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2015 MLB Draft Prospects – Memphis

JR OF/1B Jake Little (2015)
SR C/1B Carter White (2015)
SR 1B/3B Tucker Tubbs (2015)
rSR OF Kane Barrow (2015)
SR C Nate Rupiper (2015)
rJR SS Jake Overbey (2015)
SR RHP Dylan Toscano (2015)
rJR RHP Craig Caufield (2015)
JR LHP Colin Lee (2015)
SR LHP Caleb Wallingford (2015)
SO RHP Trevor Sutton (2016)
SO RHP Nolan Blackwood (2016)
SO OF Darien Tubbs (2016)

Thanks Memphis for your crappy stats layout on your official team website. You turned me back on to The Baseball Cube, which does an excellent job of tracking college stats. I was lost without College Splits this past year, but knowing that I can at least lean on The Baseball Cube in the offseason makes me feel a lot better going forward. Also, thanks Memphis for having a pretty darn interesting team this year, especially on the mound. SRs RHP Dylan Toscano and LHP Caleb Wallingford are both large men (6-5, 200 and 6-4, 200, respectively) with really impressive track records when healthy. rJR RHP Craig Caulfield isn’t quite as big (6-3, 210), but he’s right there with them stuff-wise. That’s a really strong trio of arms for any program, so good work by Memphis here.

If SR 1B/3B Tucker Tubbs can rediscover his lost power stroke, he’s got a chance to get popped as a potential four-corners minor league bench bat. SR C/1B Carter White is worth a follow as a backstop with a good idea of the strike zone. JR OF/1B Jake Little has flashed enough power and speed to consider a draftable talent with a good junior season. rJR SS Jake Overbey is the most talented player on the roster, so it should go without saying there are many in and around the Memphis program eagerly anticipating his debut for the Tigers. Overbey, the Ole Miss transfer, is an incredibly athletic baseball player with the defensive tools to play up the middle professionally. He’s had a long layoff between steady at bats so there’s really no telling how he’ll perform at the plate, but the upside is fascinating.



  1. Joe says:

    I, too, love The Baseball Cube for stats research, but as I was doing some digging for some college preview stuff I’m writing, I found that some of their stats were just flat incorrect. Mostly it was just one or two things here or there, but the most egregious thing was that, for some reason, the on-base percentage they had listed for each player was wrong almost literally every time. Perhaps I could understand if they were all one or two digits off, but a lot of them aren’t even close. Not sure why that is, but I just found it strange.

    Also, keep up the good work on these previews. I’m really enjoying them.

  2. Rob Ozga says:

    Man, talk about the ultimate good news/bad news way to kick off the new year. First, I’m glad to hear that The Baseball Cube, which I’ve leaned on to a borderline obsessive degree (think I’m responsible for about 90% of their traffic these days) over the past few weeks, generally does good work and, more selfishly, that you’re enjoying what we’re doing here. It stinks, however, to hear about the faulty OBPs. But back to good news…I’m extremely thankful you brought it to my attention before I had to undo any more work. I was just flying through teams — I have about fifty more schools done and in the queue — without paying any attention to the discrepancy. Without studying it too deeply, I think the “problem” with how they calculate on-base percentage comes in how they ignore HBPs at the college level. There could be more to it than that (e.g., not including “neutral” outcomes like sacrifices), but I’m pretty sure the absence of including HBPs is the main culprit. Might also have something to do with how they pull the stats from certain providers, but haven’t looked into that all that closely yet, either.

    Also, for what it’s worth, I pestered the fine duo who brought us College Splits quite a bit since last summer (not so much lately, though) and the conversation ended with me believing that there remains at least a decent chance they bring the site back in some functioning form this season. Not sure where you stand there, but I know having that back would make my life about a million times easier.

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