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2016 MLB Draft Follow Lists – MEAC

We’ve talked at length over the years about the limits of what an amateur second base prospect can realistically achieve. It goes without saying that the road is even harder for a senior coming out of the MEAC, especially an undersized one with no clear standout physical tool. But Cameron Onderko has been a hitting machine since first stepping foot on campus. That’s enough for me for now to give him the top spot in a generally think crop of 2016 pro prospects.

Demetrius Sims is good enough to stick at short in the pros with a strong arm and solid speed. There’s a little more wishcasting involved with his bat then you’d like to see, but betting on an athlete like him is rarely a bad idea. Marlon Gibbs has a 350 at bat or so lead on Sims, so it’s no big shock that his bat is a little bit ahead as of now. He’s a comparable athlete to Sims – a very good thing – with an above-average approach and impressive bat speed. Same goes for Denathan Dukes, a personal favorite for more (athleticism, speed, idea at the plate) than his outstanding name.

There’s a tick less pitching to get excited about, but, as always, you can find a few interesting guys if you’re willing to keep an open mind. Andrew Vernon has some late-round senior-sign future reliever characteristics, most notably his fastball/slider combo (88-92, 94 peak; average or better SL) and consistent track record of missing bats. Alex Seibold, a transfer from Florida International, has similar stuff and a similar pro outlook. The three lefties that rank next are all unique in their own way: Devin Hemmerich had an excellent junior season (9.51 K/9 and 1.90 BB/9) utilizing a mid- to upper-80s fastball, Matt Outman is the veteran potential senior-sign, and JoJo Durden comes to Florida A&M via Chipola JC with decent stuff, good size, and plenty to prove.


  1. Delaware State SR 2B/SS Cameron Onderko
  2. Bethune-Cookman rSO SS Demetrius Sims
  3. Florida A&M rSR OF Marlon Gibbs
  4. Norfolk State JR OF Denathan Dukes
  5. North Carolina Central JR OF Carlos Ortiz
  6. Delaware State JR OF/LHP Jaylen Zielecki
  7. Florida A&M rSR OF Dylan Dillard
  8. Florida A&M SR 2B Alec Wong
  9. Coppin State SR 1B/OF George Dragon
  10. North Carolina A&T JR 2B/3B Timothy Ravare
  11. Florida A&M JR C Jacky Miles
  12. North Carolina Central JR C Conrad Kovalcik
  13. Norfolk State SR OF Angel Rosario
  14. North Carolina Central rSO OF/C Bryant Battle
  15. Bethune-Cookman SR OF Nathan Bond
  16. North Carolina Central rJR OF Jacobi Harris
  17. North Carolina Central SR 1B Christian Tripplett
  18. Savannah State rSR 1B Charles Sikes
  19. Florida A&M SR OF Peter Jackson
  20. Norfolk State SR 3B Kyle Vaas
  21. Norfolk State rJR 2B/SS Roger Hall
  22. Savannah State SR OF/C Mendez Elder


  1. North Carolina Central SR RHP Andrew Vernon
  2. Bethune-Cookman SR RHP Alex Seibold
  3. Norfolk State JR LHP Devin Hemmerich
  4. Norfolk State rSR LHP Matt Outman
  5. Florida A&M JR LHP JoJo Durden
  6. Bethune-Cookman JR RHP Zach Olszewski
  7. Florida A&M rJR RHP Sawyer Betts
  8. North Carolina Central SR RHP Alex Dandridge
  9. Delaware State JR RHP/INF Chris Gonzalez
  10. Norfolk State SR RHP/3B Robbie Hiser
  11. Savannah State JR RHP Austin Robinson
  12. North Carolina A&T JR RHP Robert Peck
  13. Bethune-Cookman SR RHP German Hernandez
  14. Bethune-Cookman JR LHP Marcellus Sneed
  15. Florida A&M rSO RHP Hunter Fillingim
  16. North Carolina A&T JR LHP Danny Garrett
  17. Florida A&M JR RHP Chase Jarrell
  18. Florida A&M JR RHP Danny Rodriguez
  19. Florida A&M SR RHP Kenny McDonald
  20. Norfolk State SR RHP Cooper Jones
  21. Florida A&M SR LHP Ricky Page
  22. Florida A&M SR RHP Brandon Fleming


SR RHP Alex Seibold (2016)
JR LHP Marcellus Sneed (2016)
SR RHP German Hernandez (2016)
JR RHP Zach Olszewski (2016)
SR RHP Clint Clymer (2016)
SR OF Nathan Bond (2016)
rSO SS Demetrius Sims (2016)
JR OF Sam Brooks (2016)
JR C Michael Cruz (2016)
rJR C Clay Middleton (2016)
SR OF Rakeem Quinn (2016)
JR 2B Brandon Amendolare (2016)
JR 3B/1B Austin Garcia (2016)
SO RHP Tyler Norris (2017)
SO 3B Jameel Edney (2017)
SO OF Kyle Corbin (2017)
FR RHP Tyler Krull (2018)
FR SS Trent Nash (2018)
FR OF Josten Heron (2018)
FR 1B Daniel Rodriguez (2018)

High Priority Follows: Alex Seibold, Marcellus Sneed, German Hernandez, Zach Olszewski, Nathan Bond, Demetrius Sims, Clay Middleton

Coppin State

SR 1B/OF George Dragon (2016)
SR OF Darien Percell (2016)
SR OF John Kraft (2016)
rSO 3B/SS Bryant Miranda (2016)
JR OF Clinton Arnold (2016)
SO SS Jacquez Hunn (2017)
FR LHP Andrew O’Dwyer (2018)
FR P Jahmon Taylor (2018)
FR P Aaron Rea (2018)
FR P Krystian Negron (2018)
FR OF Carlos Alvairez (2018)
FR SS Erik Crossman (2018)
FR C John O’Dwyer (2018)

