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Lost about a month’s worth of work because I’m stupid and Microsoft Word apparently no longer autosaves. So I’m a bit bummed and behind where I want to be on 2018 draft coverage already. Plenty of time to catch up, so I guess that’s the positive to be gleaned in an otherwise annoying situation. Anyway, here are some FAVORITES…

Morehead State SR 2B/SS Braxton Morris

There Is No Such Thing As A Second Base Prospect, so don’t burn an early pick and instead spend some draft capital on a second base senior-sign and call it a day. Morris is a good looking young hitter who can really pick it. If he can clean up his approach even a little bit, he’d fine in nicely as a potential 2018 value pick.

Southern Illinois Edwardsville rSR 1B/OF Jared McCunn

High hopes for McCunn in 2017 didn’t quite pan out as expected, but another year of eligibility gives him another shot at making his mark on the college game.

Tennessee-Martin rSR OF Collin Edwards

Edwards didn’t hit in 2017 — not saying he struggled, he literally didn’t hit — so him going undrafted is hardly a surprise. We’ll run it back in 2018 and see how it goes.

Arizona SR OF Cal Stevenson

I’m a big fan of Stevenson’s game. That should go without saying since he’s sitting here on a list of FAVORITES, but I said it anyway. The Wildcat can hit, run, throw, and defend in center.

Arizona SR OF/2B Mitchell Morimoto

I’m still on the Morimoto bandwagon, though I’d be more into him as a prospect if he could hang in the infield (as some still think) than if he was instead confined to a life in the outfield.

Oregon JR RHP Matt Mercer

Athleticism and a really fast arm (up to 97 MPH) have made Mercer a FAVORITE. Surprisingly low strikeout numbers through two seasons as a Duck haven’t quite scared me off yet, but they are worth investigating further. A big draft season seems well within range. I certainly hope that’s the case because I hate having to figure out what to make of great stuff/iffy peripherals college pitchers.

Oregon State JR SS Cadyn Grenier

Everybody rightfully loves Nick Madrigal (see below), but, hey, Cadyn Grenier is really good too!

Oregon State JR SS/2B Nick Madrigal

Pedroia, Bregman, Altuve. Let those three comps — first two from Baseball America, last one from Aaron Fitt at D1Baseball — sink in for a bit. There’s no better pure hitter in college ball than Madrigal. Seeing how high his stock climbs as a likely primary second base prospect is going to be fascinating.

Oregon State JR OF Trevor Larnach

Owner of one of college ball’s prettiest swings, Larnach is a really well-rounded player with a chance for three average better or tools (hit, power, arm). He’ll be overshadowed some on a stacked Beavers squad, but he’s a solid outfield prospect in a class that could use some.

USC rJR RHP Bryce Dyrda

Dydra is an undersized righthander (strike one) with questionable control (strike two), but he has a solid sinking 88-94 MPH fastball (ball one?) and a deceptive delivery (ball two). He’s also coming off a sophomore season where he missed more than his fair share of bats. So that’s a full count, I guess. Now we wait for the payoff pitch…


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  1. Hope everything is ok missing your posts would love to hear your thoughts on the recent draft

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