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Site Maintenance

Title says it all, but nobody ever accused me of being unwilling to type 200 words when 2 would do instead. The basic plan is to do some cleaning up along the periphery of the site and make things more easily accessible going forward. The downside is that we might see some weird stuff happen here in the next day or two. A few old posts might get unearthed for posterity’s sake, so don’t be alarmed if it seems like I’m writing about the 2010 draft all of a sudden. I’m not. Also, I might play around with the overall look of the site. I think it’s fine enough as is, but perhaps a little stale. We’ll see what happens.

In addition to trying to teach myself how to beautify a website on the fly, I’m also in the process of getting back to literally everybody who has contacted me via Twitter, email, or in the comments over the past few days, months, and, in some cases, years. That would be the Twitter DM folks…it took me a while to figure out I had messages in there, I’m embarrassed to admit. I’m done (I think) with responding to everybody in the comments. Email and Twitter are next.

Finally, I’d like to get writing again. The baby is doing great — sincere thanks for all who have sent nice messages, by the way — and I’ve got a nice window of time away from work to get back into the routine of writing something — ANYTHING — every single day. I’ve missed that. Less thinking, more writing. That’s my summer goal. So once you see the first post — likely an off the cuff breakdown of this year’s big board explaining as much as the process behind the rankings as I can — you can then expect to see something short every single day.


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