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Final 2011 MLB Draft College Outfielder Rankings

Time is at a premium, so we’re moving from real life written paragraphs to quick reformatted edits of my notes…

1. Connecticut JR OF George Springer

[lethal power/speed combo; electric bat speed; above-average to plus arm; above-average to plus speed; great athlete; should be plus defender in RF, chance to be above-average in CF; above-average raw power; biggest issue is aggressiveness at the plate, but worked deeper counts and produced better at bats as year went on; for a supposed “tools gamble with holes in swing” his 2010 production was outstanding; plus-plus speed?; 6-3, 200; DOB 9/19/89]

Good pro coaching will do wonders for him, though it will be really interesting to see how much tinkering his future employer will really want to do after investing a hefty bonus in the college version of Springer’s swing. He looks a little bow-legged in the photo above, but it isn’t a great representation of his swing setup because it captures him just as he started his stride. I had great video of him swinging the bat, but it disappeared into the ether during a file conversion. As for Springer’s swing, again, I’m not a scout, but I was really impressed with his balance at the plate, both in his approach and follow through. I didn’t like his collapsed back elbow, but found many of his flaws to be those decidedly under the “Coach Him Up and He’ll Be Alright” umbrella. This may be a cop-out, but the rise of so many other prospects could really be a boon for Springer’s career. Taking him in the top ten scares the heck out of me, but if he slips closer to the middle or end of the round, watch out. Lowered expectations + more stable pro organization, especially at the big league level (less need to rush him) = transformation from overrated to underrated almost overnight.

Another quick note I’ll pass along without much comment: George Springer cares. I realize this is a dangerous game to play because, really, how can we ever know such a thing, but George Springer (his name just sounds better when you use the first and the last) cares, or, at worst, is one heck of an actor. I’d never get on a player for not reacting to a strikeout with anger (and, by extension, showing that they care) because, as a quiet guy myself, I know demonstrative displays of emotion shouldn’t be the standard by which we judge effort and dedication. But the way Springer reacted to an early strikeout — pacing back and forth in front of the bench seemingly in search of a tunnel to pop into and blow off some steam (soon enough, George) until finally settling to the far end of the dugout, just off to the side, where he took a knee, closed his eyes, and started pantomiming his swing — really stood out to me. Probably nothing, but there you go.

None of that changes my view of George Springer the prospect, by the way. Just thought it was a relatively interesting tidbit worth passing along. I have to admit that I do kind of love the idea of a player with a wOBA approaching .500 getting that worked up over a bad at bat. Or maybe I love the way a player who is is clearly pressing at the plate has still somehow managed to put up a league/park adjusted triple slash of .386/.482/.667 (as of mid-April).

Two pro comparisons for Springer came immediately to mind. The first is 100% physical and in no way any kind of projection of future pro value. Something about Springer’s body, swing, and overall on-field demeanor reminded me a great deal of Florida’s Mike Stanton. Again, the two are very different players, but the physical similarities were interesting. A comp like that is probably why most people don’t like comps, but they’ll live.

The second comparison is much, much better, I think. Springer’s upside and overall tools package remind me so much of Minnesota minor leaguer Joe Benson that it’s scary. File that one away…

2. Miami-Dade CC SO OF Brian Goodwin

[well-rounded with average at worst tools across board; average present power with plus-plus upside; above-average to plus-plus (70) speed; strong arm; fantastic athlete; update: plus athlete; very explosive; some question his swing; 10-20 homer upside as pro; above-average (55) runner; average arm for CF; raw fielder, but all the tools are there; 6-1, 190; DOB 11/2/90]

3. Louisiana State JR OF Mikie Mahtook

[above-average to plus speed; good defender; above-average to plus arm; big power potential, but swing holds him back; excellent athlete; good approach; great athlete; 6-1, 195 pounds]

4. Alabama JR OF Taylor Dugas

[advanced idea of strike zone; above-average speed; good athlete; gap power; good friends with Mikie Mahtook; by no means a tools guy, but ultimate grinder; plus hit tool for me; 5-7]

5. South Carolina JR OF Jackie Bradley

[special defensive tools in CF, plus to plus-plus ability; interesting hit tool; above-average to plus speed, closer to plus; good athlete; above-average to plus arm; legit pro power potential with average upside; gap power for now; very quick bat; gifted across the board; mature approach; fully recovered from broken hamate bone; 20/20 upside; 5-10, 175; DOB 4/19/90]

