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Draft Week

Two huge pet peeves of mine that I see out of Writers on the Internet all the damn time: 1) Teasing future projects over and over again on every social media platform known to man (opposite end of the spectrum, but still incredibly annoying: the endless barrage of ICYMI Tweets that follow even the most mundane of postings), and 2) incessant talk about how much work (“grinding hard tonight,” “another sleepless night,” “finishing this up listening to _____”) went into a given piece. I’ve found draft writers — across all sports — are especially guilty of these things. I’ve tried to be good about not becoming what I hate, but…

I guess I’m (kind of) breaking both of those rules right now. I have some big stuff coming that I’m really excited about. My idea of big may differ from the world’s — if you’ve read my site before, what you’ll soon see will follow a pretty similar pattern to previous iterations of my draft previews…and it’s never exactly lit the world on fire before — but something about this year’s end product excites me in a  new way. I feel better about this year’s coverage, from the start in October right up until what you’ll see Thursday morning, than ever before. I hope it shows. That takes care of the annoying hype part.

Now for the even more annoying hard work boasting. I feel dirty saying it, but here goes: there are a lot of draft writers out there, but I’d be pretty surprised if any one individual put as many hours into their outlet’s draft preview than I have here. Obsessive focus doesn’t make the work good, of course; the level of quality is something that’s always up for debate and ultimately up to each individual reader to determine. Value what is written here or not, I’d like to believe that the work that went into the preview is evident.

If nothing else, I promise to give full refunds to anybody disappointed in the the final result.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the coming days. As I put the finishing touches on everything, you’ll be the first to know. Thanks to all that have read, commented, emailed, and shared stuff written over here over the past eight (!) drafts. Here’s to eight more.



  1. mattacc31 says:

    I’m excited to see what you’ve got coming

  2. W F Choy says:

    keep up the good work!

  3. Mike says:

    I love this site. Was going through withdrawal not seeing anything new on it in a little while. Really looking forward to Thursday’s info.

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