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2012 MLB Draft: SEC Pitchers to Know

A few names were covered last Friday, but a list like this deserves more explanation. Off the top, I need to confess that finding a way to reconcile what to do with pitchers who profile as starters (three pitches and repeatable mechanics being the first two things that need to be checked off) versus pitchers who are almost certainly confined to bullpen roles from now until eternity.

That’s a big part of what gives Selman the edge over a few safer, arguably more presently talented arms like Sanburn, Price, Gardeck, and Maddox. Selman’s bad start has me nervous, but it isn’t like he is struggling due to a lack of stuff. With Selman, you know both below-average present command and control are what has kept him from becoming a big-time prospect. For better or worse, and right now we’re seeing that worse at its worst, that’s part of the deal. Sanburn is probably the most justifiable choice as the conference’s second best pitching arm, but it kills me that Arkansas hasn’t given him the chance to start. I get where they are coming from — the Razorbacks have a loaded pitching class that will heard from early and often in each of the next three draft years — but, man, I’d love to have a better idea how Sanburn’s stuff would play across longer outings. He’s got a deep enough arsenal of pitches — fastball, change, slider, and curve — and a consistent enough delivery to transition well to the rotation in theory. Price could also start professionally, and recent rumblings have some scouts who have seen Maddox this year thinking he could be tried in a rotation in the pros. Gardeck is the only sure-fire reliever of the quartet, but the fact that the other three pitchers have questions about their long-term role causes just enough hesitation for me that I can’t put any of them over a classic starting pitching type like Selman. Of course, Selman’s inability to throw consistent strikes could keep him from ever amounting to anything, so…

I might be a little nuts to include Derrick Bleeker at all, but arm strength like his can’t be ignored. I already covered the similarities between Randall and Palazzone, so it should be no surprise to see the two so tightly bunched on the rankings. You could probably lump Godley in with those two, but I just plain like his stuff (mostly his cutter and mid-70s curve) better. From Clinard onward, the list is almost all reliever, all the time. The only potential exceptions that I see are Westmoreland, Bourgeois, Boling (if healthy, but that’s a big if), and maybe Blount. From Fant to the end, the odds of each player getting popped goes down, down, down. The ones most likely to find a home on draft day are those that excel in one particular area: Smith with his sinker, Watson with good lefty velocity, and Wallen with a sidearm delivery that makes life tough on righthanded hitters. Belcher (missed 2011 season) and Wolfe (has/will miss 2012 season) got tacked on to the end despite the fact that both has serious questions to answer about their health going forward. Belcher was also included because I’d like very much for Milwaukee to spend their 50th round pick on him this year.

  1. Louisiana State SO RHP Kevin Gausman
  2. Vanderbilt JR LHP Sam Selman
  3. Arkansas SO RHP Nolan Sanburn
  4. South Carolina rJR RHP Matt Price
  5. Georgia rSO LHP Alex Wood
  6. Kentucky JR LHP Taylor Rogers
  7. Alabama JR RHP Ian Gardeck
  8. Florida JR RHP Austin Maddox
  9. Mississippi State JR RHP Chris Stratton
  10. Arkansas JR RHP DJ Baxendale
  11. Florida JR LHP Steven Rodriguez
  12. Kentucky JR LHP Jerad Grundy
  13. Tennessee JR RHP Zack Godley
  14. Florida JR RHP Hudson Randall
  15. Georgia SR RHP Michael Palazzone
  16. Vanderbilt rJR RHP Will Clinard
  17. Kentucky JR RHP Chris Garrison
  18. Arkansas JR RHP Derrick Bleeker
  19. South Carolina JR RHP Ethan Carter
  20. Mississippi JR RHP Brett Huber
  21. Arkansas rJR LHP Trent Daniel
  22. Georgia JR RHP Tyler Maloof
  23. Mississippi rSR RHP RJ Hively
  24. Florida SR RHP Greg Larson
  25. South Carolina JR LHP Adam Westmoreland
  26. South Carolina SR LHP Michael Roth
  27. South Carolina JR RHP Colby Holmes
  28. Louisiana State JR RHP Joey Bourgeois
  29. Mississippi State rSO RHP Ben Bracewell
  30. Louisiana State JR RHP Nick Goody
  31. Vanderbilt JR RHP Drew Verhagen
  32. Georgia JR LHP Patrick Boling
  33. Tennessee JR RHP Nicholas Blount
  34. Mississippi State JR LHP Nick Routt
  35. Arkansas JR LHP Randall Fant
  36. Vanderbilt rSO LHP Keenan Kolinsky
  37. Auburn SR RHP Derek Varnadore
  38. South Carolina JR LHP Tyler Webb
  39. Auburn JR RHP Slade Smith
  40. Mississippi State rSO LHP CC Watson
  41. Georgia JR LHP Blake Dieterich
  42. Auburn SR RHP Ethan Wallen
  43. Mississippi JR LHP Dylan Chavez
  44. South Carolina SR LHP Logan Munson
  45. Auburn SR LHP Cory Luckie
  46. Mississippi State SR RHP Caleb Reed
  47. Arkansas JR LHP Cade Lynch
  48. Auburn SR RHP Jon Luke Jacobs
  49. Kentucky SR LHP Alex Phillips
  50. Alabama JR RHP Trey Pilkington
  51. Georgia JR RHP Bryan Benzor
  52. Mississippi State JR LHP Luis Pollorena
  53. Mississippi State JR LHP Chad Girodo
  54. Kentucky JR RHP Walter Wijas
  55. Mississippi State JR RHP Kendall Graveman
  56. Alabama JR RHP Tucker Hawley
  57. Louisiana State JR RHP Kevin Berry
  58. Georgia SR LHP Chase Hawkins
  59. South Carolina JR LHP Nolan Belcher
  60. Alabama JR LHP Taylor Wolfe

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