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2012 MLB Draft First Base Rankings

Rankings are fluid and highly subject to change. Additions to player notes will be made as necessary. Statistics will be updated periodically.

1. 1B Nathan Mikolas (Bradford HS, Wisconsin): strong hit tool; above-average power upside; good athlete; really smart young hitter; quick bat; can hit to all fields; questionable defender and athlete; best position is batter’s box; has also played some OF; 6-2, 200 pounds

2. Florida State JR 1B Jayce Boyd: long believed to have plus power upside in bat, but still developing; plus to plus-plus fielder; uncanny how gifted a natural hitter he is; well-earned reputation as more of a hitter than slugger, a distinction that could scare some teams off when projecting a first base bat; similar prospect in some ways to Christian Walker, but better physical projection, defense, athleticism, and power ceiling give him edge; 6-3, 200 pounds

2011: .351/.433/.563 – 38 BB/31 K – 245 AB
2012: .383/.448/.523 – 24 BB/19 K – 193 AB – 8/8 SB

3. 1B Ron Miller (Serra HS, California): great bat speed; above-average arm; plus raw righthanded pull-side power; pitch recognition to be watched; strong; 5-11, 215 pounds

4. 1B Khristian Brito (Quinones Medina HS, Puerto Rico): plus-plus raw power, but little else beyond that; does have a strong arm and better than you’d expect athleticism for his size; comparable to Keon Barnum, but has the edge in one key factor: age; 6-4, 230 pounds

5. 1B Keon Barnum (King HS, Florida): plus arm; plus power upside; Ryan Howard comp; solid defender; super strong; surprisingly athletic; compact swing; Jon Singleton comp; 6-4, 225 pounds; L/L

6. 1B Matt Olson (Parkview HS, Georgia): good power; no problems with big velocity; average arm; average defender; good swing; quick bat; body looks better; swing looks good; 89 FB; 6-4, 225 pounds

7. 1B Chris Shaw (Lexington HS, Massachusetts): easy raw power; strong arm; good athlete; decent runner; 6-4, 225 pounds

8. South Carolina JR 1B Christian Walker: power potential though still mostly to gaps, but driving it the alleys consistently enough that the overall power package might play despite the lack of home run pop; still a somewhat shaky defender, but has improved over years; like Jayce Boyd, Walker is a gifted natural hitter with a potential plus hit tool; can be too passive, but I appreciate patience, especially when it comes from a smart place (i.e. as the main power source in the Gamecocks lineup Walker knows he is being pitched around, so he’s not taking the bait and rolling over on soft junk away); far from a slam dunk future starting big league first baseman, but could be good value as a potential stopgap/platoon prospect later in the draft than his production warrants; 6-1, 220 pounds

2011: .347/.433/.539 – 38 BB/28 K – 271 AB
2012: .343/.473/.556 – 38 BB/16 K – 178 AB – 1/2 SB

9. Florida SR 1B Preston Tucker: plus power; good approach; stronger than you’d think hit tool; dead-pull hitter when it comes to hitting the ball out, but has shown increased ability to go the other way to the gaps and for singles; surprisingly competent corner outfielder, though likely will only see time in a spot other than first base in case of emergency in pro ball; his doubters raise fair points against him (bad body, limited projection, 1.5 tool player) but all he’s done now for years is hit – the bar for starting big league first basemen is sky high and, even though I’m a big fan, I don’t think Tucker quite meets the standard, but he’s earned the chance to get selected in the top ten rounds and sink or swim in pro ball; as a high profile slugger on one of college baseball’s most talented, and thus most heavily scouted, teams, Tucker has been talked about way too much to be called a sleeper, but he’s still worth mentioning as a potentially undervalued pick heading into the draft; 6-0, 220 pounds

