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2017 MLB Draft – HS Catchers

  1. C Sam Praytor (Helena HS, Alabama): above-average hit tool; average raw power; strong arm; Alabama commit; RHH; FAVORITE; 5-11, 200 pounds
  2. C Blake Hunt (Mater Dei HS, California): above-average power upside; plus arm; above-average defensive tools; Pepperdine commit; RHH; 6-3, 200 pounds
  3. C MJ Melendez (Westminster Christian HS, Florida): plus bat speed; plus arm; good defender; really good athlete; average power upside; good speed; bat is very much a question right now; defends like a pro, thinks like a pro; Florida International commit; LHH; 6-0, 175 pounds
  4. C Phillip Clarke (Christ Presbyterian HS, Tennessee): above-average hit tool; average raw power; good approach; average defender; average at best arm; Vanderbilt commit; FAVORITE; LHH; 5-11, 190 pounds
  5. C Luis Campusano (Cross Creek HS, Georgia): good defensive tools; average arm strength but very accurate; underrated athlete; above-average raw power; strong; good approach; South Carolina commit; RHH; 6-0, 200 pounds
  6. C Spencer Smith (Northern Durham HS, North Carolina): above-average to plus power upside; good defender; strong; good athlete; average arm; East Carolina commit; RHH; 6-1, 200 pounds
  7. C/OF Canaan Smith (Rockwall-Heath HS, Texas): power upside; good approach; good athlete; strong; reminds me some of Jakson Reetz; Arkansas commit; FAVORITE; 6-0, 210 pounds
  8. C Zach Jackson (Winter Haven HS, Florida): above-average to plus raw power; good defender; good athlete; Florida commit; LHH: 6-3, 215 pounds
  9. C/2B Casey Opitz (Heritage HS, Colorado): really good glove; average to above-average arm, plays up; great athlete; Arkansas commit; BHH; 5-11, 180 pounds
  10. C Sam McMillan (Suwannee HS, Florida): power upside; good defender; good arm; strong; Florida commit; RHH: 6-1, 185 pounds
  11. C Tyler Lasch (El Toro HS, California): power upside; quick bat; good athlete; good defender; LHH; Mississippi State commit; 5-9, 175 pounds
  12. C Cordell Dunn (Center Hill HS, Mississippi): average arm; good approach; strong; Texas Tech commit; RHH; 6-0, 190 pounds
  13. C Jan Mercado (Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico): above-average arm; good defender; young for class; RHH; 6-0, 180 pounds
  14. C Chris Troye (Heritage HS, California): power upside; quick bat; good defensive tools; plus arm; UC Santa Barbara commit; RHH; 6-4, 215 pounds
  15. C Jake Taylor (Shawnee HS, Oklahoma): quick bat; good approach; good athlete; power upside; strong; Oklahoma State commit; RHH: 6-1, 200 pounds
  16. C Santis Sanchez (International Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico): plus arm; average power upside; BA comp: Martin Maldonado; RHH; 6-1, 215 pounds
  17. C Calvin Greenfield (Jensen Beach HS, Florida): good hit tool; not much power; questionable glove; Florida commit; 6-1, 200 pounds
  18. C David Durate (Alhambra HS, Arizona): good defender; plus arm; Grand Canyon commit; 6-0, 200 pounds
  19. C Adam Proctor (St. Johns HS, Michigan): quick bat; power upside; strong; strong arm; Michigan State commit; 6-1, 225 pounds
  20. C Michael Rothenberg (Pine Crest HS, Florida): strong arm; good defender; Duke commit; BHH; 6-3, 210 pounds

Forgive the incomplete notes below on the remaining prospects listed in alphabetical order…

C Adam Kerner (Oaks Christian HS, California): strong arm; good glove; good athlete; San Diego commit; RHH; 5-10, 165 pounds

C Austin Bates (IMG Academy, Florida): good athlete; strong arm; Chipola JC commit

C Ben Jackson (Georgia): great athlete; good speed

C Brady Smith (The Next Academy, Florida): RHH; Florida commit; 6-1, 200 pounds

C Brett McCleary (City HS, Iowa): good athlete; RHH; 6-2, 210 pounds

C Charles Rowell (Texas): good athlete; RHH

C Chris Buting (Northwood HS, California): good athlete; strong arm; RHH; 6-0, 175 pounds

