’t be messed with; 6-2, 215 pounds

2011: .361/.432/.567 – 23 BB/41 K – 208 AB
2012: .277/.402/.463 – 35 BB/40 K – 177 AB – 3/5 SB

25. 3B Eric Neitzel (Gulliver Prep, Florida): good power; above-average speed; good enough athlete; iffy arm; like his bat

26. 3B Preston Scott (Hanford HS, California): really quick bat; big power upside; promising defender

27. 3B Kevin Ross (Niles West HS, Illinois): intense swing with lots of moving parts, but getting better as he makes adjustments; high level of contact; plus arm; interesting power upside; good range; whole fields approach; 6-1, 215 pounds

28. 3B Alex Raburn (Jordan HS, North Carolina): good speed; great athlete; good arm; good defensive tools; can also hold his own in CF

29. 3B Joe DeCarlo (Garnet Valley HS, Pennsylvania): plus bat speed; strong arm; physically strong, so present power shows up; plus defensive tools; Uggla comp; 86-89 FB; 81 CB; 80 SL; 6-1, 200 pounds

30. 3B Danny Rosenbaum (Chestnut Hill Academy HS, Pennsylvania): love his approach; strong arm; good defensive tools; 6-1, 200 pounds

31. 3B Kevin Bradley (Hopewell HS, New Jersey): strong arm; could catch; good power upside; strong hit tool; 6-2, 200 pounds

32. TCU rJR 3B Jantzen Witte: still has many who question his upside with the bat, but all he’s done is hit and hit and hit; has always maintained a patient approach and, for me, a solid line drive swing; one of the draft’s best defensive players at any position with the tools to be one of the best defenders in professional baseball once he signs contract; underrated name, both literally and figuratively; 6-1, 200 pounds

2011: .370/.434/.516 – 28 BB/31 K – 254 AB
2012: .375/.420/.500 – 6 BB/9 K – 120 AB – 0/0 SB

33. Louisburg (NC) JC rSO 3B Steve Nyisztor: plus athlete; has played SS in the past, but, despite showing better than expected actions at the spot, profiles best as 3B as pro; plus arm; plus defensive tools, but still erratic in footwork, which has led to inconsistent throws; gap power at present, above-average raw power; good speed; teams will have to really have a clear idea of who he is as a person before investing a top ten round pick on him; has the chance to be a big league starter at third base or perhaps an offensively-minded infield backup; 6-4, 200 pounds

2012: .349/.435/.446 – 22 BB – 186 AB – 22/27 SB

34. Iowa Western CC SO 3B Damek Tomscha: plus-plus arm strength; good power; great athlete; 6-3, 220 pounds

2012: .377/.444/.670 – 15 BB – 215 AB – 7/9 SB

35. Concordia (MN) SR 3B Bryan Lippincott: strong hit tool; good athlete; could profile as four-corner (1B/3B/LF/RF) type defensively if he doesn’t stay at the hot corner; plus arm; great approach; get really high marks for makeup and preparedness; has put up consistently great numbers and not exactly a slouch in the tools department – he’s a certifiable draft sleeper; 6-4, 210 pounds

2012: .494/.594/.864 – 28 BB/15 K – 154 AB – 9/12 SB

36. Spartanburg Methodist (SC) JC FR 3B Bruce Caldwell: gap power; strong arm; good athlete; currently at SS; tough to choice between the ultra-productive Caldwell and the more projectable Codey McElroy – the two prospects are very different, but close in overall value; 5-10, 185 pounds

2012: .434/.516/.823 – 32 BB/17 K – 198 AB – 12/15 SB

37. Kutztown (PA) SR 3B Shayne Houck: above-average hit tool; big raw power; can handle 3B and LF – stock goes way up if a team believes in him as a defender; 6-1, 200 pounds

2012: .329/.473/.588 – 37 BB/24 K – 170 AB – 0/0 SB

38. Eastern Oklahoma State JC FR 3B Codey McElroy: strong arm; good defensive tools, currently at SS; interesting upside with bat, especially in power department – easy to dream on his power coming around with a long, lean 6-6, 215 pound frame

2012: .280/.394/.474 – 33 BB – 175 AB – 4/4 SB

39. Louisburg SO 3B Zach Houchins: strong hit tool; strong arm; power upside; quick bat; love his approach; uses whole field well and hits consistent line drives; overshadowed somewhat by bigger name teammate Steve Nyisztor, but no secret that some scouts have come away from seeing both play preferring the less-heralded Houchins; like Nyisztor, Houchins will have to answer questions from pro teams about his off-field actions