2011: .329/.403/.584 – 30 BB/27 K – 286 AB
2012: .353/.437/.651 – 30 BB/24 K – 218 AB – 3/5 SB

10. Baylor JR 1B Max Muncy: line drive machine; solid power upside that has been upgraded as he’s added strength (15 pounds); average speed; good defender; great approach; athletic enough that he might work at 2B or OF, though now that he’s bulked up some a potential position switch might not be necessary/possible; Muncy won’t ever hit 30+ professional homers in a season, but could put together an overall package of skills (defense, speed, plate discipline) that make him a potential big league starter in time; 6-0, 205 pounds

2011: .308/.421/.498 – 39 BB/34 K – 227 AB
2012: .311/.421/.476 – 38 BB/24 K – 206 AB – 7/11 SB

11. 1B Austin Dean (Klein Collins HS, Texas): very interesting hit tool; good power; good enough athlete that 2B may be a realistic pro possibility; below-average arm strength; average speed; 6-1, 185 pounds

12. Washington State rJR 1B Taylor Ard: plus raw power; decent enough athlete who is underrated in this area by many; advanced approach; similar in some ways to Preston Tucker in that both players have been on the map for years and discounted as viable prospects for just as long, but just keep getting on base and hitting for power; 6-2, 225 pounds

2011: .316/.393/.551 – 19 BB/24 K – 196 AB
2012: .325/.402/.569 – 22 BB/20 K – 209 AB – 3/3 SB

13. 1B Dylan Cozens (Chaparral HS, Arizona): raw; big power upside; decent speed and good athleticism for big man; average arm; 6-6, 235 pounds; reminds me of Wallace Gonzalez from last year’s draft

14. Wichita State rJR 1B Johnny Coy: very quick bat; plus athlete; good speed for his size; strong arm; plus raw power potential, but has yet to really tap into it, strong 2012 season notwithstanding; too aggressive at plate, swings at too many bad balls with way too many swings and misses; a long shot to ever fulfill his once lofty promise, but the fact that he once had such promise is also what makes him so damn enticing still; life is too complicated to ever say a player should or shouldn’t have signed a pro contract from the outside looking in, but one has to wonder what type of career Coy could have had if he devoted himself full-time to professional ball out of high school; 6-7, 225 pounds

2011: .274/.344/.421 – 25 BB/52 K – 259 AB
2012: .335/.414/.553 – 31 BB/44 K – 206 AB – 0/0 SB

15. Southern Illinois rJR 1B Chris Serritella: despite longish swing, still shows good bat speed capable of hitting big velocity; when everything is working, his swing is one of the prettiest in amateur ball; plus power potential; above-average defender; strong arm; slow even by first baseman standards; strong hit tool; heard a scout compare him developmentally to current Diamondbacks 1B Paul Goldschmidt during his college days; recovered from broken hamate injury with little to no apparent loss in power; like almost every other player on this list, the road to a starting first base job is paved with obstacles – you never want to rule out players with his kind of raw power, but the most likely positive outcome is a bench bat/platoon player; 6-3, 200 pounds

2012: .384/.460/.653 – 33 BB/47 K – 216 AB – 3/3 SB

16. 1B Zach Ratcliff (Columbus Academy, Ohio): good athlete; solid speed; above-average power; 6-4, 225 pounds

17. Oregon State JR 1B Danny Hayes: makes the kind of consistent loud contact that has you thinking he was put on this planet to hit baseballs; doubles power with chance for more; has also seen time at 3B, where is generally regarded as below-average at the moment but could be pushed there if that’s the way his drafting team wants to go – I think allowing him to get healthy and focus on first base only could do wonders for his already potent bat; really tough player who deserves a lot of credit for playing through torn labrum in shoulder this year; 6-5, 200 pounds

2011: .286/.423/.443 – 32 BB/34 K – 140 AB
2012: .330/.488/.571 – 29 BB/17 K – 91 AB – 0/1 SB

18. Florida JR 1B Vickash Ramjit: one of the draft’s most underrated power sources – he hasn’t had the at bats to generate much draft discussion, but he’s made good use of his time on the field, showing plus power upside at the plate; good defender at first; like his teammate Preston Tucker, Ramjit can also play decent defense in the outfield corners; 6-5, 230 pounds

