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RIP HP Pavilion (May 2011 – April 2016)

Title says it all, really. My computer died. Many backup files were salvaged, but a few stray ones didn’t survive. I’ve been working with some way too nice friends in the game to help fill in some of my now missing blanks. Some fun stuff had to get scrapped in the interest of time/not having the patience to rework lost material, so except to see more random posts (e.g., whatever pops into my head in a given day) than previously planned organized lists. Said lists aren’t gone forever, of course; they’ll just start appearing closer to the end of this month than the beginning as real deal finalized draft rankings. This has been a weird draft year for this site, but I’m confident as ever that the information I’m sitting on is as good as it gets.

No baby yet, by the way. Could be any day now. If I go missing for a few days again, that’ll be the reason. Unless my new Asus decides to join the HP in laptop heaven…


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