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2012 MLB Draft: Who Will Be Drafted? Big East Edition

The Big East had 40 players drafted in last year’s draft. Don’t be thrown off by the incorrect headline (“BIG EAST Sets Record with 41 Players Taken in MLB First-Year Player Draft”) like I was. I counted, and it’s definitely 40. It will be an uphill battle to reach that number in 2012. Below are 35 names that I’m feeling fairly confident will be in the mix this June. Don’t think there are any super controversial names on the list, but flame away if there is anybody you think should be there that isn’t or shouldn’t be there that is.


Notre Dame JR C Joe Hudson

Connecticut rSR C Joe Pavone

First Basemen

South Florida SR 1B/OF Todd Brazeal

Second Basemen

Connecticut JR 2B LJ Mazzilli

St. John’s SR 2B/SS Matt Wessinger


Maybe in 2013…

Third Basemen

Connecticut SR 3B Ryan Fuller


St. John’s JR OF Jeremy Baltz

St. John’s rSO OF Kevin Grove

Georgetown SR OF Rand Ravnaas

Connecticut rJR OF Billy Ferriter

Louisville SR OF Stewart Ijames

West Virginia JR OF Brady Wilson


St. John’s JR RHP Kyle Hansen

St. John’s JR RHP Matt Carasiti

Louisville JR RHP Matt Koch

Louisville JR RHP Justin Amlung

Louisville JR RHP Andy Flett

Rutgers rSO RHP Charlie Law

Seton Hall JR RHP Ryan Harvey

St. John’s JR RHP Jerome Werniuk

St. John’s JR RHP Anthony Cervone

Cincinnati JR RHP Zach Isler

Seton Hall JR RHP Frank Morris

Connecticut SR RHP David Fischer

Rutgers JR LHP Rob Smorol

Louisville SR RHP Travis Tingle

South Florida SR LHP Andrew Barbosa

Louisville SO RHP Chad Green

Connecticut JR RHP Ryan Moore

Louisville SR RHP Derek Self

South Florida rSO RHP Ray Delphey

Connecticut SR RHP Scott Oberg

South Florida rSR RHP Derrick Stultz

South Florida rSO RHP Austin Adams

South Florida JR RHP Joe Lovecchio

And here are some other names (17 to be exact) to stored away somewhere deep in the recesses of your baseball loving brains…


Cincinnati SR C/OF Braden Kline

First Basemen

Louisville JR 1B/LHP Zak Wasserman

Second Basemen

Cincinnati SR 2B TJ Jones


Villanova SR SS Marlon Calbi

Third Basemen

West Virginia rSR 3B Dan DiBartolomeo


South Florida rJR OF Alex Mendez

Cincinnati JR OF Jake Proctor

West Virginia rSO OF Matt Frazer


Notre Dame SR LHP Joe Spano

Rutgers JR LHP Rob Corsi

Connecticut JR RHP Pat Butler

Rutgers RHP Tyler Gebler

St. John’s SR RHP Kevin Kilpatrick

Notre Dame SR LHP Steve Sabatino

Notre Dame JR RHP Pat Veerkamp

St. John’s JR LHP Sean Hagan

Seton Hall JR RHP Jon Prosinski


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