2011: .408/.451/.513 – 5 BB/13 K – 76 AB
2012: .313/.370/.510 – 9 BB/16 K – 96 AB – 2/4 SB

19. North Carolina JR 1B Cody Stubbs: good approach; love the easy power; can also hold his own in a corner outfield spot; has been on the scouting radar for years, first in high school, then Tennessee, then junior college, and finally in Chapel Hill, so those who have been fans have surely seen him enough to keep liking him, despite his disappointing junior season; full name: Roland Campbell Stubbs IV; 6-4, 215 pounds

2012: .256/.347/.398 – 24 BB/41 K – 211 AB – 6/7 SB

20. Birmingham-Southern JR 1B Bruce Maxwell: Division III superstar who put up video game numbers (below) in 2012; bat alone makes him a prospect; has hit since first day on campus; wasn’t alone in putting up big numbers on team, but its all relative – his year was in a different stratosphere compared to teammates; 6-3, 230 pounds

2012: .471/.619/.928 – 59 BB/11 K – 153 AB – 4/4 SB

21. Neosho County (KS) JC SO 1B Adam Giacalone: intriguing talent with a professional approach to hitting who is a better baseball player than he is a prospect at any one position – that isn’t meant to take away from his potential, which, if put in the right position on the field, is legitimate, but a comment on his versatility and positive attitude that allows him to succeed in multiple roles; plus arm; average hit tool; average power; above-average upside at 1B; 6-2, 215 pounds

2012: .396/.521/.754 – 45 BB/19 K – 187 AB – 2/3 SB

22. Jacksonville State SR 1B Ben Waldrip: big raw power; average arm; no other standout tools beyond bat – average at best glove, not particularly agile around bag, slow, but he can really hit; 6-6, 245 pounds

2011: .333/.404/.536 – 17 BB/35 K – 192 AB
2012: .318/.399/.662 – 20 BB/28 K – 201 AB – 1/2 SB

23. Central Florida rJR 1B DJ Hicks: ugly swing, but good bat speed and college production put him in the “if it ain’t broke…” category of young hitting prospects; his bat will be what carries him as his above-average hit tool (underrated, I think, and rare for such a big man) and plus power potential help him stand out in the crowd of college bats; plus arm strength; slow moving on bases and in the field; has shown promise on the mound with a fastball that sits 86-90 (92-94 peak), decent splitter, and slider with some promise; 6-5, 250 pounds

2011: .373/.449/.618 – 36 BB/47 K – 228 AB
2012: .325/.441/.547 – 49 BB/45 K – 203 AB – 0/0 SB

24. 1B Wade McNabb (Memorial Catholic HS, Indiana): good power upside; bat is best tool; defense a major question mark behind plate, so likely a first baseman professionally

25. 1B Matt Livingston (James Madison HS, Virginia): good defensive tools at first; power upside is there, but yet to be unlocked; 6-4, 200 pounds

26. Mississippi SR 1B Matt Snyder: mature approach pairs well with mature, physical, strong as an ox frame; well above-average raw power; average at best hit tool, but better than that of most college senior sign sluggers; below-average defender; below-average speed; 6-6, 215 pounds

2011: .301/.428/.517 – 29 BB/38 K – 176 AB
2012: .339/.410/.578 – 16 BB/26 K – 218 AB – 1/2 SB

27. Missouri State JR 1B Luke Voit: plus power upside; good athlete; strong arm; has ample experience catching, but defense behind the plate has always been a big question – scouts have waited around to see improvement, but it hasn’t come enough to have too many believing he’ll be able to catch full-time professionally, so 1B is likely his most frequent pro spot; could come back for one last year to polish defense behind plate, but has enough thump in bat to warrant mid-round consideration now; full name: Louis Linwood Voit III; 6-3, 225 pounds

