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2015 MLB Draft Top Fifty College Pitching Big Board

I feel shockingly good about this list considering my historic personal tendency to favor evaluating hitters over pitchers by a factor of roughly ten trillion to one. I also have a lot more to say about this group than I had anticipated, so be on the look out for some commentary in the coming days. In the meantime, as always, feel free to tell me how stupid I am in the comments or via email.

  1. IMG Academy FR LHP Brady Aiken
  2. Virginia JR LHP Nathan Kirby
  3. Duke JR RHP Michael Matuella
  4. Vanderbilt JR RHP Walker Buehler
  5. UC Santa Barbara JR RHP Dillon Tate
  6. Vanderbilt JR RHP Carson Fulmer
  7. Illinois JR LHP Tyler Jay
  8. Louisville JR RHP Kyle Funkhouser
  9. CC Southern Nevada SO RHP Phil Bickford
  10. Houston JR RHP Jacob Lemoine
  11. USC JR LHP Kyle Twomey
  12. Vanderbilt JR RHP Tyler Ferguson
  13. Texas Christian JR LHP Alex Young
  14. UCLA JR RHP James Kaprielian
  15. Cal Poly Pomona JR RHP Cody Ponce
  16. Chipola JC FR LHP Mac Marshall
  17. IMG Academy FR RHP Jacob Nix
  18. Texas Christian JR RHP Riley Ferrell
  19. Kentucky JR RHP Kyle Cody
  20. Miami rJR LHP Andrew Suarez
  21. Arizona State JR LHP Brett Lilek
  22. Clemson JR LHP Matthew Crownover
  23. Auburn JR RHP Trey Wingenter
  24. Texas A&M JR RHP Grayson Long
  25. Cal State Fullerton JR RHP Justin Garza
  26. Cal State Fullerton JR RHP Thomas Eshelman
  27. Missouri State JR RHP Jon Harris
  28. Yavapai JC SO RHP Chandler Eden
  29. Virginia JR RHP Josh Sborz
  30. Azusa Pacific JR RHP Josh Staumont
  31. Houston JR RHP Patrick Weigel
  32. UCLA rSO LHP Hunter Virant
  33. Texas Christian rSO RHP Mitchell Traver
  34. Dallas Baptist JR RHP Brandon Koch
  35. Oregon rSO LHP Cole Irvin
  36. UCLA JR RHP Cody Poteet
  37. Stanford JR RHP Marc Brakeman
  38. Missouri JR RHP Alec Rash
  39. Florida JR RHP Eric Hanhold
  40. Clemson JR LHP Zack Erwin
  41. Judson BHP Ryan Perez
  42. Loyola Marymount rJR RHP Trevor Megill
  43. UC Santa Barbara JR LHP Justin Jacome
  44. Arkansas JR RHP Trey Killian
  45. Arizona State JR LHP Ryan Kellogg
  46. Brigham Young JR RHP Kolton Mahoney
  47. San Diego JR RHP/1B David Hill
  48. Clemson JR RHP Clate Schmidt
  49. Oregon JR LHP Garrett Cleavinger
  50. Arizona State JR RHP Ryan Burr

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  1. […] chosen. If you recall, I chose the names for this list by simply going down the rankings of my top college pitchers from before the season. The order then was Brady Aiken, Kirby, Matuella, Buehler, Tate, Fulmer, […]

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