2012: .394/.471/.587 – 26 BB – 218 AB – 16/18 SB

40. Manhattanville (NY) JR 3B Dan Fiorito: excellent defender; strong arm; intriguing bat with above-average power upside and plate discipline; big league body at 6-4, 215 pounds

2012: .411/.488/.760 – 18 BB/13 K – 146 AB – 21 SB

41. Seward County (KS) JC SO 3B Jake Barrios: arm and range both fit nicely at SS presently, but likely 3B in long run as his body fills out; big power upside dating back to his LSU recruitment; 6-3, 200 pounds

2012: .354/.398/.460 – 9 BB/14 K – 198 AB – 2/3 SB

42. Florida International SR 3B Mike Martinez: average at best defender who also has experience at 1B and corner OF spots; bat shows promise, but lack of defensive upside gives him the look of an offensive-first utility player at the next level; 6-0, 215 pounds

2011: .302/.361/.548 – 19 BB/30 K – 248 AB
2012: .382/.490/.586 – 34 BB/26 K – 191 AB – 7/8 SB

43. 3B Cabe Reiten (Olympia HS, Washington): good defender; 6-2, 175 pounds

44. 3B West Tunnell (Boulder Creek HS, Arizona): average speed; above-average arm; average hit tool; good approach; good feel for game

45. East Carolina JR 3B John Wooten: intriguing offensive tools including significant raw power; despite being viewed by some as a first baseman only, has displayed good range at third in limited looks; has the four-corners defensive versatility (1B/3B/LF/RF) that will help him get chances in pro ball; gets bonus points for strong wood bad showings in the past; one of those prospects that makes doing this fun – Wooten hasn’t gotten much, if any, national love, but area guys sure seem to like him and so do I; 6-4, 210 pounds

2011: .298/.369/.392 – 25 BB/52 K – 245 AB
2012: .324/.388/.488 – 21 BB/20 K – 207 AB – 2/5 SB

46. Memphis SR 3B Jacob Wilson: plus defender; plus arm; not a ton of raw power, but breakout senior season is getting him such well-earned attention; decent runner; 5-11, 190 pounds

2011: .276/.379/.419 – 34 BB/33 K – 217 AB
2012: .306/.390/.606 – 25 BB/21 K – 180 AB – 5/11 SB

47. North Carolina State JR 3B Danny Canela: has experience behind the plate, but I’m not sure he’s strong enough back there to be a consistent viable option professionally – if I’m wrong, that’s great news for Canela’s prospect stock; at third, he’s a good enough defender who plays the position as you’d expect a part-time catcher would (i.e. often steady, never spectacular); interesting power potential; quick bat; great arm is biggest defensive asset; 6-0, 210 pounds

2011: .267/.349/.443 – 17 BB/26 K – 131 AB
2012: .339/.448/.522 – 38 BB/30 K – 180 AB – 0/0 SB

48. Nebraska JR 3B Chad Christensen: steady glove; average arm; converted OF who is currently at SS, so versatility could be his ticket to advancing through minor league system; 6-3, 200 pounds

2012: .317/.379/.510 – 17 BB/31 K – 202 AB – 8/9 SB

49. Arizona JR 3B Seth Mejias-Bream: plus athlete; average speed; impressive defensive tools; above-average raw power that currently plays to gaps; 6-2, 205 pounds

2011: .272/.338/.323 – 15 BB/28 K – 195 AB
2012: .308/.364/.423 – 19 BB/16 K – 208 AB – 9/12 SB

50. Texas Pan-American SR 3B Vincent Mejia: underrated hit tool; great approach showed why I think he is worth a late pick – even as his average dipped in 2012, his on-base percentage remained above-average; average power upside, currently almost entirely to gaps; below-average speed; similar player to Trenton Moses, but not quite as much power upside or physical strength; 6-0, 215 pounds

2011: .337/.455/.479 – 38 BB/36 K – 190 AB
2012: .240/.384/.420 – 33 BB/19 K – 150 AB – 2/4 SB

51. Baylor rJR 3B Cal Towey: good plate discipline; high marks for work ethic; strong arm; solid strength that he’s worked hard to improve on since enrolling; average speed; has experience in the OF; no glaring weakness to his game, but no standout tool that screams big leaguer – biggest asset may be his defensive versatility; 6-2, 210 pounds

