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Data, Data, Data

Big couple of days ahead at the real life, steady paycheck job, so today we’ll dig deeper into the data compiled so far and update the groundball/flyball pitcher numbers that pop up here on the site from time to time. Today let’s take a closer look at five potential first round starting pitchers with groundout percentages less than 50%…

Mississippi JR LHP Drew Pomeranz – 48%

LSU JR RHP Anthony Ranaudo – 44%

Georgia Tech JR RHP Deck McGuire – 49%

San Diego JR RHP Kyle Blair – 38%

Arkansas JR RHP Brett Eibner – 47%



  1. SchmidtXC says:

    Some interesting data there, I really hope to see the GO/AO percentages of the other half of this list soon.

  2. […] Data, Data 2 – Revenge of the Worm Killers Yesterday we looked at some of the flyballiest of college baseball’s most flyballing flyball pitchers. […]

  3. acerimusdux says:

    Very interesting.

    I wonder though if you have IFFB% available for any of these guys? Looking only at GB% only tells part of the story. There are many good flyball pitchers; most of them have high infield fly rates. Jared Weaver for example, has been one of the more successful pitchers drafted out of college in recent years. He always had a low ground ball rate, and a fastball that only averaged around 90 mph. But, also a high SO/9, low BB/9, and high IFFB%.

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