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2016 MLB Draft Follow Lists – MAAC

One of my great regrets in doing conference lists rather than team profiles is the unfortunate inevitability of the prospects outside a conference’s top few names getting short shrift. With team profiles, there’s more time and space to get into some of the lesser prospects that are still fun to discuss as potential late-round sleepers. So without any huge names that I can see in this year’s class of MAAC draft prospects, let’s take a look at some of the prospects who would have gotten profiled in a team-by-team look instead.

Jose Carrera is listed at 5-6, 145 pounds, but nobody who has seen him believes he’s really that big. He struggled with the stick last season (.190 BA), but found other ways to contribute offensively: his 14 BB/9 K ratio led to a .358 OBP, his lack of size didn’t get in the way of some surprising pop showing through (168 ISO), and his above-average speed and smart base running was evident in his 15/16 success rate stealing bags. Carrera is one of my favorite college players already. I’m all about him as a 2017 senior-sign. For those of you who don’t want to wait another year for a senior-sign to love, there’s Lou Iannotti of Quinnipiac. Iannotti has great size (6-3, 200), above-average speed, a strong arm, and really impressive defensive instincts. It’s not the usual package one would expect out of a potential late-round senior-sign MAAC catching prospect, but Iannotti makes it work.

Kyano Cummings is a rarity as a lefty with a legit plus splitter. How rare is a lefthander who throws a split? Quick research revealed only five big league lefties even attempted the pitch last year: Jeremy Affeldt, Matt Reynolds, Ken Roberts, Andrew Faulkner, and Manny Parra. Fellow lefthanders Anthony Ciavarella (curve) and Frank Trimarco (change) don’t throw splitters (to my knowledge), but both have an out pitch of their own that they can rely on to miss bats.

Meanwhile, at the top of their respective lists sit Jake Lumley and Iannick Remillard from Canisius. Lumley is a reliable glove with above-average speed and a sound approach at the plate. Remillard has always been able to get swings and misses from his three-pitch mix headlined by a heater up to 93 MPH. Below them are real draft prospects that I can’t help but like such as Christ Conley (athletic catcher who can hit), Shaine Hughes (promising bat that could rise this spring with more exposure), Christian Santisteban (an all-caps FAVORITE as a hitter), Alex Vargas (undersized righthander with a really quick arm), Thomas Jankins (a crafty righty who can throw any one of his top four pitches in any count), and Bryan Goossens (intriguing senior-sign reliever option up to 94).


  1. Canisius JR 2B/SS Jake Lumley
  2. Canisius JR C Christ Conley
  3. Monmouth rSO 3B/1B Shaine Hughes
  4. Manhattan SR 1B/OF Christian Santisteban
  5. Niagara SR 1B/2B Michael Fuhrman
  6. Siena JR OF Dan Swain
  7. Quinnipiac JR SS/2B Matt Batten
  8. Canisius SR 2B/SS Anthony Massicci
  9. Marist SR OF Graham McIntire
  10. Quinnipiac SR OF Rob Pescitelli
  11. Marist SR 2B Joey Aiola
  12. Marist rSR 1B/OF Steve Laurino
  13. Iona rJR 2B/SS Matt Byrne
  14. Manhattan JR SS Jose Carrera
  15. Quinnipiac SR C/1B Lou Iannotti
  16. Siena SR C Dave Hoffmann
  17. Siena JR OF Ryne Martinez
  18. Fairfield SR 1B Brendan Tracy
  19. Quinnipiac SR OF Mike Palladino
  20. Fairfield SR OF/SS Jake Salpietro
  21. Monmouth SR OF Dan Shea
  22. Marist JR OF Tyler Kirkpatrick
  23. Marist SR OF Matt Pagano
  24. St. Peter’s SR OF Rob Moore
  25. Rider SR OF James Locklear
  26. Quinnipiac SR 3B/RHP Joseph Burns
  27. St. Peter’s SR SS Jon Kristoffersen
  28. Siena SR 1B/OF Fred Smart


