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The Week Ahead (April 3 to April 7)

Monday, April 3 – MLB Draft Reports on Boston College and Clemson

Tuesday, April 4 – MLB Draft Reports on Duke and Florida State

Wednesday, April 5 – MLB Draft Reports on Georgia Tech and Louisville

Thursday, April 6 – MLB Draft Reports on Miami and North Carolina

Friday, April 7 – Top 10 College First Basemen

I’m digging the recent interactive element with the site, so I figured I’d let everybody in even more and lay out exactly what’s in store in the coming days.

Posts on BC, Clemson, Duke, FSU, Georgia Tech, and Miami have already been written. I’ve started and/or finished NC State (done), Notre Dame, Pittsburgh (done), Virginia, Virginia Tech (done), and Wake Forest, so expect to see the rest of the ACC published by the end of next week. I know I can’t keep up this pace forever and there’s not nearly enough time between now and the draft to get every team some deserved ink, but I enjoy writing the team “previews,” they don’t take all that long since the research has been long completed, and they are the kind of “evergreen” topics that are always nice to have in reserve if things get crazy outside of our internet baseball draft bubble. Oh yeah, I’m also planning on seeing Rutgers/Villanova (Jawuan Harris!) on Wednesday, Xavier/Nova (Zac Lowther…hopefully) on Friday, and at least one HS game somewhere in there. Fun week.

The 1B rankings are done, but I still need to add the actual analysis.  That means my agenda for the week includes finishing the rest of the ACC teams (for this week and next) and Friday’s 1B post. That’s a pretty light week all things considered, so the question now becomes…what else should I do? I’m leaning towards trying to get done the 2B and 3B rankings as well as a quick conference preview for the America East. After that…I’m open once again to any specific ideas.


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  1. Hinkie says:

    Rob … I know you’re doing Florida State tomorrow (Tuesday). I noticed soph LHP Tyler Holton turns 21 during the draft (June 13). Doesn’t that make him eligible for this year’s draft? I know his stat line is outrageously good. I’m hoping you have a scouting report on him.

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