6. Valparaiso JR OF Kyle Gaedele

[above-average to plus runner…now called just average; hacker; above-average to plus (70) power potential, but currently average; above-average to plus arm; plus defensive tools in RF; above-average speed; very quick bat; Jeff Francoeur-like athleticism; has had success with wood; 6-4, 225 pounds; swing needs tweaking]

7. Texas Christian JR OF Jason Coats

[plus athlete; very strong; special bat speed; decent to average speed; average arm; plus raw power; corner outfielder with good range; pitch recognition could make or break him; 6-2, 195 pounds]

8. Indiana JR OF Alex Dickerson

[advanced hit tool; good raw power; below-average speed; below-average arm; between below-average and solid defensively in LF, tends to be overlooked due to lack of athleticism; really struggles against lefties; 6-3, 210]

9. Miami SO OF Zeke DeVoss

[plus to plus-plus speed; plus range; average at best arm; very raw with bat; 5-9, 170]

10. Santa Fe CC FR OF Trey Griffin

11. Central Arizona CC SO OF Keenyn Walker

12. Rice JR OF Jeremy Rathjen

[above-average speed, raw power, and arm; too aggressive at plate; good defensive feel; average range in corner; gap power at present that could turn into HRs in time; 6-6, 200 pounds]

13. Western Kentucky SO OF Kes Carter

[91 peak FB; plus arm; capable CF; little power at present, but raw power is there; above-average speed; 6-1, 190 pounds]

14. Central Florida SO OF Ronnie Richardson

[plus athlete; plus arm; plus-plus runner; potential for some pop; plus defensive tools; 5-7, 175]

15. Kansas State JR OF Nick Martini

[very strong pure hit tool; solid speed; average defender; above-average arm; RF professionally; gap power; good approach; 5-10, 180 pounds]

16. Arizona State JR OF Johnny Ruettiger

[plus athlete; big hit tool; line drive machine; gap power at best; leadoff man profile; good patience; average to plus speed; good defender; iffy arm, more accurate than powerful; strong experience with wood; love the way he plays within himself; great athlete, great body; 6-2, 175 pounds]

17. Clemson JR OF Will Lamb

[plus arm strength; above-average speed; power projection; He’s big and strong enough to drive balls out without necessarily having to try (always a good thing to look for in a young hitter), he has elite range and first step quickness in the outfield, and his arm is a legitimate weapon in center. The word is that the majority of scouts have told him they prefer his upside on the mound (6-5 projectable lefties with low-90s velocity and two present average secondary pitches), but I still like his upside as a position player. 89-92 FB; good CB; decent CU; 6-5, 190]

18. Texas SO OF Cohl Walla

[plus power potential; plus speed; strong arm that has hit 92-93 on mound; should stick in CF; Drew Stubbs comps defensively, Jarrett Parker comps offensively; plus athlete; absolutely must add strength; 6-3, 165]

19. Georgia JR OF Zach Cone

[good line drive swing; good athlete; good speed; plus arm; approach needs work; above-average raw power; plus speed; excellent defender; 6-2, 204 pounds]

20. Clemson SR OF Jeff Schaus

[pretty swing; good natural hitter; average power; average speed, more quick than fast; inconsistent arm strength, but flashes plus; top ten round possibility last year who fell due to bonus demands]

21. Florida International JR OF Pablo Bermudez

[could play CF as pro; very raw; power/speed combo; too aggressive; above-average speed; strong arm; plus bat speed; 5-11, 185 pounds]

22. Oral Roberts JR OF Brandon King

[16th round pick last year; great with wood; plus plate discipline; questionable defender]

23. Wright State JR OF Tristan Moore

[leadoff man profile; strong hit tool; above-average speed; very strong arm; RF professionally; questionable power potential; very raw but very; talented; really like the hit tool; really good athlete; 6-2, 195 pounds]

24. Florida State SR OF Mike McGee

[great approach; average speed; 88-90 FB, 92-93 peak; very good upper-70s SL; CU; drafted as a pitcher last year; good CB]

25. Kent State SR OF Ben Klafczynski

[big power; really good athlete; really refined approach junior season; more raw talent than most; average speed; good arm]

