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Technical Difficulties

Apologies to anybody who tried to check in yesterday while WordPress was down. I’m now a little bit behind schedule, so the College Team Profile on Texas and the Draft Notebook will get pushed back. To make amends, a quick preview of College Baseball’s Opening Night. That’s right, College Baseball’s Opening Night! You know it’s a big deal with it gets capitalized…

  • Matchups I’m Watching – Virginia @ East Carolina, Oregon @ Cal State Fullerton, Rice @ Stanford, Missouri State @ Georgia Tech, South Florida @ Florida, Rutgers @ Miami, Ball State @ Arkansas, West Virginia @ Coastal Carolina, Oklahoma @ San Diego State, Georgia @ Baylor, Boston College @ Tulane, Kentucky @ Virginia Tech, Duke @ Baylor, Gonzaga @ Missouri, Pepperdine @ Long Beach State
  • Top 25 – I’m not nearly enough of an expert on college baseball to make any kind of meaningful top 25 ranking, but I am full of myself enough to make a top 25 list of most interesting to watch teams from a draft prospect standpoint. That’s what I’ll be working on this weekend, so expect that to be rolled out next week. I’m still tinkering with the order, but right now a few of the teams in the running for the last few spots include some old standbys (Arizona State, Miami), some programs on the rise (Florida, Oregon), and some programs with talent that will surprise (Gonzaga, Connecticut, Central Florida)
  • Pitchers – One of my pet projects that I’ve enjoyed over the past couple of seasons has been combing through college box scores to see if there is any worthwhile data to be found. Often, there is not. You’d think that would stop me from doing it every year, but here we are on the morning of another college season and I’m excited to do it all over again. Anyway, to finally get to the point, if there are any pitchers outside of the big names (Ranaudo, McGuire, Sale, Hahn, you know the guys) that you’d be interested in knowing more about from a statistical standpoint, let me know.

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