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AQ Conference Follow List: 2012 MLB Draft Third Basemen

Shaffer is the pretty easy pick at the top, but I could see 10 different teams having 10 different players ranked in the second spot on their preference lists. I like Reynolds over Piscotty and St. Mary’s Patrick Wisdom (not listed below), but could see the argument for any from that group. Other names off the beaten path who deserve consideration near the top include Southwest Missouri State SR Trenton Moses (productive, strong, big raw power, questionable defender), TCU rJR Jantzen Witte (plus glove, emerging bat, recently returned from injury), Manhattanville JR Dan Fiorito (similar strengths to Moses, but better defensive tools), and the Louisburg JC duo of Zach Houchins and Steve Nyisztor, covered briefly here earlier in the season. Also discussed was Central Arizona JC FR Fernando Perez, another juco player who has played well enough to warrant top five round consideration. All told, this isn’t a particularly inspiring class (if you said that no current college third baseman will ever play consistent innings at the position in the big leagues, I couldn’t really argue), but there are enough interesting names to keep us engaged over the next few weeks.

  • Alabama JR 3B Brett Booth
  • Arizona JR 3B Seth Mejias-Brean
  • Arkansas JR 3B Matt Reynolds
  • Auburn SR 3B Creede Simpson
  • Baylor JR 3B Jake Miller
  • Baylor JR 3B Cal Towey
  • Boston College SR 3B Anthony Melchionda
  • California JR 3B Mitch Delfino
  • Connecticut SR 3B Ryan Fuller
  • Connecticut SR 3B Tim Martin
  • Clemson JR 3B Richie Shaffer
  • Florida State SR 3B Sherman Johnson
  • Georgia JR 3B Curt Powell
  • Georgia SR 3B Colby May
  • Illinois rSO 3B Jordan Parr
  • Kansas SR 3B Zac Elgie
  • Kentucky SR 3B Thomas McCarthy
  • Maryland SR 3B Tomo Delp
  • Miami JR 3B Michael Broad
  • Mississippi JR 3B Andrew Mistone
  • Missouri SR 3B Connor Mach
  • NC State JR 3B Danny Canela
  • NC State SR 3B Andrew Ciencin
  • Oklahoma JR 3B Garrett Carey
  • Oklahoma State SR 3B Mark Ginther
  • Penn State SR 3B Jordan Steranka
  • Purdue JR 3B Cameron Perkins
  • South Carolina JR 3B LB Dantzler
  • Stanford JR 3B Stephen Piscotty
  • Stanford JR 3B Eric Smith
  • Texas A&M SR 3B Matt Juengel
  • Texas SR 3B Kevin Lusson
  • UCLA JR 3B Cody Regis
  • Wake Forest SR 3B Carlos Lopez
  • Washington JR 3B Jake Lamb
  • West Virginia rSR 3B Dan DiBartolomeo

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