2011: .296/.378/.448 – 23 BB/26 K – 203 AB
2012: .309/.376/.448 – 21 BB/37 K – 230 AB – 9/11 SB

28. Northeastern (CO) CC SO 1B Nick Miller: good defender; plus arm; above-average power with the chance to hit for average power and average contact ability; Nebraska transfer; 6-3, 200 pounds

2012: .433/.530/.671 – 32 BB – 164 AB – 0/0 SB

29. 1B Thomas Stallone (West Boca HS, Florida): good raw power

30. Azusa Pacific (CA) SR 1B Jordan Leyland: plus raw power; strong frame; has battled wrist injuries that have sapped power production in past; UC Irvine transfer; huge 2012 numbers must be viewed in proper context (team combined to hit .323/.400/.514 on season), but good bloodlines, experience, and power will get him drafted; 6-4, 235 pounds

2012: .419/.509/.802 – 41 BB/31 K – 222 AB – 8/10 SB

31. Kennesaw State SR 1B Andy Chriscaden: big power; too many swings and misses; not a great overall approach to hitting, but no questioning the power; decent speed; average at best glove; one of many bat-only (power-only, really) first base prospects in this year’s senior college class – where he goes will be determined on drafting team preference and/or an organizational need to get a power bat into the system as quick as possible; 6-4, 220 pounds

2011: .318/.402/.619 – 33 BB/48 K – 223 AB
2012: .338/.390/.605 – 18 BB/37 K – 195 AB – 0/0 SB

32. 1B Jeff Murray (Reynoldsburg HS, Ohio): big lefthanded power; strong arm

33. Louisville JR 1B Zak Wasserman: big raw power; long swing; strong arm; drills mistakes, but not sure how he’ll hold up when meatballs are fewer and farther in between; 6-6, 215 pounds

2011: .204/.292/.269 – 9 BB/14 K – 93 AB
2012: .301/.387/.472 – 12 BB/22 K – 123 AB – 1/1 SB

34. Texas State SR 1B Casey Kalenkosky: big raw power; could be tried behind plate once again in pros after college experiment flopped; slow; strong arm; not a great defender at 1B; will have to answer questions about big dip in production from junior to senior seasons; 6-0, 200 pounds

2011: .314/.396/.637 – 28 BB/49 K – 245 AB
2012: .235/.324/.432 – 24 BB/30 K – 183 AB – 0/1 SB

35. Utah Valley SR 1B Goose Kallunki: uses obvious physical strength to his advantage at plate, muscling balls out that other hitters might not be so lucky on; average arm; might just be athletic enough to play LF, but hardly an asset defensively in either spot; besides being a bat-only prospect, biggest concern is discrepancy between junior and senior statistics (below) – he made adjustments in the offseason, but also far to ask how much of his improvement was just a byproduct of beating up on younger competition; one of the draft’s few legit 80 names; 6-5, 240 pounds

2011: .243/.302/.333 – 20 BB/22 K – 222 AB
2012: .326/.394/.568 – 19 BB/25 K – 190 AB – 1/2 SB

36. St. Mary’s SR 1B Troy Channing: above-average raw power; lots of swings and misses, but, despite high career strikeout totals, a fairly patient, well-disciplined hitter; solid defender at first who has gotten a lot better over the years; not a body with much projection; looked like a potential statistical darling after first two college seasons, but numbers fell off a cliff from end of sophomore year onward; haven’t heard any recent reports on arm strength, but am intrigued with the idea of a potential conversion to catching; 6-0, 215 pounds

2011: .274/.368/.438 – 25 BB/50 K – 201 AB
2012: .413/.467/.569 – 8 BB/21 K – 109 AB – 0/2 SB

37. Georgia Tech SR 1B Jake Davies: above-average raw power to all fields who has emerged as a solid college middle of the order bat over the years; reminiscent of a slightly more talented version of Virginia 1B Jared King; also profiles as a pitchability lefthander with an upper-80s FB, good SL, emerging CU, and occasional CB; 6-0, 225 pounds