High Priority Follows: George Dragon, Darien Percell, Bryant Miranda, Clinton Arnold

Delaware State

JR LHP Dan Galati (2016)
JR RHP/INF Chris Gonzalez (2016)
JR OF/LHP Jaylen Zielecki (2016)
SR 2B/SS Cameron Onderko (2016)
JR C Jacob Bartlett (2016)
SO RHP Lane DeLeon (2017)
SO RHP Zach Cooney (2017)
SO LHP Darrien Ragins (2017)
SO RHP Hunter McVey (2017)
SO OF Devin Beverly (2017)
SO OF Austin Bentley (2017)
FR RHP Sean Hanhauser (2018)
FR OF Darnell Maisonet (2018)

High Priority Follows: Jaylen Zielecki, Chris Gonzalez, Cameron Onderko

Florida A&M

SR LHP Ricky Page (2016)
SR RHP Kenny McDonald (2016)
SR RHP Brandon Fleming (2016)
SR RHP David Ogilvie (2016)
JR RHP Chase Jarrell (2016)
rJR RHP Sawyer Betts (2016)
rSO RHP Hunter Fillingim (2016)
JR LHP JoJo Durden (2016)
JR RHP Danny Rodriguez (2016)
JR 3B Ben Ellzey (2016)
JR C Jacky Miles (2016)
rSR OF Marlon Gibbs (2016)
rSR OF Dylan Dillard (2016)
SR 2B Alec Wong (2016)
SR SS AJ Elkins (2016)
SR OF Peter Jackson (2016)
SO C Brian Davis (2017)
FR INF Keith Stevens (2018)
FR OF Willis McDaniel (2018)

High Priority Follows: Ricky Page, Kenny McDonald, Brandon Fleming, Chase Jarrell, Sawyer Betts, Hunter Fillingim, JoJo Durden, Danny Rodriguez, Jacky Miles, Marlon Gibbs, Dylan Dillard, Alec Wong, Peter Jackson

Maryland-Eastern Shore

SR RHP Will Turley (2016)
rSR RHP Devin Repine (2016)
SR 2B/SS Mike Escanilla (2016)
SO RHP Toby Hoskins (2017)
SO RHP Scott Bean (2017)

High Priority Follows: Mike Escanilla

Norfolk State

SR RHP Cooper Jones (2016)
JR LHP Devin Hemmerich (2016)
rSR LHP Matt Outman (2016)
SR RHP/3B Robbie Hiser (2016)
SR OF Angel Rosario (2016)
rJR 2B/SS Roger Hall (2016)
SR 3B Kyle Vaas (2016)
JR OF Denathan Dukes (2016)
SO RHP Michael Parmentier (2017)
SO 2B/RHP Alex Mauricio (2017)
SO C Ismael Herrera (2017)
SO OF Syeed Mahdi (2017)
FR 2B/RHP Chase Anderson (2018)

High Priority Follows: Cooper Jones, Devin Hemmerich, Matt Outman, Robbie Hiser, Angel Rosario, Roger Hall, Kyle Vaas, Denathan Dukes

North Carolina A&T

JR RHP Robert Peck (2016)
JR RHP Kaesen Wilson (2016)
JR RHP Will Greene (2016)
JR LHP Danny Garrett (2016)
JR 2B/3B Timothy Ravare (2016)
SO OF/2B Myles Sowell (2016)
SO RHP Tevelle Clark (2017)
rFR RHP Nathan Blake (2017)
SO C Adan Ordonez (2017)
SO SS Milton Rivera (2017)

High Priority Follows: Robert Peck, Danny Garrett, Timothy Ravare, Myles Sowell

North Carolina Central

SR RHP Andrew Vernon (2016)
SR RHP Alex Dandridge (2016)
SR RHP Cameron Scalzo (2016)
JR RHP Christian Gonnelli (2016)
JR OF Carlos Ortiz (2016)
JR C Conrad Kovalcik (2016)
rSO OF/C Bryant Battle (2016)
JR SS Thomas Prospero (2016)
JR OF Zach Marszal (2016)
SR JR C James Dey (2016)
rJR OF Jacobi Harris (2016)
JR 3B Ellington Hopkins (2016)
rSR 2B Trevor Theissen (2016)
SR 1B Christian Tripplett (2016)
SO RHP Devin Sweet (2017)
SO OF/LHP Mitchell McCrary (2017)

High Priority Follows: Andrew Vernon, Alex Dandridge, Cameron Scalzo, Carlos Ortiz, Conrad Kovalcik, Bryant Battle, Thomas Prospero, Jacobi Harris, Christian Tripplett

Savannah State

JR RHP Austin Robinson (2016)
SR OF/C Mendez Elder (2016)
JR OF Jakeel Daniels (2016)
rSR 1B Charles Sikes (2016)
SO RHP Chris Hayes (2017)
SO LHP Trevor McKenna (2017)
SO SS Somto Egbuna (2017)
SO OF Harrison Moore (2017)
SO 1B/OF Marcus Mitchell (2017)
SO 3B Knox Marchman (2017)
FR RHP Greg Hollman (2018)
FR RHP Justin Washington (2018)
FR OF Jalen Atterbury (2018)

High Priority Follows: Austin Robinson, Mendez Elder, Charles Sikes



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  2. Thank you for including Syeed Mahdi who was on the Texas Marshals team which played in the TCL

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