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2014 HS Third Basemen

This list isn’t all that I wanted it to be, but it’s still a fairly strong representation of the players that I’ve either seen up close or feel like I have enough information on to make an educated guess about. Information becomes more scarce the further down the list you go, so keep it that in mind if you’re the type to think the guy listed at 9 is WAY better than the player listed at 5. In fact, it might just be best to focus on the rankings closer to the top of the list while using the back end as just a quick shorthand for the most notable tools each player possesses. Lastly, this list is just a quick version of what I have. If you want to know more about anybody — or want to add something — please don’t hesitate to ask/contribute any way you see fit.

  1. 3B/RHP Jacob Gatewood (Redwood HS, California): star upside; plus bat speed; big raw power, could be plus-plus; more present power at a younger age than most big-time prospects; seen as a potential CF over SS by many, could also fit very well at 3B; above-average to plus arm; great athlete; not much foot speed; popular yet unreasonable Tulo comp; swing needs to be reworked, but makeup suggests willingness to work at it; FAVORITE; mid-80s FB; good 74 CB; 6-5, 200 pounds
  2. 3B/2B Michael Chavis (Sprayberry HS, Georgia): good approach; above-average to plus defender; can’t throw it fast enough for him; very real right-handed power, at least above-average and plus for me; average speed; average or better arm; good athlete; bat speed is nuts; could be catcher convert; PG comp: Javier Baez; not perfect, but reminds me of Cavan Biggio last year; Callis comp: Jedd Gyorko; I can see maybe RHH Robin Ventura; have heard Blake DeWitt as warning; 5-10, 200 pounds
  3. 3B Sean Bouchard (Cathedral Catholic HS, California): quick bat; good to plus speed; above-average power upside; good athlete; good defensive tools; plus arm; average hit tool; 6-3, 200 pounds
  4. 3B/2B Charlie Cody (Great Bridge HS, Virginia): plus hit tool; strong arm; good athlete; really good defensive tools; quick bat; good speed; FAVORITE; PG comp: David Wright
  5. 3B/RHP Shane Benes (Westminster Christian HS, Missouri): average or better power upside; good athlete; above-average arm; average or better hit tool; 87-91 FB; 76 CB; 79 CU; strong; ACL injury in 2014; 6-3, 200 pounds
  6. 3B/SS Joe Dunand (Gulliver HS, Florida): power upside; good speed; strong arm; good defensive tools; 6-3, 210 pounds
  7. 3B Kevin Padlo (Murrieta Valley HS, California): good arm; good athlete; good hit tool; 6-1, 190 pounds
  8. 3B Montrell Marshall (South Gwinnett HS, Georgia): great athlete; 6-5, 200 pounds
  9. 3B/SS Will Toffey (Salisbury Prep, Massachusetts): strong; good hit tool; below-average speed; good athlete; great base runner; average or better raw power; above-average arm; smart hitter
  10. 3B Grayson Byrd (King’s Ridge HS, Georgia): mature approach; strong arm; 6-3, 180 pounds
  11. 3B/OF Travis Jones (Atascocita HS, Texas): quick bat; above-average to plus speed; power upside; good athlete; 6-4, 200 pounds
  12. 3B Dylan Busby (Sarasota HS, Florida): strong; good athlete; good range; good athlete; 6-4, 180 pounds
  13. 3B Max Ponzurick (Greensburg Central HS, Pennsylvania): interesting hit tool; strong arm; good defensive tools; 6-3, 220 pounds
  14. 3B/SS Taylor Lane (IMG Academy, Florida): strong arm; average at best speed; good athlete; above-average raw power; 6-1, 200 pounds
  15. 3B/RHP Jordan Pearce (El Camino HS, California): above-average power; 86-90 FB; mid-70s SL; good CB
  16. 3B/2B Joe Gillette (Scotts Valley HS, California): plus potential with glove; great athlete; good speed; PG Brett Morel comp; 6-3, 190 pounds
  17. 3B/RHP David Hensley (Patrick Henry HS, California): good glove; power upside; can get it against high velocity; 85-88 FB; 77-80 SL/CB; 6-5, 175 pounds
  18. 3B Dalon Farkas (Milton HS, Georgia): strong arm; power upside
  19. 3B Jackson Soto (West Albany HS, Oregon): strong; good athlete; 6-1, 200 pounds
  20. 3B Jayden Eggimann (Desert Ridge HS, Arizona): average power
  21. 3B/RHP Jared Walker (McEachern HS, Georgia): average speed; strong arm; 87-91 FB
  22. 3B/SS Michael Gretler (Bonney Lake HS, Washington): interesting upside with glove; 6-2, 180 pounds
  23. 3B/SS Dominic DiSabatino (St. Mark’s HS, Delaware): below-average speed; above-average arm; 6-5, 180 pounds

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