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Final 2011 MLB Draft High School Outfielder Rankings

1. OF Bubba Starling (Gardner-Edgerton HS, Kansas)

[plus speed; really good bat speed; patient approach; plus raw power; 88-93 FB; very good 73-76 CB that could be plus in time; 6-4, 180; plus CF range; hit tool is legit; everything you’d look for in a prep player, including rapid improvement in last year]

2. OF Josh Bell (Jesuit College Prep School, Texas)

[two most common comps: Dom Brown and Cliff Floyd; good arm for center, but not a prototypical RF arm; good range in CF but probably won’t stick; really mature approach; swing is short and sweet, but has physical strength to hit for big power; born to swing the bat; 6-3, 195]

3. OF Brandon Nimmo (Cheyenne East HS, Wyoming)

[good athlete; above-average arm well suited for RF; above-average speed would work in CF; good approach; gifted natural hitter; gap power; 6-3, 185]

4. OF Granden Goetzman (Palmetto HS, Florida)

[plus speed; plus raw power; arm enough for 3B or RF; raw; lots of range in CF; bat is raw, but quick; huge upside gamble; 6-3, 200]

5. OF Senquez Golson (Pascaagoula HS, Mississippi)

[great athlete; plus-plus speed; plus defensive upside in CF; strong arm; Jared Mitchell comp; quick bat; above-average raw power; 6-0, 180]

6. OF Carl Thomore (East Brunswick HS, New Jersey)

[above-average speed; shows all five tools; above-average power; plus bat speed; above-average arm; personal favorite]

7. OF Roman Quinn (Port St. Joe HS, Florida)

[crazy plus-plus (80) speed; quick bat; strong arm; gap power; like him a lot; tremendous range in CF; 5-10, 165]

8. OF Derek Fisher (Cedar Crest HS, Pennsylvania)

[plus speed; solid arm; good athlete; good bat; RF arm; huge raw power; too much swing and miss; too aggressive; 6-3, 210]

9. OF Williams Jerez (Grand Street HS, New York)

[plus athlete; good speed, but might not have instincts for CF; plus arm; extremely raw; average raw power; 6-4, 190]

10. OF Ben Roberts (Missoula Sentinel HS, Montana)

[plus speed; plus arm; CF defense; 6-4, 200 pounds]

11. OF Dwight Smith (McIntosh HS, Georgia)

[very quick bat; natural hitter; good approach; above-average speed; below-average arm; seen as a bat only prospect by most; 5-9]

12. OF Larry Greene (Berrien HS, Georgia)

[really good raw power; good athlete; strong defender, but arm limits him to LF]

13. OF Mason Robbins (George County HS, Mississippi)

[well-rounded five-tool player with no standout tool; underrated  arm; average speed; interesting gap power that has plus upside; fantastic approach; likely LF in pros; better athlete than given credit]

14. OF Billy Flamion (Central Catholic HS, California)

[plus bat speed; special sound; plus lefthanded pull power; above-average arm; average speed; average range in corner, likely LF; good athlete; lots of swing and miss]

15. OF James Harris (Oakland Technical HS, California)

[plus-plus range in CF; plus runner; plus athlete; limited raw power; bat has a long way to go; iffy arm; classic leadoff hitter approach]

16. OF Josh Tobias (Southeast Guilford HS, North Carolina)

[above-average to plus-plus speed; very strong; plus raw power; leadoff profile; ability to stick in CF will make or break him]

17. OF Sean Trent (Bishop Moore Catholic HS, Florida)

[strong to plus arm ready for RF; natural hitter; could be tried anywhere defensively including C and 3B; good enough speed for outfield corner]

18. OF Shawon Dunston (Valley Christian HS, California)

[plus athlete; plus speed; plus range; iffy arm; limited power, but has shown more pop to gaps this spring; super raw]

19. OF Charles Tilson (New Trier HS, Illinois)

[plus-plus speed, but that may be overstated; good range; strong hit tool; good arm; 6-0, 175]

20. OF Tyler Gibson (Stratford Academy, Georgia)

[plus raw power; could be stuck in LF; solid speed; pro body; pretty swing]

21. OF John Norwood (Seton Hall Prep HS, New Jersey)

[plus speed; good bat speed; potential plus defender; not a lot of power; average bat; strong arm; great athlete; 6-2, 190]

22. OF Gabriel Rosa (International Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico)

[good raw power; good speed; average arm; swing is a mess; may or may not stick in CF as converted SS]

23. OF Michael Reed (Leander HS, Texas)

[strong; plus arm; average speed; raw bat; shows all five tools]

24. OF Jo-El Bennett (Houston Academy, Alabama)

[plus range in corner, solid in CF; good arm; plus athlete; good speed; plus bat speed; plus-plus first name]

25. OF Dakota Smith (Lansing HS, Kansas)

[good athlete; plus runner; low-90s FB; plus arm; good power; 5-11, 175]

26. OF Aaron Brown (Chatsworth HS, California)

[good speed; good athlete; some power upside; big arm; average in corner spot; 6-1, 205]

27. OF Eric Snyder (Edison HS, California)

[leadoff man profile; very good defensively; strong UCLA commit; good on the bases; very intriguing hit tool; 5-11, 155]

28. OF Richard Prigatano (St. Francis HS, California)

[above-average hit tool; above-average raw power; average speed; good arm; average range in corner]

29. OF Michael Conforto (Redmond HS, Washington)

[bat and power will carry him because no other tool is above-average]

30. OF Nigel Nootbaar (El Segundo HS, California):

[good speed; plus arm; 88 FB; 74 CB; 81 CU; 6-3, 190]



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