2011: .237/.405/.389 – 30 BB/46 K – 131 AB
2012: .297/.441/.481 – 35 BB/55 K – 185 AB – 8/14 SB

52. Stetson SR 3B Ben Carhart: hasn’t pitched much all that much at college level, but at his best he sits 90-94 with FB. good SL and a 75-77 CB; as a hitter, he shows a great approach, average power to gaps and below-average speed; he hits like a pitcher, but not in a bad way – he shows great knowledge of the strike zone and pitch sequencing, and squares up on balls consistently; I’ve long been a favorite, so why quit now?; 5-11, 190 pounds

2011: .347/.390/.486 – 17 BB/17 K – 251 AB
2012: .353/.422/.480 – 20 BB/20 K – 221 AB – 2/2 SB

53. 3B Sean Rubalcaba (Grand Junction HS, Colorado): above-average speed; good arm; great athlete; raw talent

54. 3B Evan Van Hoosier (Green Valley HS, Nevada): good speed; steady defender; strong hit tool; 5-11, 190 pounds

55. 3B Dalton DiNatale (Calvary Christian Academy HS, Florida): good arm strength

56. llinois rSO 3B Jordan Parr: above-average raw power; versatile defender; needs to get smarter on base paths; likely a year away from being signable, but Parr’s a good enough athlete to get some late round consideration down the line; 6-3, 200 pounds

2012: .333/.379/.498 – 14 BB/26 K – 201 AB – 6/16 SB

57. Central Florida JR 3B Chris Taladay: versatile defender who can also play spot duty behind plate and in corner outfield spots; big freshman season set the bar unrealistically high for his future play, but solid skill set and decent approach — not to mention the previously mentioned defensive versatility — give him some late round hope; 6-1, 215 pounds

58. 2012: .315/.357/.405 – 13 BB/21 K – 222 AB – 1/1 SB

59. Oklahoma State SR 3B Mark Ginther: favorite coming into the season who I can’t help but judge through the lens of the lofty, and perhaps unfair, expectations I had for him as a senior; best tool has always been his plus throwing arm; only average bat speed makes him a guess hitter more often than not; swing added too much length in what turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt to sell out for power; despite struggling with the bat, his arm strength, athleticism, and all-around defensive tools (hands, reactions, range) all fit in nicely on a professional diamond; he’ll never hit for a high average with his swing, but a team that believes he can run into a few more fastballs and mistake breaking pitches might give him a chance to impress at the lower levels; unlikely but not impossible he can exceed last year’s draft standing (14th round), but there could be a team that trusts his tools and can look past the down year to take him earlier than his numbers suggest (i.e. I expect him to get selected higher than some of the names above him on this list); 6-2, 200 pounds

2011: .301/.348/.530 – 17 BB/33 K – 236 AB
2012: .258/.311/.387 – 13 BB/30 K – 217 AB – 0/2 SB

60. Wake Forest SR 3B Carlos Lopez: consistent above-average performances with the bat; very quick wrists helps him generate above-average bat speed and raw power; difficult player to project because he’s seen almost universally as a really good college player without much of a pro future, but has a strong enough track record to warrant an opportunity to at least see what he’s got; 6-2, 220 pounds

2011: .287/.373/.567 – 23 BB/51 K – 178 AB
2012: .292/.414/.518 – 37 BB/33 K – 195 AB – 2/3 SB

61. Wisconsin-Stevens Point 3B Justin Jirschele: not considered super toolsy — average or below-average speed, power, arm — but strong hit tool may be enough to get him drafted; very interesting BB/K numbers –  he’s the opposite of a three-true outcomes player; 5-11, 200 pounds

2012: .347/.377/.477 – 9 BB/4 K – 176 AB – 5/8 SB

62. Texas A&M SR 3B Matt Juengel: quick bat, slow afoot; presently an unreliable defender due to frequent concentration lapses, but has shown flashes that he could be average in time; unfortunately, time may be running out as he has never put together a full season where he has shown all of his considerable — and, to me, underrated — offensive tools to use;  6-3, 175 pounds

2011: .304/.394/.486 – 27 BB/38 K – 253 AB
2012: .292/.377/.363 – 23 BB/29 K – 212 AB – 17/20 SB

63. Maryland SR 3B Tomo Delp: lots of upside with bat despite disastrous first season at Maryland; even during down year, still showed off an impressive approach; above-average raw power; former juco teammate of Bryce Harper, so he’ll have some good stories to share, if nothing else; 6-4, 220 pounds

