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2010 MLB Draft: Who Will Be Drafted? ACC Edition

Players are obviously grouped according to school, but there is no rhyme or reason to the actual order. Potential top-five round selections in bold. Any player on the list that absolutely shouldn’t be there? Any clear misses? Any players on my own list of near-misses (below) that deserve to be promoted to the first list? Any recommendations for next conference breakdown? Seen any good movies lately? So many questions, precious few answers…

2010 Draftable ACC Talent

  1. Duke JR SS Jake Lemmerman
  2. Duke SR LHP Chris Manno
  3. Duke SR RHP Mike Ness
  4. Duke JR RHP Michael Seander
  5. Virginia JR RHP Cody Winiarski
  6. Virginia JR 2B Phil Gosselin
  7. Virginia JR OF Jarrett Parker
  8. Virginia JR RHP Tyler Wilson
  9. Virginia JR RHP Robert Morey
  10. Virginia JR OF Dan Grovatt
  11. Virginia JR C/1B/OF Kenny Swab
  12. Virginia SR SS Tyler Cannon
  13. Virginia JR RHP Kevin Arico
  14. North Carolina JR RHP Matt Harvey
  15. North Carolina JR RHP Colin Bates
  16. North Carolina JR RHP Patrick Johnson
  17. North Carolina JR RHP Bryant Gaines
  18. North Carolina JR 1B Dillon Hazlett
  19. North Carolina JR C Jesse Wierzbicki
  20. North Carolina SR SS Ryan Graepel
  21. Georgia Tech JR RHP Deck McGuire
  22. Georgia Tech JR RHP Kevin Jacob
  23. Georgia Tech JR 3B Derek Dietrich
  24. Georgia Tech JR RHP Brandon Cumpton
  25. Georgia Tech JR C Cole Leonida
  26. Georgia Tech SR 1B Tony Plagman
  27. Georgia Tech JR OF Jeff Rowland
  28. Georgia Tech JR OF Chase Burnette
  29. Georgia Tech JR 2B Tony Nichols
  30. Georgia Tech JR LHP Zach Brewster
  31. Virginia Tech JR RHP Jesse Hahn
  32. Virginia Tech JR OF Austin Wates
  33. Virginia Tech SR C Steve Domecus
  34. Virginia Tech SO RHP Mathew Price
  35. Virginia Tech JR SS Tim Smalling
  36. Virginia Tech SR C Anthony Sosnoskie
  37. North Carolina State SR 2B Dallas Poulk
  38. North Carolina State SR OF Kyle Wilson
  39. North Carolina State JR LHP Grant Sasser
  40. North Carolina State JR 2B Russell Wilson
  41. North Carolina State JR RHP Jake Buchanan
  42. North Carolina State JR RHP Rey Cotilla
  43. Miami JR C Yasmani Grandal
  44. Miami JR LHP Eric Erickson
  45. Miami JR LHP Chris Hernandez
  46. Miami SR RHP David Gutierrrez
  47. Miami SR 2B Scott Lawson
  48. Miami SR RHP Jason Santana
  49. Florida State JR OF Tyler Holt
  50. Florida State JR OF Mike McGee
  51. Florida State SR SS Stephen Cardullo
  52. Florida State JR RHP Geoff Parker
  53. Florida State JR LHP John Gast
  54. Wake Forest JR OF Steven Brooks
  55. Boston College SR OF Robbie Anston
  56. Boston College JR RHP Kevin Moran
  57. Boston College JR 1B Mickey Wiswall
  58. Boston College JR LHP Pat Dean
  59. Maryland SR LHP John Dischert
  60. Maryland JR RHP Brett Harman
  61. Maryland JR LHP Adam Kolarek
  62. Clemson JR OF Jeff Schaus
  63. Clemson JR OF Kyle Parker
  64. Clemson SR 2B Mike Freeman
  65. Clemson JR LHP Casey Harman
  66. Clemson SR OF Wilson Boyd
  67. Clemson JR RHP Josh Thrailkill

The Near-Misses
…or prospects capable of playing their way into draft consideration this June or next…

