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2010 College Baseball Week Three Preview

Wright State @ Virginia – Wright State goes into their weekend matchup against college baseball’s best team with a pretty solid nucleus of pro prospects. Included in that bunch are SR OF Casey McGrew (2010), JR RHP Max Friedman (2010), SR 3B Quentin Cate (2010), SO OF/1B Tristan Moore (2011), and FR LHP Cody Kopilchack (2012). All but Moore — the best prospect of the group, for what it’s worth — have struggled in the early going.

Georgia @ Florida State – The Seminoles try to keep the momentum going after an impressive effort against the defending National League champion Phillies on Wednesday. Florida State lost that game 13-6, but not before jumping out to a 5-0 lead based on the strength of the lineup battering Phillippe Aumont. Justin Grimm on Friday, John Gast on Saturday, and Michael Palazzone on Sunday will keep the series lively.

Middle Tennessee State @ Jacksonville State – Or Bryce Brentz @ Todd Cunningham, if you prefer.

Ball State v Pittsburgh – Two of my favorite non-first round college infield prospects go head to head as Kolbrin Vitek and the boys take on Joe Leonard’s Panthers. The last three times I’ve typed Joe Leonard’s name, I typed Leo Jeonard by accident. Pretty sure that means my brain is broken. This time I got it right the first time, I’m proud to share.

Arizona State v Oregon State – An abundance of offensive talent (Marrero, Ruettiger, Maggi, Calhoun, MacPhee, Torrez [x2], Newman, Barnes, Wilson, Maggi) squaring off against one of the deepest pitching staffs (Peavey, Waldron, Gaviglio, Sitton, Nygren, Robles, Rhoderick) in the country.

Florida @ Miami – Can the winner of this series lay claim to best team in the state? Depends on Florida State’s weekend, I suppose. From a prospect standpoint, I’d rank them Florida, Miami, and Florida State, but Florida State may have the best on-field college team of the threesome. Go figure. Apologies to South Florida (a fine college squad with lots of underrated pro talent) and, of course, Chris Sale.

Houston College Classic – Can the winner of this tournament (namely the Texas Christian v Texas Tech, Rice v Texas, and Texas Christian v Rice games) within a tournament (6-team quasi-round robin that also includes Houston and Missouri) lay claim to best team in the state? I wish I could be there in person to find out. 9 games in 3 days for just $30? That’s some serious value. Then again, I just bought this on sale for only $45:

Now that’s value! It’s alright to be jealous of my exciting, luxurious lifestyle.

Other series of note include Rutgers @ Georgia Tech, South Carolina @ Clemson, Michigan @ North Carolina, Arkansas @ California, Cal State Fullerton @ Arizona, Mississippi @ Tulane, Kentucky @ San Diego, Alabama @ College of Charleston, Florida Gulf Coast @ Wichita State, Washington @ Long Beach State, and Oregon @ Fresno State.



  1. Baseballguy says:

    Now that’s definitely some serious value! Home opener sat for the sycamores!

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Considering I’ve lived in my new apartment since the end of August and haven’t vacuumed in the six months I’ve lived here, it simply had to be done – I’m ankle-deep in carpet fuzz. The sad part is that really counts as an extravagant purchase these days. You working the games this weekend? Curious to hear what kind of work goes into getting that field into playing shape and all that.

  2. malphie says:

    nice! now that’s a nice buy, as those stickers on CDs at sam goody used to say.

  3. baseballguy says:

    I did work the games this weekend. Had a ton of work that was being done since we are still finishing up with construction. The infield was installed starting on Tuesday really. Field Turf had layed it down a month or two ago but still had to sew, glue, cut and put the infill in and they were working on that up until game time on Saturday really. They worked until about 2AM each night to get it done. I was there Thursday-Saturday from about 7AM-10:30PM or so trying to get the other areas of the field ready. We moved our backstop in about 10ft so we had to match up the warning tracks (infield and outfield) which involved cutting about 2-3,000 sq feet of sod and adding safe track warning track material. So that was fun. After that, edging the rest of the warning track and then filling those areas in with that material, building the visitors bullpen down the right field warning track, which due to lack of time and man power I ended up hiring someone to do instead of doing it myself. As for the rest of the stuff, there’s hanging sponsorship signs, greeting the umpires and coordinating anything with them needed (weather, timing etc.) setting up and operating the message board, scoreboard, sound system, lights, fixing the holes that develop and properly maintaining the correct mixture of substance on the 3 pitching mounds (rest of our infield is turf now, batters box included), flags, cleanup, field setup and tear down (bp), properly maintain the turf (groom, fix areas of wear, sliding areas, boxes etc.), paint outfield lines, mow, and then when thats done, just making sure everyone is safe. I think that sums most of what I do to get ready for games pretty decent ha

    • Rob Ozga says:

      I had no idea so much went into getting everything ready for a game to be played. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good handle on everything though, I’m really impressed. I’ll be rooting for warm, clear skies for you every weekend the team is at home from here on out.

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