  1. Canisius SR RHP Iannick Remillard
  2. Quinnipiac JR RHP Alex Vargas
  3. Quinnipiac JR RHP Thomas Jankins
  4. Siena SR RHP Bryan Goossens
  5. Marist rSO RHP Scott Boches
  6. Monmouth JR RHP Ricky Dennis
  7. Siena SR LHP Kyano Cummings
  8. Monmouth SR LHP Anthony Ciavarella
  9. Monmouth SR LHP Frank Trimarco
  10. Rider rJR RHP Vincenzo Aiello
  11. Manhattan JR RHP Joey Rocchietti
  12. Quinnipiac JR RHP Greg Egan
  13. Manhattan JR RHP Matt Simonetti
  14. Manhattan SO LHP Tommy Cosgrove
  15. Siena JR LHP Chris Amorosi
  16. Canisius SR LHP Alex Godzak
  17. Manhattan JR LHP Joe Jacques
  18. Iona JR RHP Vinny Martin
  19. Marist rSR RHP Evan Davis
  20. Iona rJR LHP Andrew Pucillo
  21. Iona JR LHP Andrew Camiolo
  22. Marist JR RHP Tyler Dearden
  23. Quinnipiac rSR RHP Matthew Lorenzetti
  24. Quinnipiac JR LHP Matthew Osieja
  25. Quinnipiac SR LHP Justin Thomas
  26. St. Peter’s SR RHP John Leiter


SR RHP Iannick Remillard (2016)
SR LHP Alex Godzak (2016)
JR RHP Josh Shepley (2016)
SR 2B/SS Anthony Massicci (2016)
JR 2B/SS Jake Lumley (2016)
JR C Christ Conley (2016)
SO LHP JP Stevenson (2017)
SO RHP Tyler Smith (2017)
SO 1B/3B Ryan Stekl (2017)
SO OF Adam Tricarico (2017)
SO C Jack Massa (2017)
SO 2B Ryan Creps (2017)
SO 2B/SS Alex O’Donnell (2017)
FR RHP Andrew Kneussie (2018)

High Priority Follows: Iannick Remillard, Alex Godzak, Anthony Massicci, Jake Lumley, Christ Conley


SR RHP Aaron Howell (2016)
JR LHP Mike Bonaiuto (2016)
JR RHP Kyle Dube (2016)
SR OF/SS Jake Salpietro (2016):
SR 1B Brendan Tracy (2016)
JR OF Dan Hopkins (2016)
JR OF Troy Scocca (2016)
FR 3B Jack Gethings (2018)
FR OF Tim Zeng (2018)

High Priority Follows: Jake Salpietro, Brendan Tracy


rJR LHP Andrew Pucillo (2016)
JR RHP Vinny Martin (2016)
JR LHP Andrew Camiolo (2016)
rJR 2B/SS Matt Byrne (2016)
SR C Carmine Palummo (2016)
JR C Alex Beckett (2016)
SR OF Travis Mistretta (2016)
SR SS Vinny DeMaria (2016)
SO RHP Patrick Ryan (2017)
SO RHP Joe DeRosa (2017)
SO OF Seth Hoagland (2017)
FR 2B Sean Breen (2018)

High Priority Follows: Andrew Pucillo, Vinny Martin, Andrew Camiolo, Matt Byrne


JR RHP Joey Rocchietti (2016)
JR RHP Matt Simonetti (2016)
JR LHP Joe Jacques (2016)
SO LHP Tommy Cosgrove (2016)
JR SS Jose Carrera (2016)
SR 1B/OF Christian Santisteban (2016)
SO OF Brendan Bisset (2017)
FR RHP Ryan Takacs (2018)

High Priority Follows: Joey Rocchietti, Matt Simonetti, Joe Jacques, Tommy Cosgrove, Jose Carrera, Christian Santisteban


rSO RHP Scott Boches (2016)
rSO RHP Sean Keenan (2016)
JR RHP Ryan Thomas (2016)
rSR RHP Chris Napolitano (2016)
rSR RHP Evan Davis (2016)
JR RHP Tyler Dearden (2016)
SR RHP Erik Bauer (2016)
SR OF Matt Pagano (2016)
SR OF Graham McIntire (2016)
SR 2B Joey Aiola (2016)
JR OF Tyler Kirkpatrick (2016)
SR SS John Brucker (2016)
rSR 1B/OF Steve Laurino (2016)
rJR OF Zachary Racusin (2016)
rSR C Mark Swertfager (2016)
SO RHP Michael Hunter (2017)
SO LHP Charlie Jerla (2017)
SO LHP Tony Romanelli (2017)
FR SS Jack Shirk (2018)

High Priority Follows: Scott Boches, Evan Davis, Tyler Dearden, Erik Bauer, Matt Pagano, Graham McIntire, Joey Aiola, Tyler Kirkpatrick, Steve Laurino, Mark Swertfager