2011: .360/.432/.500 – 31 BB/45 K – 222 AB
2012: .329/.404/.533 – 25 BB/19 K – 210 AB – 0/1 SB

38. Arizona State SR 1B Abe Ruiz: good present power – can really hammer average fastballs, but has big trouble with anything else; average defender; has hit for nice power in three out of four college seasons, but questionable hit tool and substandard approach leave much to be desired; 6-3, 240 pounds

2012: .302/.389/.598 – 22 BB/30 K – 189 AB – 0/0 SB

39. Samford SR 1B Saxon Butler: unheralded junior college transfer who has hit a ton since getting to campus; above-average present power; not a lot of projection nor is there much to his game outside of the batter’s box, but should be quality pro hitter; 6-2, 225 pounds

2011: .355/.436/.588 – 27 BB/31 K – 228 AB
2012: .352/.443/.596 – 28 BB/35 K – 230 AB – 1/1 SB

40. Cal State Fullerton JR 1B Carlos Lopez: has worked his tail off to return from torn ACL in high school; uses both gaps consistently; natural born hitter; average speed that plays up due to great baseball instincts; Lopez is not a prototypical slugging first base prospect, but it’s not as if he’s had a prototypical path to this point, either; if a team thinks he can play an outfield corner, his value gets a boost; turns 23 in July, so he’ll have to hit right off the bat if he wants to have any shot going forward; 6-2, 220 pounds

2011: .329/.389/.468 – 16 BB/11 K – 158 AB
2012: .332/.414/.444 – 28 BB/19 K – 196 AB – 5/6 SB

41. UNC-Wilmington JR 1B Hunter Ridge: gap power; steady defender in an outfield corner despite lack of foot speed, but likely a 1B long-term; young college junior who still hasn’t shown all he can do – i.e. more upside than most mid- to late-round picks of his ilk; 6-0, 215 pounds

2011: .371/.449/.561 – 32 BB/26 K – 237 AB
2012: .343/.434/.460 – 32 BB/29 K – 213 AB – 3/8 SB

42. Chipola (FL) JC SO 1B Jordan Poole: big power; too many swings and misses; not really a fit defensively anywhere, but can at least hold his own at first; transfer from Mississippi; 6-3, 215 pounds

2012: .340/.425/.573 – 21 BB – 150 AB – 3/3 SB

43. 1B Cole Miller (Darlington HS, Georgia): good power; good approach; 6-4, 225 pounds

44. Texas A&M SR 1B Jacob House: average at best power, mostly to gaps; plus defender; 6-3, 190 pounds

2011: .298/.352/.404 – 24 BB/41 K – 272 AB
2012: .303/.372/.471 – 19 BB/30 K – 208 AB – 10/13 SB

45. Arkansas SR 1B Sam Bates: decent lefthanded pop; can also play in the outfield corners; one of the stronger players in senior class; 6-5, 230 pounds

2011: .237/.352/.339 – 11 BB/20 K – 59 AB
2012: .242/.340/.435 – 17 BB/32 K – 124 AB – 3/3 SB

46. Cumberland (TN)  SR 1B Mike Mandarino: big raw power; average defender; 6-1, 210 pounds

2012: .330/.432/.654 – 26 BB/25 K – 185 AB – 1/1 SB

47. Virginia rJR 1B Jared King: good organizational depth for a team in need of a professional-quality hitter with a patient approach and solid punch at the lower levels; 6-0, 205 pounds

2011: .339/.430/.479 – 25 BB/46 K – 165 AB
2012: .306/.457/.503 – 49 BB/37 K – 183 AB – 13/19 SB

48. Coastal Carolina rSR 1B Rich Witten: good defender at first; can also play passably at both 3B and C; will be 24 about a month after the draft; 6-1, 200 pounds

