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LSU Tigers 2010 Draft-Eligible Prospects

I had started this a few months ago, but now all of the 2010 draft-eligible Tigers (unless I’m missing anybody, of course) are complete. Check it out. For those not to be bothered clicking a link, some quick thoughts about LSU’s 2010 draft class below the link…

LSU Tigers 2010 Draft-Eligible Prospects

Ranaudo is obviously the big prize and a heck of a prospect despite some of the hemming and hawing I’ve done about his place among the very top talents of the 2010 draft. I think he’s suffering from a little bit of overanalysis, a fate that all too often befalls the cream of the draft crop. I know I’m guilty of some of this microanalysis; high profile high school stars turned college prospects like Ranaudo wind up being in the scouting spotlight for four years, minimum. Call it reverse shiny new toy syndrome. Rusty old toy syndrome? No, that’s too negative sounding. Overlooked old prospect syndrome? I like it. That way, when you miss on a good college player because you’ve spent too much time focusing on his flaws and not appreciating all the good things he brings to the table, you can just chalk it up to OOPS.

It’s a shame that Jones is going to the NFL, but it’s hard to fault a guy with a rock solid second round grade and clear impact potential on the gridiron. I’d do cartwheels if he fell to the Eagles in the third, by the way. I mentioned in the writeup that I think Landry better prepare himself for a season of Jared Mitchell comparisons, but I now wonder if his stock will rise up that high in the eyes of the majority. Players with a plus raw power/plus athleticism combination are right in my wheelhouse, so I’m willing to stick with Landry for better or worse this spring.

Gibbs’ status as a prospect has vacillated between underrated to overrated back to underrated in my head all over the past two months. His strengths play into a lot of what I value highly from a catching prospect (strong defense, experience catching high profile arms, good plate discipline), but one of his biggest perceived (by me) weaknesses (in-game power) may have been overstated (again, by me). Long story short, I like Gibbs now more than ever, but still think he’ll end up being a steal in rounds 2-3 rather than a reach in round 1 or the supplemental first.

I’m very optimistic about Dishon, less so about Bradshaw, and pretty much in line with the consensus view on Ross. The idea that at least one of Dean, Gaudet, or Koeneman can make it as a big league bench bat someday appeals to me, as does the thought of Ben Alsup usurping the role of “next Lou Coleman” right out from Bradshaw’s nose. Lastly, I’m excited to see Blake Dean, the best of the aforementioned potential big league bench bats, give first base a whirl this season. All the reports from Baton Rogue are encouraging enough that I’d like to see the big guy at work.


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