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2015 MLB Draft Top Fifty College Position Player Big Board

EDIT: Somehow I goofed on this and left out a few conferences when putting it all together. I’m not sure how many I missed, but I know that the Mountain West and the Atlantic Sun are both missing since both conferences have players that would easily qualify for any worthwhile top fifty. I’m not happy about the error and I’m a little bit paranoid that some relevant files are now missing from my garbage laptop (UPDATE: When I sorted files by name, some vanished from the display. When I arranged by folder [the default setting], they popped up again. I’m hardly a tech expert, but that’s super weird, right?), so fingers crossed that this update will come quick.

A revised top fifty would have Fresno State JR C Taylor Ward at 23, North Florida rSO OF Donnie Dewees at 27, Nevada SR 1B Austin Byler at 47, and San Diego State JR 3B Ty France at 48.


I’ll have some words to actually go with this ranking up on the site either later today or tomorrow morning, but feel free to leave any comments, questions, and/or profane ramblings in the comments or via email. I try to read literally everything written by those smarter than me re: amateur prospects (BA, D1, PG, BP, Fangraphs, etc.) while completely avoiding any and all rankings, so I don’t have a great feel on where I stand with the consensus top prospect lists. That said, I’m not completely ignorant to to the goings-on of the world wide web, so I acknowledge that there’s very likely some pretty weird stuff here. I’ll do what I can to back it all up shortly.

As for the next few days, the plan is to write about as many conferences as I can as quickly as I can while increasingly short window of relevancy concerning the information I’ve compiled exists. Then I’ll make my usual lame attempt at trying to cover “The Others,” i.e. the best non-D1 college prospects from around the country. After that we’ll do some updates on the top HS prospects before finally circling back (around mid-season or so) to updating the college guys. I also want to throw in some lighter fare along the way — the follow list barrage of the last few weeks hasn’t been all that exciting, I know — so let me know if there’s anything less boring I can do and I’ll get on it.

Also, I did a Q&A right before the college season kicked off a few weeks back with Joseph Healy at the really solid College Baseball Central. Healy is exceptionally passionate about college ball and very thorough in his coverage of the game. He’s a priority follow for sure.

Finally, here are my top college position player prospects as of February 23, 2015. I actually put the list together two weeks ago, so nothing that has happened on the field so far in 2015 has been taken into account as of yet. The original list only went to 40, so my personal level of certainty takes a hit after the White, Holder, and Cheray group.

  1. Cincinnati JR 2B/OF Ian Happ
  2. Vanderbilt JR SS/2B Dansby Swanson
  3. Louisiana State JR 2B/SS Alex Bregman
  4. Florida State JR OF DJ Stewart
  5. Michigan JR 3B/SS Travis Maezes
  6. Florida JR SS/OF Richie Martin
  7. South Carolina JR 2B Max Schrock
  8. Texas JR SS/3B CJ Hinojosa
  9. Miami JR 3B/1B David Thompson
  10. Houston JR C Ian Rice
  11. Michigan State JR OF Cameron Gibson
  12. North Carolina JR OF Skye Bolt
  13. Louisiana JR SS/2B Blake Trahan
  14. Virginia JR OF Joe McCarthy
  15. Boston College JR 1B/OF Chris Shaw
  16. Florida JR OF Harrison Bader
  17. Texas JR OF Ben Johnson
  18. Pacific JR SS/OF Brett Sullivan
  19. Clemson JR OF Steven Duggar
  20. Clemson JR SS/2B Tyler Krieger
  21. Missouri State JR OF Tate Matheny
  22. Arizona JR SS/2B Kevin Newman
  23. Campbell JR OF Cedric Mullins
  24. Dallas Baptist JR OF Daniel Sweet
  25. Dallas Baptist rJR C/OF Daniel Salters
  26. Pacific JR OF Giovanni Brusa
  27. Longwood JR OF Kyri Washington
  28. Texas Tech JR OF Tyler Neslony
  29. Maryland rSO 2B Brandon Lowe
  30. Louisiana State JR OF Andrew Stevenson
  31. Cal Poly JR 2B/OF Mark Mathias
  32. Arizona JR 2B/OF Scott Kingery
  33. Tennessee JR OF Christin Stewart
  34. Georgia State JR 3B/RHP Matt Rose
  35. Stanford JR SS/RHP Drew Jackson
  36. Tennessee JR OF/LHP Vincent Jackson
  37. Washington JR C Austin Rei
  38. Alabama JR 2B/SS Mikey White
  39. San Diego JR SS Kyle Holder
  40. Missouri State SR 2B/SS Eric Cheray
  41. Vanderbilt JR OF Rhett Wiseman
  42. Auburn JR OF/2B Jordan Ebert
  43. Louisiana State JR OF Mark Laird
  44. Central Florida SR 1B/OF James Vasquez
  45. Oregon SR C Shaun Chase
  46. Oregon rJR OF/3B Scott Heineman
  47. Washington JR OF/RHP Braden Bishop
  48. Oregon State JR OF Jeff Hendrix
  49. Virginia SO SS/3B Daniel Pinero
  50. Central Florida SR 2B/SS Dylan Moore


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