2011: .178/.321/.224 – 14 BB/20 K – 107 AB
2012: .261/.393/.423 – 26 BB/23 K – 142 AB – 6/7 SB

64. Oregon State SR 3B Ryan Dunn: have long been intrigued by his bat, dating back to his days at Orange Coast College; strong arm and average range at third give him the chance to stick at the hot corner at the next level; 5-11, 185 pounds

2012: .307/.394/.503 – 28 BB/23 K – 199 AB – 1/4 SB

65. California JR 3B Mitch Delfino: average defender with what looks like a good enough arm once he gets his throwing mechanics retooled; has shown enough promise with the bat to get a look in the mid-rounds; 6-3, 210 pounds

2011: .281/.359/.427 – 18 BB/29 K – 192 AB
2012: .359/.415/.484 – 17 BB/24 K – 184 AB – 0/1 SB

66. North Carolina SR 3B Andrew Ciencin: uses whole field well; gap power; versatile defender who has plenty of experience on right side of infield; 6-0, 210 pounds

2011: .257/.327/.369 – 22 BB/29 K – 241 AB
2012: .266/.374/.405 – 30 BB/13 K – 173 AB – 4/5 SB

67. Elon SR 3B Garrett Koster: college shortstop who profiles best at 3B due to his plus arm and big raw power; good speed and smart base runner; hit tool and approach both need a ton of refinement, but his power and defensive tools are intriguing; 6-2, 185 pounds

2011: .223/.333/.432 – 19 BB/51 K – 139 AB
2012: .256/.361/.543 – 22 BB/61 K – 164 AB – 11/11 SB

68. Connecticut SR 3B Ryan Fuller: underrated prospect who has done enough since getting to UConn to get himself drafted; despite strong power numbers, not a big raw power guy – mostly to gaps, but average in total; more speed than typical 3B; good athlete; 6-1, 200 pounds

2011: .348/.407/.586 – 21 BB/55 K – 244 AB
2012: .359/.458/.560 – 33 BB/42 K – 209 AB – 9/17 SB

69. Kansas SR 3B Zac Elgie: above-average raw power; finally has sold me on his defense being acceptable at third, though I think he could be a plus defender at first base, his best position; more than a dead-pull hitter – Elgie uses the whole field well, and sprays line drives when at his best; shows just enough professional grade tools that you want to like him more than his numbers probably deserve – you need louder tools than he has when your approach is below-average; 6-2, 220 pounds

2011: .282/.326/.485 – 10 BB/36 K – 202 AB
2012: .264/.341/.451 – 15 BB/31 K – 144 AB – 3/4 SB

70. Parkland (IL) JC FR 3B Kevin Koziol: good raw power; strong arm; kicked off team at LSU

2012: .233/.281/.367 – 1 BB – 30 AB

71. UCLA JR 3B Cody Regis: strong defender; good athlete; good approach; strong arm; interesting power upside, especially with impressive past experience with wood, but 2012 collapse may keep him in college for another year; if he can play 2B as well, so much the better; 6-2, 225 pounds

2011: .278/.382/.443 – 36 BB/53 K – 194 AB
2012: .232/.359/.284 – 26 BB/29 K – 155 AB – 3/5 SB

72. Missouri SR 3B Conner Mach: good athlete with a strong hit tool and more power projection than he has shown, but he’s now at the point of his career when some of this promise needs to turn into production or else; has experience in the OF; 6-0, 190 pounds

2011: .297/.392/.405 – 27 BB/31 K – 222 AB
2012: .282/.377/.350 – 22 BB/30 K – 206 AB – 2/3 SB

73. Florida State SR 3B Sherman Johnson: patient approach that I love, but positivity that once surrounded hit tool has disappeared; above-average defensive tools; plus defender at 3B; can also play 2B and maybe some SS; strong hit tool; huge power drop from sophomore year numbers (2010) to junior and senior season stats (below) with new bats; good arm that will play around infield; Johnson was once a favorite, and his secondary skills remain strong, but below-average stick and power don’t help his cause

2011: .261/.422/.349 – 63 BB/47 K – 238 AB
2012: .256/.434/.356 – 55 BB/28 K – 180 AB – 4/5 SB

74. Cal State Northridge rJR 3B Adam Barry: good athlete; below-average speed; strong; unrefined baseball skills; might fit better behind plate professionally; not a ton of raw power; former football player; 6-0, 215 pounds