2011: .309/.388/.472 – 24 BB/28 K – 233 AB
2012: .342/.444/.467 – 29 BB/18 K – 184 AB – 8/11 SB

49. Longwood JR 1B Justin Lacy: too many empty swings, but can give it a ride when he makes contact; has actually improved in that area (contact) in 2012; good defender with soft hands and at least an average arm; experienced player who has started from Day 1 on campus and shown well during summer wood bat leagues; looks like a solid org bat with a better than even chance he’ll return to school in 2013; 6-2, 215 pounds

2011: .309/.354/.470 – 10 BB/29 K – 181 AB
2012: .370/.458/.532 – 24 BB/34 K – 173 AB – 0/0 SB

50. Oklahoma JR 1B Drew Harrison: limited at bats in 2012, but has shown significant raw power before; 6-4, 255 pounds

51. Wake Forest JR 1B Matt Conway: plus power upside; solid approach; potential plus bat; strong arm; injury early in season puts his draft status in doubt – seen as many as likely to return to Wake Forest in 2013 as redshirt-junior; 6-7, 225 pounds

2011: .272/.361/.451 – 27 BB/31 K – 195 AB

52. 1B Ryan Ripkin (Gilman HS, Maryland): outstanding defender; strong arm; holds hands way back in swing setup allowing him to spray line drives all over the field after letting balls get in deep; was able to catch him in action this past year and came away much more impressed than I had expected going in – he’s much more than Cal’s son and anybody claiming he’s only a well-known draft prospect because of his day is doing him a disservice; like I said about Trevor Gretzky last year, I think Ryan Ripkin would be considered a better prospect by many if is name was Ryan Smith; 6-5, 200 pounds

53. Ouachita Baptist (AR) SR 1B Brock Green: gap power now, average power upside; has experience at 3B, but a potential plus glove at first; 6-2, 200 pounds

2012: .312/.410/.489 – 29 BB/25 K – 186 AB – 5/6 SB

54. Embry-Riddle (FL) rJR 1B Matt Skipper: plus raw power; great approach to hitting, very patient; holes in swing; slow; poor present defender, but athletic enough to be average if allowed to continue to get reps and figure it out; once peaked at mid-90s with FB as RHP, but Tommy John had him out for all of 2011 and his return to the mound is still in question; after down season (below) at the plate, a return to pitching may be his only hope in professional baseball; 6-9, 250 pounds

2012: .236/.364/.319 – 12 BB/14 K – 72 AB – 0/0 SB

55. Miami (Ohio) JR 1B Kevin Bower: above-average lefty power; average at best defender; 6-4, 215 pounds

2011: .255/.305/.356 – 12 BB/41 K – 149 AB
2012: .350/.414/.465 – 24 BB/37 K – 200 AB – 0/1 SB

56. Washington State rSO 1B Adam Nelubowich (2012): pretty swing with good bat speed results in above-average raw power projection; average runner; average defender; likely another year away (at least) due to redshirt-sophomore status, prep background (he’s from Edmonton), and limited college at bats to this point, but a nice little sleeper name to store away for 2013 and beyond; 6-2, 185 pounds

2011: .221/.265/.312 – 3 BB/18 K – 77 AB
2012: .249/.309/.379 – 13 BB/31 K – 169 AB – 3/4 SB

57. Auburn JR 1B Garrett Cooper: plus defender with the size and strength to hopefully grow into more power; 6-6, 225 pounds

2012: .324/.422/.462 – 18 BB/29 K – 173 AB – 1/1 SB

58. Kent State JR 1B Jason Bagoly: physical strength has led to good power; strong arm; has experience behind the plate but was reliably told that he is “not a good catcher”; 6-4, 235 pounds