26. Louisville JR OF Stewart Ijames

[great bat speed; big power potential; good approach; decent speed; average or better range in corner; good arm; 6-1, 205 pounds]

27. Arizona State JR OF Zach Wilson

[very talented natural hitter; average power; average runner; no real defensive home]

28. Florida International SR OF Yoandy Barroso

[plus bat speed; above-average speed; above-average to plus arm, I buy the plus; potential above-average defender in RF; raw and inconsistent talent; big power to gaps that is turning into HR power; good present strength; very heavily recruited out of junior college; 6-2, 215]

29. Texas Christian JR OF Brance Rivera

[good range in corner; best tool is speed; good arm; solid power upside; great athlete; great body; could be tried up the middle once again; loads of upside]

30. Miami JR OF Nate Melendres

[serious tools, but very raw; potential plus defender in CF; hacker; plus speed; above-average to plus arm; 5-11, 185 pounds]

31, Minnesota JR CF Justin Gominsky

[good arm; very good defender; plus athlete; good speed; interesting hit tool; 6-4, 185]

32. Marshall SO OF Isaac Ballou

[leadoff hitter profile; good approach; above-average speed; above-average range; iffy arm that has also been called plus; little power; quick bat; great athlete; needs to add strength; lots of untapped talent; 6-2, 180]

33. North Carolina JR OF A&T Xavier Macklin

[great athlete; big jump in plate discipline freshman to sophomore season; CF speed; raw, but plus makeup]

34. Wake Forest SR OF Steven Brooks

[plus speed, solid defender in CF; good raw power potential but average in-game ability]

35. College of Charleston SR OF Cole Rakar

[plus speed; very good defender in center; gap power]

36. Michigan State SR OF Jeff Holm

[great approach; above-average to plus speed; gap power; average arm; average range in corner; has played 1B, but enough foot speed for corner]

37. Coastal Carolina JR OF Daniel Bowman

[impressive plus raw power, but it may be his only real tool; strong enough arm for RF; decent speed; hacker; too many K’s; underrated athlete; 6-1, 210 pounds]

38. Georgia State SR OF Mark Micowski

[Vermont transfer; above-average speed; above-average arm; like Duffy, I like these Vermont guys; average in center, above-average in corner; good athlete]

39. Mississippi SR OF Matt Smith

[big raw power]

40. Fresno State JR OF Dusty Robinson

[plus-plus raw power]

41. Stephen F. Austin State JR OF Bryson Myles

[plus athlete; good speed; interesting upside with bat]

42. Oregon State SO OF Garrett Nash

[plus-plus speed; little power; good arm; CF range; all about development with bat]

43. Northern Colorado JR OF Jarod Berggren

[plus speed; above-average arm; good to plus raw power; 6-3, 205]

44. Manhattan SR OF Mike McCann

[good strike zone judgment; average speed; average arm; 5-10, 175 pounds; could be good RF]

45. Illinois JR OF Willie Argo

[great athlete; very strong; impressive power/speed combo; plus bat speed; good range in CF; weak arm, but accurate; recovering from broken hamate; untapped talent]

46. UNC Wilmington JR 1B/OF Andrew Cain

[plus speed; real raw power; 6-6, 220]

47. Florida State JR OF James Ramsey

[His arm is currently average at best and his range in the outfield is below-average. In addition, he’s a decent runner who picks his spots on the bases well. College players limited to leftfield need to be able to hit a ton to make it in pro ball, and I’m not sure Ramsey has the power to profile as a regular in a corner.]

48. Rutgers SR OF Michael Lang

[plus speed; should stick in CF; plus arm; good athlete; walk-on who was very close to attending Rowan; reports on makeup are sky high, great family]

49. Cal Poly JR OF Bobby Crocker

[good whole field approach at plate; poor arm limits him to LF; plus raw speed but closer to average in-game; too many K’s; arm has also been called solid; great body; great athlete; plus defender in corner, average or better in CF; plus bat speed; swing has come a long way, but still needs refining; real curious about arm…could be difference between RF and LF; 6-3, 210 pounds]

50. West Virginia SR OF Grant Buckner

[above-average arm; above-average raw power]



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  3. Jesus Rojas says:

    I am a Cuban coach, and I think Cesar Gomez an OF of 6 `, 190 pounds, who studies in Bradenton Fl, should be among the top 50 draft prospects MLB OF 2012. It is really fast and strong.

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