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Three Weeks Out

College baseball is back in three weeks. That’s crazy. Excited as I am, the rapidly approaching first pitch means the impending end of any kind of meaningful 2015 college baseball preview, assuming you’re the type to, you know, actually care about what words mean. I choose to play it fast and loose with “words” and “definitions” and the like, so I figure I can still “preview” teams even after the season has begun. Still, it’s clear to me that anything done after February 13 won’t have quite the same impact. All of this is just a too long way of saying that it’s time for me to step up the workload here. Expect to start seeing a combination of three things over the next three weeks: 1) continued team previews with an emphasis on the teams with the most 2015 MLB Draft talent, 2) conference previews for the smaller (yet still awesome!) conferences, and 3) a whole lot more big picture stuff that I’ve yet to figure out but have confidence will be a lot of fun to write/read. I’d also like to give a little love to the “others” at some point by spotlighting the best and the brightest from Division II, NAIA, junior colleges, and anybody else who deserves to be seen.

Finally, these are the schools that I’ve come across that have yet to post 2015 rosters. If anybody out there has any insight on who will be playing for these fine universities this spring, please drop me a line in the comments or via email.

North Carolina
St. John’s
Indiana State
South Alabama
Texas State
Georgia Southern
Alabama A&M
Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Central Connecticut State
Savannah State
Delaware State
North Carolina Central


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