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So far…

The UNC and Texas editions were from last year, so expect both to be updated in the coming weeks. The LSU one is current, but needs to be finished. My goal is to knock a few of these out a week from now all the way until the draft in June, but they’ll be published as works in progress rather than finished products. So, maybe I start by picking three college teams at random — say, Vanderbilt, UC-Riverside, and Toledo — and then add three or four players to each team profile a day. This way we can spread around the brief scouting blurbs that normally come with each profile among multiple teams instead of just one.

Important Interjection —> The College Team Profiles aren’t meant to replace whatever day-to-day content you’d normally see around here. I’d rather they supplement the good stuff than replace anything. So if this sounds boring or not all that useful in the grand scheme of things, don’t worry. Plenty of rankings, lists, and mocks will still be ready to go.

Anyway, the actual point of this post is pretty simple – are there any teams you’d want to see done first? Top 10 teams? Big conference schools? Smaller schools? Teams with talented players eligible for the 2010 draft? Or teams with younger talent who won’t be ready until 2011 or 2012? Any preferences?



  1. Rip Torn says:


    Please do a Pac 10 review of the schools who had the highest ranked incoming recruiting classes–Stanford, UCLA, ASU. Stanford may be ready to break things open in 2011 and 2012.

    • rfozga says:

      Happy to oblige. I’ll put Stanford, UCLA, and ASU right at the top of my list with the goal to publish writeups of a couple of players for each school starting tomorrow evening. Thanks for the request, I was hoping somebody would come through for me…I hate making decisions.

  2. Jeff says:

    Virginia and San Diego have pretty impressive teams that should be fun to write about.

  3. Joshua B. says:

    I’d agree with Jeff. My recommendation would be teams with multiple high 2010 draftees. San Diego is the perfect example with Blair, Solis, A.J. Griffin and Victor Sanchez. Some other good choices may include (in no particular order): Alabama, Arkansas, UC Fullerton, Georgia Tech, Oregon State, Tennessee–and I’m sure Rice has some intriguing underclassmen, right? A Texas update would be beneficial as well.

  4. rfozga says:

    This is fantastic, thanks a lot guys. I’m thinking I’m going to start with an ACC school (Virginia or Georgia Tech at the head of the pack), a west coast school (liking all the Pac-10 suggestions, plus San Diego is a good one), and then a wild card (maybe one of those SEC schools, or Rice, or something totally out there…like Notre Dame, or Northeastern, or Indiana State, or…). Real work ran late tonight, so expect to see these start popping up starting tomorrow and then through the weekend.

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