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2012 MLB Draft: Who Will Be Drafted? ACC Edition

If you play baseball in the ACC and I think you are likely to get drafted, then congratulations (!!!) because today you’ve made some random internet baseball hack’s 2012 MLB Draft Draftable Talent List! Last year the ACC had 58 players drafted and, as the link points out, the conference has had over 50 players (excuse me, student-athletes) selected in six straight years. Before putting together my list, I mentally put the over/under number at 55.5 ACC players being drafted in 2012. Wouldn’t you know I came up just barely over the over with 56 names? (EDIT: 57 names. Forgot Kyle Wren was eligible as a sophomore. Game changer.) That’s some great fictional odds-making hustle right there. This list isn’t my favorite because I was stuck in between wanting to do two different things. The names are supposed to represent who I think will be drafted this June (so the focus should be on what the experts/insiders/industry types think), but there’s also plenty of my typical off the wall brand of personal preferences scattered throughout. To take a random example right off the top: Michael Morin is third on the pitching list because I personally love him, but the odds of real life baseball executives “agreeing” with me and picking him over guys like Branden Kline and Kevin Brady are not so good. Because I split the difference between the two list-making ideologies, I’ll plainly admit this list isn’t quite what it could be. But, worst case scenario, if all we’re left with is a list of really good prospects to watch in the ACC, then that’s worth something, right?


Duke JR RHP Marcus Stroman

Georgia Tech JR RHP Buck Farmer

North Carolina JR RHP Michael Morin

Virginia JR RHP Branden Kline

Clemson JR RHP Kevin Brady

Clemson JR RHP Dominic Leone

Clemson JR RHP Scott Firth

Miami JR RHP EJ Encinosa

Georgia Tech JR RHP Luke Bard

North Carolina JR LHP RC Orlan

Miami JR RHP Eric Whaley

Virginia Tech JR RHP Patrick Scoggin

Wake Forest JR LHP Tim Cooney

Miami JR LHP Steven Ewing

Virginia SR LHP Scott Silverstein

North Carolina JR RHP Chris Munnelly

North Carolina JR RHP Cody Penny

Miami JR RHP Eric Nedeljkovic

Florida State SR RHP Hunter Scantling

Wake Forest rJR RHP Daniel Marrs

Clemson rJR LHP Joseph Moorefield

Miami SR LHP Eric Erickson

Clemson rSO RHP Mike Kent

Virginia Tech JR RHP Joe Mantiply

Virginia JR RHP Whit Mayberry

Maryland SR RHP Sander Beck

Maryland SR RHP Brett Harman


Miami SR C Peter O’Brien

North Carolina SR C Jacob Stallings

Duke JR C Jeff Kremer

Virginia Tech rSO C Chad Morgan

Clemson JR C Spencer Kieboom

First Basemen

Clemson JR 1B Richie Shaffer

Florida State JR 1B Jayce Boyd

North Carolina JR 1B/OF Cody Stubbs

Georgia Tech SR 1B/LHP Jake Davies

Virginia Tech rJR 1B/OF Andrew Rash

Wake Forest JR 1B/LHP Matt Conway

Second Basemen

Florida State JR 2B Devon Travis

North Carolina JR 2B/SS Tommy Coyle


Virginia JR SS Stephen Bruno

Miami JR SS Stephen Perez

Florida State JR SS Justin Gonzalez

Virginia JR SS Chris Taylor

Virginia JR SS/OF Reed Gragnani

Third Basemen

NC State JR 3B/C Danny Canela


Georgia Tech SO OF Kyle Wren

Georgia Tech JR OF Brandon Thomas

Florida State SR OF James Ramsey

Wake Forest JR OF/RHP Mac Williamson

North Carolina JR OF Chaz Frank

Virginia Tech rSO OF Tyler Horan

Miami SR OF Rony Rodriguez

NC State JR OF Tarran Senay

Miami JR OF Chantz Mack

Clemson SR OF Brad Felder

NC State SR OF Brett Williams

For anybody who scrolled down this far, a special treat: 64 more names worthy of consideration for this upcoming draft. These guys are on the bubble for a variety of reasons, but still worth keeping in mind. It is a fun mix of tools-oriented players waiting on a breakout, steady college guys who offer minimal pro projection yet keep producing, and one-time prospects coming off of injury. Here we go…


Wake Forest SR RHP Michael Dimock

Virginia JR RHP Joel Effertz

Duke SR RHP David Putnam

North Carolina SR RHP Jimmy Messer

NC State JR RHP Chris Overman

Duke JR RHP Chase Bebout

Wake Forest JR LHP Brian Holmes

NC State JR RHP Ethan Ogburn

Virginia SR RHP Justin Thompson

NC State JR RHP Danny Healey

Virginia Tech rSR RHP Marc Zecchino

Wake Forest JR RHP Justin Van Grouw

Virginia Tech JR RHP Clark Labitan

NC State rSR RHP Gary Gillheeney

Florida State SR RHP Adam Simmons

Florida State JR RHP Robert Benincasa

Wake Forest JR LHP Niko Spezial

NC State JR RHP Ryan Wilkins

Boston College rSO RHP Matt Alvarez

Wake Forest SR RHP Gabe Feldman

Clemson JR RHP Jonathan Meyer

Florida State SR LHP Brian Busch

Virginia Tech JR RHP Jake Joyce

Clemson SR RHP David Haselden

Maryland SR RHP Michael Boyden

Wake Forest SR LHP Zach White

Florida State JR RHP Scott Sitz

Boston College SR RHP Kyle Prohovich


Wake Forest JR C Brett Armour

Clemson SR C Phil Pohl

Miami JR C Alex San Juan

Florida State rSO C Stephen McGee

Virginia JR C Chace Mitchell

First Basemen

Virginia SR 1B Jared King

Miami JR 1B Cade Kreuter

Virginia Tech SR 1B/RHP Ronnie Shaban

Second Basemen

Georgia Tech SR 2B Conner Winn

Virginia SR 2B Keith Werman

Georgia Tech JR 2B Sam Dove

Wake Forest JR 2B Mark Rhine

Clemson SR 3B/SS Jason Stolz

Maryland SR SS/2B Ryan Holland


Wake Forest JR SS Pat Blair

NC State JR SS Matt Bergquist

NC State JR SS Chris Diaz

Maryland SR SS Alfredo Rodriguez

Third Baseman

Maryland SR 3B Tomo Delp

Miami JR 3B/2B Michael Broad

Florid State SR 3B Sherman Johnson

Wake Forest SR 3B/OF Carlos Lopez

Boston College SR 3B Anthony Melchionda

NC State SR 3B/2B Andrew Ciencin


Georgia Tech SR OF Jarrett Didrick

NC State rSR OF Ryan Mathews

Clemson JR OF Thomas Brittle

Duke SR OF Will Piwnica-Worms

NC State SR OF John Gianis

Virginia JR OF/INF Colin Harrington

Virginia Tech SR OF/LHP Jake Atwell

Boston College JR OF Matt McGovern

Florida State JR OF Seth Miller

Boston College SR OF Andrew Lawrence

Maryland JR OF Jordan Hagel

Maryland SR OF/LHP Korey Wacker


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