C Chris Jimenez: plus arm; Long Beach State commit; 5-8, 170 pounds

C Connor Ledet (North Carolina): good defender

C Connor Wironen (Saint Bernard HS, Massachusetts): interesting hit tool; good speed; LHH; 5-10, 175 pounds

C Copper Hansen (Bingham HS, Utah): good arm; good athlete; BHH; 6-0, 180 pounds

C David Avitia (Arizona): plus arm; good defender; Grand Canyon commit

C David Lamanna (Bergen Catholic HS, New Jersey): Notre Dame commit

C Dillon Nesbit (Texas): strong; good defender; good arm; 5-11, 180 pounds

C Drew Hefner (Bridgeport HS, West Virginia): quick bat; good defender; LHH; 5-9, 170 pounds

C Drew Sims (Vista Murrieta HS, California): good athlete; strong arm; 6-4, 190 pounds

C Ethan Cosper (McEachern HS, Georgia): good athlete; strong arm; RHH; 6-0, 180 pounds

C Golston Gillespie (Georgia): power upside; Mississippi commit

C Hector Carrillo (Union HS, Oklahoma): quick bat; RHH; 5-9, 200 pounds

C Ian Groves (McNeil HS, Texas): plus arm; strong; RHH; 5-11, 190 pounds

C Isaiah Mirabal (Cardozo HS, New York): good defender; RHH; 6-0, 185 pounds

C Jack Molle (Florida): 90 FB; Central Florida commit

C Jackson Campbell (Logan County HS, Kentucky): good speed; RHH; 5-10, 175 pounds

C Jared Turner (Canterbury HS, New York): good athlete; strong arm; RHH; 6-1, 215 pounds

C Joel Thompson (Lewis Central HS, Iowa): good defender; good arm; RHH; 6-2, 200 pounds

C Jonah Jenkins (Chaparral HS, Colorado): power upside; quick bat; RHH; 6-1, 190 pounds

C Jordan Stubbings (Legend HS, Colorado): strong; RHH; 6-0, 210 pounds

C Jordan Wendel (Alta HS, Iowa): good defensive tools; LHH; Butler commit; 6-1, 210 pounds

C Justin Vought (Pennsylvania): good defender; strong arm

C Kenneth Gonzalez (Puerto Rico): good defender; good athlete

C Kosta Cooper: good defender

C Landon Moberly (Lexington Catholic HS, Kentucky): quick bat; good defender; RHH; 5-11, 185 pounds

C Luis Aviles (Florida): power upside

C Mason Speirs (Broomfield HS, Colorado): good arm; strong; RHH; 5-11, 200 pounds

C Matthew Cooper (Virginia): good athlete; good speed; Clemson commit

C Morgan Copeland (Georgia): power upside; above-average arm;

C Nathan Webb (Martin Luther King HS, California): UC-Riverside commit; 5-10, 200 pounds

C Nelson Hopkins Medina (Puerto Rico): good athlete; good defensive tools

C Parker Shannon (Ohio): quick bat; strong arm

C Patrick Bailey (Wesleyan Christian Academy, North Carolina): strong arm; good defender; NC State commit; BHH; 6-0, 175 pounds

C Paul McIntosh (Florida): strong arm; power upside; quick bat; strong; Alabama State commit; 6-0, 220 pounds

C Robbie Brue (Castro Valley HS, California): good defender; strong arm; RHH; 6-2, 180 pounds

C Shamir M Morales Rodriguez (Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico): RHH; 5-10, 180 pounds

C Shane McGuire (Washington): good glove; above-average arm; good speed

C Tanner Johnson: good arm; good athlete; RHH; Kentucky commit

C Travis Walters (Mansfield HS, Texas): strong arm; RHH; 6-0, 200 pounds

C Trevor Higgs (South Paulding HS, Georgia): RHH; 6-1, 185 pounds

C Troy Claunch (Vacaville HS, California): good glove; strong arm; good athlete

C Tyler Solomon (Battlefield HS, Virginia): power upside; BHH; Virginia commit

C/1B Nathan Perry (Bassett HS, Virginia): power upside

C/OF Mason Doolittle (Jupiter HS, Florida): strong arm; older for class; LSU commit; RHH; 6-3, 210 pounds

C/RHP Connor Denning (Arizona): plus arm; good speed; 82-86 FB

C/RHP Shane Muntz (Malvern Prep, Pennsylvania): 89-92 FB; upper-70s CB

C/RHP Will Hardigree (Georgia): strong arm; 83-88 FB with sink; mid-70s CB; RHH; 6-0, 185 pounds


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