SR LHP Anthony Ciavarella (2016)
SR LHP Frank Trimarco (2016)
JR RHP Ricky Dennis (2016)
rSO 3B/1B Shaine Hughes (2016)
SR OF Dan Shea (2016)
SR C Cary Jacobson (2016)
SR SS Robbie Alessandrine (2016)
JR 2B/SS Grant Lamberton (2016)
JR OF Chris Gaetano (2016)
JR C/1B Ryan Bailey (2016)
SO LHP Justin Andrews (2017)
SO LHP Mike Brambilla (2017)
SO INF Justin Trochiano (2017)
SO OF Pete Papcun (2017)
FR RHP Joe Molettiere (2018)
FR INF/RHP Jordan McCrum (2018)

High Priority Follows: Anthony Ciavarella, Frank Trimarco, Ricky Dennis, Shaine Hughes, Dan Shea, Robbie Alessandrine, Chris Gaetano, Ryan Bailey


SR RHP Ben Zaccagnino (2016)
JR RHP Kevin Lucas (2016)
JR RHP Daniel Procopio (2016)
JR LHP Michael Bucci (2016)
rJR RHP Matt McCuen (2016)
SR 1B/2B Michael Fuhrman (2016)
rSR OF Taylor Hackett (2016)
rJR 3B Greg Rodgers (2016)
rJR OF Hayden Coll (2016)
JR C Joel Brophy (2016)
SO RHP Zachary Kolodziejski (2017)
SO OF/3B Tanner Kirwer (2017)
FR SS Greg Cullen (2018)

High Priority Follows: Michael Bucci, Matt McCuen, Michael Fuhrman, Hayden Coll


JR RHP Alex Vargas (2016)
SR LHP Justin Thomas (2016)
JR LHP Matthew Osieja (2016)
JR RHP Thomas Jankins (2016)
JR RHP Greg Egan (2016)
SR RHP Joseph Scaglione (2016)
rSR RHP Matthew Lorenzetti (2016)
SR 3B/RHP Joseph Burns (2016)
SR OF Mike Palladino (2016)
SR OF Rob Pescitelli (2016)
SR C/1B Lou Iannotti (2016)
SR 2B Ryan Nelson (2016)
JR C Matt Oestreicher (2016)
JR SS/2B Matt Batten (2016)
SR OF John Bodenhamer (2016)
SO RHP Robert Hitt (2017)
SO RHP Taylor Luciani (2017)
SO LHP Wyatt Hamilton (2017)
SO 1B/RHP Ben Gibson (2017)
SO OF Julius Saporito (2017)
FR OF Brian Moskey (2018)

High Priority Follows: Alex Vargas, Justin Thomas, Matthew Osieja, Thomas Jankins, Greg Egan, Matthew Lorenzetti, Joseph Burns, Mike Palladino, Rob Pescitelli, Lou Iannotti, Matt Batten


rJR RHP Vincenzo Aiello (2016)
JR RHP Josh Sharik (2016)
SR OF James Locklear (2016)
SO LHP Nick Margevicius (2017)
SO OF Brian Uliana (2017)
FR RHP Brett Kosciolek (2018)
FR 1B Richie Tecco (2018)

High Priority Follows: Vincenzo Aiello, James Locklear


SR RHP Bryan Goossens (2016)
SR LHP Kyano Cummings (2016)
JR LHP Chris Amorosi (2016)
JR OF Dan Swain (2016)
JR OF Ryne Martinez (2016)
SR 1B/OF Fred Smart (2016)
SR C Dave Hoffmann (2016)
SR OF Alex Tuccio (2016)
SR C Dave Hoffman (2016)
SO RHP Ryan Bellomo (2017)
SO 2B/SS Jordan Bishop (2017)
SO 1B Joe Drpich (2017)
FR LHP Tommy Miller (2018)
FR RHP Dylan D’Anna (2018)
FR 3B Jordan Folgers (2018)

High Priority Follows: Bryan Goossens, Kyano Cummings, Chris Amorosi, Dan Swain, Ryne Martinez, Fred Smart, Dave Hoffmann

St. Peter’s

SR RHP John Leiter (2016)
JR RHP Kevin Soriano (2016)
SR OF Rob Moore (2016)
SR SS Jon Kristoffersen (2016)
SO RHP Anthony Assante (2017)
SO OF Nick Ciocco (2017)

High Priority Follows: John Leiter, Rob Moore, Jon Kristoffersen


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