2011: .237/.308/.342 – 10 BB/31 K – 114 AB
2012: .261/.323/.455 – 6 BB/21 K – 88 AB – 0/1 SB

59. Toledo SR 1B Mark Lapikas: solid power upside; average speed; good arm; good athlete; 6-3, 210 pounds

2011: .281/.369/.493 – 19 BB/32 K – 146 AB
2012: .264/.361/.447 – 30 BB/49 K – 197 AB – 3/7 SB

60. Marshall JR 1B Nathan Gomez: intriguing hit tool with good loft in swing; 6-3, 200 pounds

2011: .252/.384/.387 – 24 BB/32 K – 119 AB
2012: .320/.414/.447 – 29 BB/34 K – 206 AB – 0/0 SB

61. Southern Mississippi JR 1B Blake Brown: good power due to physically mature, strong build and good bat speed; 6-5, 215 pounds

2012: .270/.380/.454 – 28 BB/60 K – 185 AB – 1/2 SB

62. Cal State Los Angeles rJR 1B James Wharton: because every draft needs a decent first base prospect who is also a swine flu survivor; 6-3, 215 pounds

2012: .305/.415/.512 – 26 BB/23 K – 164 AB – 1/4 SB

63. South Carolina-Aiken SO 1B Bill Gerstenslager: big guy with big power upside, but didn’t put up the dominating season many expected; his numbers (below) were fine, but they are less impressive when viewed in the proper context – he finished the year below team averages across the board (AVG/OBP/SLG); 6-6, 230 pounds

2012: .307/.375/.455 – 21 BB/34 K – 202 AB – 2/3 SB

64. Northwestern SR 1B Paul Snieder: interesting power upside; skilled defender; plus arm that is good enough for him to have some experience on the mound; cratered out from a performance perspective in 2012 after a strong 2011 season, so he’ll have to home that a team picking late had an area guy who saw him on his best days in ’11; 6-2, 220 pounds

2011: .330/.417/.500 – 26 BB/36 K – 176 AB
2012: .222/.309/.335 – 27 BB/50 K – 212 AB – 0/1 SB

65. UC Irvine SR 1B Jordan Fox: steady stream of line drives makes him an entertaining college hitter to watch; good defender; has the bat control and high contact rate to hit second, but that’s not exactly what pro teams want out of their first baseman; teams often don’t put too much stock in first base prospects who measure up at 5-9, 160 pounds

2011: .333/.411/.382 – 12 BB/6 K – 186 AB
2012: .318/.400/.410 – 13 BB/17 K – 195 AB – 10/14 SB

66. Valparaiso rSR 1B Will Hagel: excellent defender, but bat is too light to make it as a first baseman in professional baseball; 5-11, 185 pounds

2011: .303/.350/.398 – 18 BB/30 K – 201 AB
2012: .293/.363/.392 – 24 BB/26 K – 222 AB – 0/1 SB

67. Alcorn State SR 1B Eduardo Gonzalez: more hitter than slugger, despite being a physically imposing presence; power upside is currently limited due to swing; 6-3, 210 pounds

2011: .289/.365/.431 – 22 BB/18 K – 218 AB
2012: .274/.333/.456 – 14 BB/24 K – 215 AB – 7/9 SB

68. Kansas SR 1B Chris Manship: wild swinger who hasn’t shown the in-game power to warrant such a poor approach; included mostly because he has experience behind plate, so the ever so slight possibility that a team will want to bring him in for his potential defensive versatility exists; also worth noting he has hit better with wood in the past, but, again, his undisciplined approach doesn’t help him profile as a legit prospect in any way with the bat; 6-2, 225 pounds

2011: .241/.312/.339 – 11 BB/37 K – 112 AB
2012: .262/.313/.377 – 7 BB/31 K – 122 AB – 0/1 SB

69. Wofford SR 1B Konstantine Diamaduros: promising hit tool, but hasn’t produced; has played some OF, but likely limited to 1B professionally; slow but smart runner; iffy arm; smart man: favorite listed TV show is “Workaholics”; 6-1, 200 pounds

2011: .332/.382/.415 – 18 BB/22 K – 217 AB
2012: .237/.308/.384 – 20 BB/35 K – 211 AB – 6/9 SB

Stats updated: 5/14/12



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