2011: .275/.328/.331 – 6 BB/16 K – 160 AB
2012: .270/.359/.365 – 19 BB/12 K – 137 AB – 3/3 SB

75. Central Arkansas SR 3B Blake Roberts: good defensive tools; strong arm; above-average speed for big man; good approach to hitting – uses whole field well; has enough in the way of tools to appear interesting and his size (6-6, 225 pounds) makes him stand out when you see him, but inability to put it all together at the college level makes him a long shot to be drafted, even late

2011: .243/.325/.364 – 6 BB/23 K – 107 AB
2012: .243/.343/.466 – 21 BB/36 K – 148 AB – 0/1 SB

76. Penn State SR 3B Jordan Steranka: plus arm; passable defender; good present power; 6-2, 210 pounds

2011: .327/.395/.548 – 25 BB/34 K – 217 AB
2012: .374/.403/.631 – 12 BB/36 K – 222 AB – 2/3 SB

77. Tulane SR 3B Nick Schneeberger: some power upside; decent defender; has always had impressive plate discipline; 6-1, 200 pounds

2011: .347/.409/.468 – 20 BB/25 K – 173 AB
2012: .367/.458/.518 – 34 BB/33 K – 218 AB – 12/17 SB

78. South Carolina JR 3B LB Dantzler: solid glove; average hit tool; good bat control; might fit at 2B professionally; 5-11, 205 pounds

2012: .257/.325/.444 – 21 BB/29 K – 214 AB – 0/1 SB

79. Texas-San Antonio JR 3B Ryan Dalton: good approach even when racking up strikeouts in 2011 – smart hitter who waits for pitch, uses whole field; above-average arm; really good defender; not a ton of raw power, but enough to keep pitchers on their toes; 6-1, 200 pounds

2011: .257/.320/.436 – 18 BB/46 K – 218 AB
2012: .257/.330/.406 – 22 BB/23 K – 202 AB – 1/4 SB

80. Kentucky SR 3B Thomas McCarthy:

2011: .376/.443/.590 – 20 BB/32 K – 210 AB
2012: .290/.382/.435 – 27 BB/44 K – 214 AB – 3/3 SB

81. Boston College SR 3B Anthony Melchionda:

2011: .320/.403/.470 – 25 BB/25 K – 181 AB
2012: .329/.410/.500 – 24 BB/31 K – 210 AB – 4/4 SB

82. Mercer JR 3B Evan Boyd: good defender; has some experience at SS; disciplined hitter without much raw power who profiles better as a hitter up the middle; 6-3, 180 pounds

2011: .240/.369/.325 – 31 BB/27 K – 200 AB
2012: .295/.431/.455 – 41 BB/27 K – 200 AB – 6/9 SB

83. Iona SR 3B Chris Burke:

2011: .341/.439/.568 – 20 BB/38 K – 185 AB
2012: .322/.394/.566 – 21 BB/34 K – 205 AB – 22/31 SB

84. Florida Atlantic JR 3B Kyle Newton: average or better power bat, but will have to cut way down on swings and misses if he wants to get a chance at professional baseball next summer

2012: .286/.345/.427 – 18 BB/49 K – 206 AB  – 2/3 SB

85. Baylor JR 3B Jake Miller: some power upside; good defender; strong enough arm; average speed; all of the tools won’t matter if he doesn’t improve his well below-average approach; 6-3, 200 pounds

2011: .289/.343/.401 – 16 BB/49 K – 187 AB
2012: .284/.319/.376 – 8 BB/46 K – 197 AB – 2/2 SB

86. Oral Roberts JR 3B Nathan Goro: gets a spot on the list for once being a much more highly regarded prospect (showed big raw power in high school, got drafted late in 2009, had recent transfer offers from Missouri State, Missouri, Baylor, and TCU, etc.), but has completely fallen apart at the plate; good defensive tools; Wichita State and Jefferson JC transfer; could resurface on lists next year if he can rediscover his stroke as senior in 2013; 6-0, 180 pounds

2012: .193/.254/.255 – 13 BB/45 K – 192 AB – 9/15 AB

87. Western Kentucky SR 3B Casey Dykes: better bat speed than you’d think based off his college numbers; above-average arm strength and accuracy; good defender; strong enough, but swing and pitch recognition issues have led to limited power production – without any thump in his bat, getting in the lineup as a third baseman will be very tough; lack of foot speed and agility will keep him from playing up the middle; gets the mention here for his hard work throughout his college career, but not a viable pro prospect; 5-11, 200 pounds

