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Finished up the college draft database at 11:49 PM on Monday night. Finished product measures up to 215 pages and 162,371 words. No original published content there, just 100 hundred hours (give or take) of straight updates of scouting notes and statistical information. The next few days will be all about polishing up my notes, finalizing rankings, mixing in HS and junior college prospects, and getting everything ready for next Monday.

Thanks to all who have read throughout the draft season and welcome to have found/will find the site in the coming days. There’s a ton of content if you’re new and want to do some reading…and a lot more is coming.

(I hate when writers complain/brag about how long they’ve worked or how many words they’ve written, so forgive me for doing this but once a year tops. Promise I won’t do it again for 365 days or more starting…now!)


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  1. Jim says:

    Who’s #1-5 in 2016 draft

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