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(Meta-post below, so feel free to skip if that’s not your thing)

It’s been a while, but I’m back. I did my best to do some amateur baseball detoxing only to admit defeat after a few hours away from thinking about, following along on Twitter with, and watching college and high school baseball. I’m a weak man. In my time away from the site I’ve been doing some self-scouting, some actual scouting (or, more appropriately, “scouting” since, you know, I’m not a scout) in Florida and North Carolina (with three more big trips planned this summer), and some 2015 draft review prep work. Those things are all well and good, but clearly they aren’t getting my fired up enough to churn out the daily content that I’d prefer to keep up with throughout the draft season. I really don’t enjoy going as long as I have without publishing anything — some of the self-scouting stuff may or may not eventually get published, but I’m not sure how interesting it’ll be to read because, while very helpful to me personally, it skews self-indulgent when actually written out — but I’m genuinely at a loss as to where to go to from here. It’s not quite writer’s block, but instead something closer to an inability to figure out where to begin…or, in this case, begin again.

I’m leaning three directions at the moment and could very well wind up combining the three in a jumbled mess of content over the next few weeks, but am open to any and all suggestions. First, I’d like to do some draft reviews that will tie up as many loose ends on the 2015 MLB Draft as possible. I’d wait until the signing deadline to get too invested into those, and I’m not sure how much depth I should go into each review. If you search the site you’ll find some older draft reviews from past years. Those pieces rank among my favorites that I’ve ever done, but they take a really long time to do right. If I can think of a clever way of getting my info and opinions out there without taking a week to write up each time, I’ll move that to the top of my list. Along with that, I’d like to obviously get some 2016 MLB Draft takes out there. I’ve got some good stuff coming there, but, again, I’m not quite sure where to begin. Part of me wants to focus more on the top of the class than ever before, but a larger part of me knows that’s just not who I am. Finally, if those two things don’t grab me as I hope, I could always do another thing I vow to do every stretch when I have more free time to actual write and take a look back at some of the good/bad/inane ramblings that I’ve put into print over the years. Some of that could actually fall under the self-scouting umbrella mentioned above, so the same worries mentioned there — e.g., what’s interesting to me personally may not be even remotely readable to anybody else on the planet —  apply. It could work in small doses. We’ll see.

So that’s the current plan, but, again, it’s very flexible. Right now I’ll try to stick with content that aligns with the three main categories discussed above unless somebody volunteers something better until the start of September. At that point, who knows where we’ll be. Posting probably won’t be on the same daily schedule as the spring — I know for sure I’ll have minimal computer time next week when I take a rare, non-baseball trip to Vegas — but I’d like to get enough good stuff up and ready so that there is a fairly steady stream of content starting Monday for the seven weeks of summer that follow.

As always, thanks for commenting, emailing, and reading. I’d keep the site active with an audience of one, but it’s pretty cool it hasn’t come to that.


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