  1. (Virginia JR OF John Barr)
  2. (North Carolina JR OF Ben Bunting)
  3. (North Carolina JR RHP Greg Holt)
  4. (North Carolina JR RHP Nate Striz)
  5. (Georgia Tech SR RHP Andrew Robinson)
  6. (Georgia Tech SR OF Jay Dantzler)
  7. (Virginia Tech JR LHP Justin Wright)
  8. (Virginia Tech SR RHP Ben Rowen)
  9. (North Carolina State SR LHP Alex Sogard)
  10. (North Carolina State JR RHP Rob Chamra)
  11. (North Carolina State JR C Chris Schaeffer)
  12. (North Carolina State JR LHP John Lambert)
  13. (North Carolina State JR LHP Nick Rice)
  14. (North Carolina State JR OF Ryan Mathews)
  15. (North Carolina State SO RHP Gary Gillheeney)
  16. (Miami SR RHP Taylor Wulf)
  17. (Miami JR OF Chris Pelaez)
  18. (Miami JR LHP Iden Nazario)
  19. (Miami SR OF Ryan Perry)
  20. (Florida State JR RHP Daniel Bennett)
  21. (Florida State SO OF Taiwan Easterling)
  22. (Florida State JR RHP Tyler Everett)
  23. (Florida State JR 3B Stuart Tapley)
  24. (Wake Forest JR LHP Mark Adzick)
  25. (Wake Forest SR C Mike Murray)
  26. (Boston College JR 2B Matt Hamlet)
  27. (Maryland SR RHP Ian Schwalenberg)
  28. (Clemson SO 3B John Hinson)
  29. (Clemson JR OF Chris Epps)
  30. (Clemson JR C John Nester)
  31. (Clemson JR OF Addison Johnson)


  1. Steve says:

    Pat Dean is one of the elite pitchers in the ACC and he is probably one of the top 10 left handed pitchers available in the draft. He is currently 5-0 with a 2.93 ERA and 30 strikeouts on the season..he is also 3-0 against ACC schools with a shutout at #13 Miami, a complete game home vs. Duke, and a win on the road at #10 Clemson. I believe that Mr. Dean will be going in the top five rounds and should be updated to bold on your list.

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Not really sure what to add here, except to say you’re right on the money. Dean probably deserved the top five bold, especially considering he’s recent bump in velocity and quickly emerging change. I do have questions about his best secondary pitch, however. There are conflicting reports as to whether his mid-70s curve or his low-80s slider will be the better professional pitch. I think the curve is the better long-term bet, but others like that slider. Either way, solid lefthanded fastball + above-average breaking pitch (either CB/SL) + rapidly improving changeup + potentially average fourth pitch (whichever of the CB/SL you believe in less) + plus command = very likely top five round pick. Good call.

  2. Mark says:

    NC STATE- Chamra and Schaeffer should be bumped up. Chamra has pitched well all year 89-93 with movement, their late inning guy low era and more k’s than ip, Schaeffer has hit great and is good behind the dish, i think he has 8 homers now.

    MIAMI- Pelaez should be bumped up too. hitting well and very fast on the basepaths.

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Schaeffer and Pelaez were two of the closest misses for me, but I had a difficult time declaring with absolute certainty that they’d be drafted at this point. I tried to be cautious with my list, but I may have gone a bit overboard in that regard. Schaeffer is up to a near definite now (for me), with Pelaez and Chamra really close. Speaking of Wolfpack catchers, is it too early to start touting Pratt Maynard as a potential first rounder in 2011? Also, thanks for the update on Chamra’s velocity…love hearing stuff like that.

  3. Mark says:

    Chamra has been up to 95. Check out the link. I saw him at 94 vs wake but his name is flying around draft talks.

  4. David says:

    Looking at John Hinson’s (Clemson) season – average, power, stolen bases – defense OK playing out of position at third base (Probably a natural second baseman), I would consider him a top five round prospect.

  5. Al says:

    Dean is an expected top 3 round pick. I have read this anywhere that has his name. He pitched against me as a kid and we all saw this coming

  6. brain says:

    Dallas Poulk has to be in the top five rounds. Was 1st team ACC and 3rd team All-American. Wouldn’t doubt if Jake Buchanan or Kyle Wilson went near the top five rounds either.

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