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Running 2015 MLB Draft Prospect Follow Lists (Week Three: Completed ACC – UNC and Louisville)

North Carolina and Louisville remain the last two teams in the conference to submit Fall 2014 rosters, but the rest of the ACC is up to date. That means the list you see below is as complete as possible to this point. Changes from last week include adding players from Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Virginia, and Virginia Tech, as well as subtracting players from Maryland, a school I completely forgot left the conference. Getting old stinks.


  1. Duke rSR C Mike Rosenfeld
  2. Miami SR C Garrett Kennedy


  1. Boston College JR 1B/OF Chris Shaw
  2. Florida State rSR 1B Chris Marconcini
  3. Georgia Tech SR 1B/C AJ Murray
  4. Georgia Tech rSO 1B Cole Miller
  5. Virginia Tech SR 1B/RHP Brendon Hayden


  1. Virginia JR 2B/3B John LaPrise
  2. Georgia Tech SR 2B/SS Thomas Smith
  3. North Carolina State SR 2B/3B Logan Ratledge


  1. Clemson JR SS/3B Tyler Krieger
  2. Virginia SO SS/3B Daniel Pinero
  3. Notre Dame JR SS Lane Richards


  1. Miami JR 3B/1B David Thompson
  2. Miami JR 3B/OF George Iskenderian
  3. Georgia Tech JR 3B/SS Matt Gonzalez


  1. Florida State JR OF DJ Stewart
  2. Virginia JR OF Joe McCarthy
  3. Clemson JR OF Steven Duggar
  4. Virginia Tech rSO OF Saige Jenco
  5. Pittsburgh SR OF Boo Vazquez
  6. Georgia Tech rJR OF Dan Spingola
  7. Clemson SR OF Tyler Slaton
  8. North Carolina State SR OF Jake Fincher
  9. Wake Forest rSR OF Kevin Jordan


  1. Duke JR RHP Michael Matuella
  2. Virginia JR LHP Nathan Kirby
  3. Clemson JR LHP Matthew Crownover
  4. Miami rJR LHP Andrew Suarez
  5. Virginia JR RHP Josh Sborz
  6. Clemson JR RHP Clate Schmidt
  7. Florida State JR LHP Alex Diese
  8. Duke JR RHP/SS Kenny Koplove
  9. Clemson JR LHP Zack Erwin
  10. Virginia JR LHP Brandon Waddell
  11. Clemson rSO RHP Wales Toney
  12. Florida State JR RHP/OF Jameis Winston
  13. Duke SR RHP Andrew Istler
  14. Duke rSO RHP James Marvel
  15. Florida State SR LHP Bryant Holtmann
  16. Clemson rJR RHP Patrick Andrews
  17. Florida State rJR RHP Mike Compton
  18. North Carolina State JR LHP Brad Stone
  19. Miami JR LHP Thomas Woodrey
  20. Wake Forest JR RHP/C Garrett Kelly
  21. Wake Forest SR RHP Matt Pirro
  22. Notre Dame rSR RHP Cristian Torres

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