2011: .276/.369/.319 – 27 BB/29 K – 210 AB
2012: .280/.348/.376 – 21 BB/26 K – 218 AB – 0/2 SB

88. East Carolina SR 3B Corey Thompson:

2011: .328/.423/.454 – 34 BB/34 K – 229 AB
2012: .311/.378/.423 – 24 BB/36 K – 222 AB – 0/0 SB

89. Texas SR 3B Kevin Lusson: average or better defender at third; strong with a nice swing, so you can at least think about projecting above-average power but collegiate production doesn’t back it up; strong arm; will likely be tried behind plate professionally, as catching may be his only real path to the big leagues with his below-average offensive skill set; 6-1, 205 pounds

2011: .223/.326/.306 – 16 BB/17 K – 121 AB
2012: .229/.309/.344 – 11 BB/17 K – 96 AB – 1/1 SB

90. Hawaii JR 3B Pi’ikea Kitamura: good defensive ability who has seen majority of time at SS; 6-1, 200 pounds

2011: .250/.387/.333 – 38 BB/20 K – 192 AB
2012: .356/.414/.411 – 16 BB/28 K – 202 AB – 4/4 SB

91. Sam Houston State JR 3B Kevin Miller: plus defender; not much power; good college player; 6-0, 200 pounds

2011: .303/.391/.339 – 22 BB/23 K – 165 AB
2012: .326/.385/.374 – 16 BB/20 K – 187 AB – 1/2 SB

92. Oklahoma JR 3B Garrett Carey: plays big league quality defense with an arm to match, but even prime Adrian Beltre defense can’t get a guy drafted after a year like Carey had (below); 6-1, 210 pounds

2012: .192/.270/.228 – 12 BB/32 K – 167 AB – 2/2 AB

93. San Jose State JR 3B Tyler Christian: not enough bat, but plus arm and good defensive tools could help him get a chance in 2013; 6-1, 180 pounds

2011: .233/.359/.424 – 26 BB/38 K – 172 AB
2012: .178/.257/.302 – 8 BB/26 K – 129 AB – 0/0 SB

94. Northern Illinois SR 3B Troy White: plus defender; average speed plays up due to great baseball instincts; 6-0, 180 pounds

2011: .286/.370/.415 – 27 BB/41 K – 217 AB
2012: .289/.359/.422 – 18 BB/41 K – 187 AB – 7/12 SB

95. Georgia JR 3B Curt Powell: good defender; 5-11, 170 pounds

2012: .340/.424/.429 – 22 BB/35 K – 203 AB – 13/17 SB

96. St. John’s JR 3B Sean O’Hare:

2011: .216/.326/.250 – 17 BB/22 K – 116 AB
2012: .317/.429/.441 – 29 BB/28 K – 186 AB – 3/4 SB

97. Georgia SR 3B Colby May: has more power upside than he has shown, but clock is ticking; defensively versatile player who has experience all over the infield – plays a passable SS, but really good defense at 1B and slightly above-average here at 2B; 6-0, 200 pounds

2011: .222/.344/.352 – 8 BB/13 K – 54 AB
2012: .253/.350/.331 – 21 BB/30 K – 154 AB – 2/2 SB

98. William & Mary JR 3B Ryan Williams: above-average defender with an above-average arm – has hit the upper-80s off the mound; 6-2, 210 pounds

2012: .241/.324/.406 – 19 BB/37 K – 187 AB

99. George Mason SR 3B Brig Tison:

2011: .336/.376/.421 – 13 BB/25 K – 247 AB
2012: .338/.398/.395 – 20 BB/26 K – 228 AB – 13/21 SB

100. Mississippi JR 3B Andrew Mistone: gap power; good approach; great defender with an above-average arm could play 2B; didn’t do a whole lot in his first year at Division I level, but worth keeping an eye on as a late-round senior sign next year; 6-0, 190 pounds

2012: .239/.306/.294 – 10 BB/24 K – 197 AB – 3/6 SB

101. SO 3B Josh Anderson: played freshman season at Yavapai JC (AZ), but not listed on roster in 2012; very strong; plus raw power; plus arm; good defensive tools; solid approach to hitting; FAVORITE, but haven’t been able to find any updated information about him for 2012 so prospect status is in limbo; 6-0, 220 pounds

Stats updated: 5/2/12



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    what about Stephen Bruno from Virginia-hit .360 this year

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