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2015 MLB Draft Prospects – Central Florida

SR 1B/OF James Vasquez (2015)
SR 2B/SS Dylan Moore (2015)
SR OF Derrick Salberg (2015)
SR SS/3B Tommy Williams (2015)
SR OF Erik Barber (2015)
SR OF Sam Tolleson (2015)
SR OF/LHP JoMarcos Woods (2015)
rSR RHP Spencer Davis (2015)
SR RHP Zach Rodgers (2015)
rJR RHP Ryan Meyer (2015)
SR RHP Tanner Olson (2015)
SO RHP Trent Thompson (2016)
SO RHP Robby Howell (2016)
SO C Matt Diorio (2016)
SO OF Eugene Vazquez (2016)
SO OF Dalton Duty (2016)
SO 3B/SS Kam Gellinger (2016)
FR RHP Cre Finfrock (2017)
FR RHP Kyle Marsh (2017)
FR RHP Pat Stephens (2017):
FR RHP Brad Rowley (2017)

Seniors as far as they eye can see. If you’re a fan of a team that targets senior signs in the top ten rounds to help pay for overslot prospects that slip later in the draft, then get familiar with the Central Florida roster. SR 1B/OF James Vasquez’s mere presence on this roster surprised me after the junior season (.340/.445/.519 in 206 AB) he had. The pro game is increasingly desperate for bats, and Vasquez has average or better power, a good approach, and a knack for hard contact. He’s also no slouch with the leather, so that’s nice. SR 2B/SS Dylan Moore is right there with Vasquez as a prospect; the two are comfortably ahead of the rest of this senior class as prospects, ranking up there with some of the very best potential senior signs in the country. Moore doesn’t have that one carrying tool that knocks you out at first sight, but he’s arguably average or better across the board with a patient approach and good athleticism. For a guy that can hang in the middle infield, what’s not to like about that? I like him so much that I can’t help but wonder what I’m seeing here that nobody else seems to notice. SR SS/3B Tommy Williams has some fun tools (speed, mostly), but the approach remains not nearly where you want it to be for a future pro. I’d be stunned if two out of those three aren’t selected this June and I fully expect all three to get a shot at pro ball before summer is over. They might be alone, as every one of the seniors listed above (OFs Derrick Salberg and Erik Barber most notably) has a least an outside shot at playing past graduation.

Central Florida appears to have a type when it comes to what kind of bodies they like on the mound. rSR RHP Spencer Davis (6-5, 225), rJR RHP Ryan Meyer (6-6, 200), and SR RHP Tanner Olson (6-4, 225) are all big, strong athletes. Davis, a Texas A&M transfer, has the most well-rounded arsenal. He throws a good breaking ball (curve, I think), average change, and a new-ish upper-80s cutter, all in addition to his 88-93 fastball. His junior season was a major step backward (31 K/31 BB in 49.1 IP), but there’s upside there. Meyer and Olson are also coming off rough 2014 seasons; I like the former to bounce back now that he’s another year removed from Tommy John surgery. The fact that Meyer has flashed a plus slider at times doesn’t hurt, either. SR RHP Zach Rodgers doesn’t appear to fit the UCF mold at just 5-10, 180 pounds, but his pinpoint command of a slightly above-average fastball has my attention. One of my favorite things about baseball is that it is a sport where both Davis and Rodgers can be considered potential draft picks. They couldn’t be much more different outside of their shared goal of getting hitters out, but both could and should be pros with strong senior seasons. Baseball is awesome.


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